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One Step Beyond #99

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Issue 99 of the finest bog read known to Motherwell fans will be on sale at various locations outside the ground before Saturdays game against Hearts. This is the penultimate offering from the best fanzine named after a Madness song....ever!!!


After Saturday I will be inviting contributions from anyone with a particular memory of OSB for inclusion in the Final Edition at the end of the season, rather than the usual almost topical nonsense we tend to produce.You will mostly know the format by now, Editor says his piece followed by a photo to ridicule someone known to the inner circle. Some made up tosh with an explanation of obscure terms immediately after, a bit of a moan n groan broken up by some cartoons or vintage adverts from old Shoot! magazines as if highlighting the differences between then and now really matters.


A bit of insight from an exile, some more space fillers ending with a regular dose of pessimism. But all in a nice way.Get your copy from outside the Fir Park Club, Cooper gates or East Stand turnstiles between 2-3pm and as a wee reward we'll give you details of the celebration in June to mark the 20 year existence of The No' Too Bad Fanzine One Step Beyond


Cheery the noo





Online orders can now be taken at http://dosserdom.big...-step-beyond-99




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Ye can tell it's time to go when your post advertising the next issue receives no views and no replies in 2 full days eh? :help:

I viewed it almost as soon as it was posted, so something must have screwed up somewhere.

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