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    At this rate there'll need to be a motherwell end soon
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    I am looking out my crash helmet as I write this. I was as peed off with him as anyone on Sunday but with the benefit of rewatching the game I have to say he got the major decisions right. Disallowed Cadden goal, technically correct Hearts penalty, correct Hearts penalty claim denied at the end, correct Aldred and McHugh bookings, correct (first fouls maybe but bad ones and we would have been screaming for them) Hearts booking after halfway line clash with McHugh, correct Naismith booking, correct. Kipre booking, correct. Was it a perfect performance, no...lack of playing advantage, and you could argue a few yellow cards could have been issued to certain Hearts players for persistent fouling, but it was far from the awful performance I thought it was and all the major decisions were correct.(imo) It is not his fault who is father is, all I can see is a young inexperienced guy making his way in the game, probably in top flight ahead of schedule because the overall standard is not good. We all complain the standard is terrible but I find myself wondering how many capable folks are put off getting into refeering given the stick dished out. (and I plead guilty myself to that). I think there is a bit of a witch hunt starting with this lad because of a few dodgy performances and who his father is, rather than judging on his own merits, which in time may or may not prove to be good enough. I am now disappearing into my nuclear bunker for a few days Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    Happened upon this insightful video again recently and after the chat of 'well fans to play for the team thought I'd give it a share here.
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    That makes sense to me but they'll have a pricing policy which means they have to charge full whack for those stands and we'll have some supporters who want to sit behind the goal due to the reduced cost.
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    Apparently its because Celtic are East and Rangers West, which is fine against each other, but bollocks for example when Rangers played St Mirren and we played Celtic, us both being futher west and east respectively. They also, if I'm correct, always get the same dressing rooms.
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    Named after Arthur? If only it were true. The concept of a Scotsport theme pub is now filling me with ideas. Anyone for a pint in the Ian Archer lounge?
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    It wasn't the decisions he gave that annoyed me it was the ones he didn't give that p****d me off. Lafferty for persistent fouling, Berra for questioning every decision and the "tackle" by the Canadian/Brazilian which could have been a straight red from where I was sitting.
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    We should definitely push for the East Stand. The comparison between East Stand for the Semi Final and West Stand for the Final was night and day. Off at Polmadie, few hundred yards along the road and the bus is parked up and you're in the Montford Arms, pint in hand in less than 5 minutes after coming off the motorway. Contrast that to the pissing about at the Final, going right past the cut off at Polmadie, spending the next half an hour stuck in traffic jams and doing a near full circuit of Hampden was murder and definitely impinged upon the pre-game build up.
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    Now, now, now, sarcasm doesn't become you.
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    Campbell's best tackle was when he brought down the skipper for the pile on.
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