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    I see this turn of phrase used fairly often on here about the club and almost always in a negative fashion. Whilst suggesting that it couldn't be further from the truth is maybe pushing it, I think over the piece we have done well and continue to do well in benefiting from relationships, links and connections that those associated with the club have established over time. So it continues to grate with some that Robinson got the gig a couple of years ago because a perceived old boys mentality at the club - the irony being that the man some of those making the old pals act claim wanted instead was an old boy himself; and of course not everybody who comes to the club is going to work out as hoped. But then would you have got the likes of Craigan, O'Donnell, Lasley, McFadden, Pearson, McDonald and Hammell etc. back for second and sometimes third stints without the connections and the affinity built up and relationships established first time around? Would you have a guy in the squad just now that was being punted about for £12m only a couple of years ago? You don't know what calibre of players we might otherwise have signed instead of those guys and how they might have got on but for me it is undoubtedly a positive that these guys do come back and in many cases knock back better offers to do because of the way the club is run and the value that is placed on establishing long standing relationships with the people the club employ. I think over the piece we've had a good more hits than misses. The way it often gets banded about you would also think we are the only club that ever uses connections when looking at managers and signing players but that obviously isn't the case. I listened the Owen Coyle interview on the Open Goal podcast the other week and there talking about his early managerial days and with the space of a couple of minutes he's went from how Alex McLeish phoned a chairman to recommend him for a job, how he'd done the same to get Derek McInnes in at Bristol City and how the relationships he'd established with Ferguson and Wenger got him players like Chris Eagles and Jack Wilshire ahead of other teams.
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    Honestly; trolls a plenty. Said the same last season with everyone squirming that we would go down nowhere near the same position. Our plight is inevitable 2/7 non city clubs will be relegated each year and one year it will be us. Our manager this time round has insured it won’t be us this time round. I highly doubt the st Johnstone fans go for the love of great football they play; but unlike the trolls of our support; I hope indeed they appreciate like us; it’s only a matter of time and again this year it won’t be them. I’m fed up with the Dewells of this world and should I meet them face to face, I’ll bet their exact outlook on life is the opposite of mine. We won today get a grip, and allow the rest of us to enjoy and push for us now to relax and get a bedding of the young talent in game time to push us forward like we all want. One bad manager and our time is done; be careful what you wish for and I’m sure people like your sad little selves will get it one day to our cost.
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    What a rubbish post. You want Robinson out so you moan about a win. Would you prefer us to have lost to Hibs, Dundee and Livingstone next week and see the manager sacked. We would be in a relegation battle with no manager for three weeks, the window closed and a chief executive who is totally out of his depth, charged with finding the brilliant new manager. Oh dear.
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    Some of these posts just baffle me. We have one of the lowest budgets in the league so where do we need to finish in the league for a manager not to get sacked ? I get the football is poor but he’s stated he’s trying to change it. Individuals stated they wanted the young players in, he’s sent them out to get game time and that’s now happening, Maguire will be next. We are never going to be able to bring in the same quality of players that just about half the teams in this league can, we have to bring in lower league players who are a risk along with our youngsters. Have we gone backwards from last season ? After 23 games last season we were 6th but with only one point more so hardly. We are safe and could even finish higher yet people still want him out in the hope we are going to find someone else who will have us playing silky football on peanut money.
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    I’d like to hear a rumour or something. Feel free to make one up. If someone wants to post that Anichebe has just starting following us on twitter I’m all for it.
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    I'd like to hear him say "Eddie May was shite for Motherwell".
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    We were a goal up, mate. We were playing for the win. (You do know we won, right?)
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    Dundee pressed us the whole game, and really should have had more than a shot on target, but that is why they are shite. Frear coming on gave us that little extra width and opened it up enough for us to make our one chance of the game, and we took it. Main’s excellent trap and attempted lob from the edge of the box, followed closely by his long ranger for a throw in summed up his game, but I’d rather he tried these things than totally hide. Can’t really fault his work rate right now. Ariyibi never got into the game, nothing worked for him at all, but that’s the life of a winger, good thing we have a spare one. not sure what the deal was with our defense, but we looked shaky all game. The Dundee fans and commentators are the whiniest of all. Everything was a foul and a yellow, and apparently they had a bunch of penalty shouts. One of their shite strikers was throwing himself around all game, and collum wasn’t buying it, but their fans were all over that. At one point they accused Gillespie of time wasting for going down after being punted in the knackers. They seem to feed off the dourness of Paul mcgowans face. His hair is just a travesty.
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    Dundee is Robinson's lucky team. Out of our 8 league wins this season David Turnbull has scored in 5, scored the opener in 4 and scored the winner in 3. Colossal contribution and didn't even start a game until October.
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