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  1. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Advantage Aberdeen
  2. Stevie Woods

    Ok, we're done here. Former players thread for any more discussion about Stevie Woods.
  3. Stevie Woods

    American sports tend to follow a coaching tree though, successful coaches seem to breed successful coaches.
  4. Stevie Woods

    and those who cannot teach, teach PE
  5. Stevie Woods

    He's a highly respected goalkeeping coach, the best players don't always make the best coaches, probably more to do with knowing which techniques can improve your game rather than expecting natural ability.
  6. Happened upon this insightful video again recently and after the chat of 'well fans to play for the team thought I'd give it a share here.
  7. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Main roads are clear, no idea about the railway though. More snow forecast overnight.
  8. Scottish Premiership Game 29 : Aberdeen (H) 03/04/18 19:45

    BBC reported frozen pitch, it's probably a combination of factors, weather, travel, ice and snow. SPFL cancelled the games without inspection.
  9. Scottish Premiership Game 29 : Aberdeen (H) 03/04/18 19:45

    We're onto Aberdeen...
  10. ‘Well fans who have played for the team

    John Gahagan definitely a 'well fan. Ian Clinging Wullie Pettigrew Mike Cormack
  11. Re upgrade I was one who had a different user name and posting name but after upgrade all sorted via lap top. Unfortunately since upgrade cannot log in on tapatalk, doesn't say I have got anything wrong just keeps going back to log in page. Have tried using both names, same thing happens.

    My main use is via tapatalk on mobile, would really appreciate if you could have a look at this for me.



  12. Forum Upgrade

    The forum will be down tomorrow evening Tuesday the 20th from 10 p.m. to upgrade, we should be down for a couple of hours total. Main thing for users in this version is that the display name and the login name which are separate in the version we are using are now merged. For most users the login name and the display name is the same so it’s not a big deal but for anyone who currently has a different login name from display name they should login with their display name after the upgrade.
  13. Forum Upgrade

    There may be a forum upgrade on the way this week, it should happen overnight between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Things will look a little different initially and the good old shoutbox may disappear for a while, the new forum software is rock solid and we are overdue an upgrade. Once we've upgraded I'll look at redecorating with a new skin pack if a similar one is available.

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