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    After last week's game against Kilmarnock there were 207 replies by midnight on the Sunday (we lost 1-0). So far today, admittedly with 2 and a half hours still to go till midnight, there have been 75 replies to yesterday's game (we won 1-0). But carry on telling yourself, and others, that that is the reason, if you really think it.
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    Motherwell suffered a 1-0 defeat to Rangers WFC this afternoon in the SWPL Cup. As per last year all SWPL1 sides defeated their SWPL 2 opponents, so still not sure why the cup is seeded in this way. I thought it was a very even and enjoyable match. Motherwell nearly got an early lead in the first minute when a shot came off the post. Fairly even until the 82nd minute when a Rangers shot went through the defence. Motherwell applied the pressure in the last few minutes with a Rangers defender sent off for a last man challenge.in the last minute. Shows that Motherwell are right up at the standard of SWPL1 and will rightly be candidates for promotion.
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    And that's just for the sofa in front of the telly.
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    My memory as a kid is that we played every game in these conditions, couldn't feel my feet and my fingers didn't work so wasn't able to get my jacket off when I went home.
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    This one from a few years ago made me chuckle. I actually played on that team and played in that game. I remember a few of the boys from that team but no idea where they are now. I was #7 and played on the right hand side. Here is what I remember. Willy McLean and Bobby Jenks were in charge of the team. GK - James ??? (played club football in Edinburgh, played for us in Milk Cup and the following year in BP Youth Cup), RB - Jon Combe (I think, another Edinburgh lad), CB Paul Doyle (signed YTS after tournament), LB - Tam Augatis (sp.) also signed YTS after that tournament. Me at RM, CM - A lad called David Gemmill, Up front were 2 Bathgate lads. Paul Ferguson was one (was a YTS signing), the other was a lad called Les Malone (I met Les a few years later, I was studying at Heriot Watt, he was also studying in Edinburgh. I roomed with a guy called James Mulgrew (Dixie), I think he went on to become an attorney. The others I can't really recall. We played Colraine at their home ground in opening game and won. I remember the Man United game the most. It was 0-0 after extra time. Beckham had a penalty saved in the 90 minutes. We lost on penalties and walked off with Nobby Stiles arm around me. The other United coach was Brian Kidd. That was good team. I signed YTS after that summer and played the following year. We had a good BP youth team that year too and went to the semi final. Losing against His at Easter Rd. Alex Burns was in that team, Innes Ritchie, Paul Lavery, and a few of the boys I mentioned earlier. Best I can do. Brought back some great memories. I wish I had the program.
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    Don't be ridiculous. You never get a SLIGHT breeze coming off Tinto. From one lives at the foot of it. I'll give you it might be slight by the time it takes to reach Carluke.
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