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    Hopefully Bigi can take the piss out of Paul McGowan a couple of times in the first 5-10 minutes. It'll be fun to see how long it takes him to crack.
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    Absolutely. We have experienced pros like Robbo and Keith Lasley in charge of the playing side and other very experienced pros like Stevie Hammell, Steven Craigan, Stephen MacManus and Davie Clarkson running our youth set up. Surely to goodness, they must know all our players, including the young ones, inside out? If its their considered opinions that the youngsters aren't quite ready to step up then who are we to argue. Steven Craigan said a wee while ago that loaning out young lads to lower division teams wasn't as much about developing their talent and technical skills but rather it was about putting them under pressure and testing them out in a competitive situation in front of bigger crowds. Very rarely do youngsters that we release go onto bigger and better things. Yes, we all like to see home grown talent make the first team but we have to trust those in charge.
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