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19 -3 For 5 Games - Imagine That Over A Season

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19 -3 for 5 games !


To put this into context this would over a season represent a negative goal difference of - 105.


And this from a team where the manager keeps saying the underlying playing performance is good. He must be on cloud cuckoo land!


It was clear from Jules' first game that he was not up to the standard of this league. He has directly caused a goal per game. His body language tells it all. Never mind why did we sign him on loan, why the hell did he play another game once we had seen him in action. Today it was clear since the first high ball forward that he was not up to it. As for his goal, Tommy McLean would have hooked him then!


Joe Chalmers I feel sorry for. If there is one thing he is not, it is a professional footballer. Maybe he is hurting inside, but if so he hides it well. Bring back Tony Straker!


I have always been a Mcghie fan but no longer. He has totally lost the plot and the team. His recent behaviour has been an utter embarrassment to the club and can no longer be tolerated.


The tannoy announced there are now 2070 well society members, of which I am one. If Mcghie continues this will be down to 2069 or less.


In 56 years of watching Motherwell, that was the most abject, pitiful, dispiriting performance I have ever seen from them.


If he continues after today, our club is a shambles.

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Hopefully the club will do the right thing on Monday. Bringing back Mc Gee has backfired. As I've said before we need a new direction entirely. Our keeper and back 4 are awful.

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I have felt like jacking in the subscriptions I pay for me, wife and sons until McGhee goes as a protest. However, this just hurts the club and probably won't do much unless a lot of folk did the same. There will be financial consequences as i think the crowd will continue to fall dramatically after performances like that. Difficult to decide how to best express my unhappiness other than ranting on here.

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