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    The badge looks shite. Aztec one is far better in my opinion.
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    Half of our starting outfield players were 17-year -olds who only turned full-time last summer (one of them only a couple of months ago) and haven’t even played a lot of Reserves games,. They have great ability and potential, but the fact that Hearts were more experienced at First Team level, more physically strong, more cynical and more streetwise right through their side than those five made a massive difference. Those boys will do great in time but it would be unfair to them and the rest of the team to judge them under those circumstances.
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    If the SPFL is doing its job then Accies, Dundee and St Mirren should have their fixtures arranged so that they have played everyone in the bottom 6 twice at home and twice away over the season. Then there can be no allegations of bias or unfairness to a particular club in the relegation dog fight. If we are to get an extra home fixture against someone surely it has to be Livi or St Johnstone. But it is the organisers of Scottish football so I wouldn't bank on it.
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    I understand that from a lifestyle and financial perspective, it is an attractive move and can totally understand an individual making that choice. I'm afraid I don't see the sporting merits of such a move. And I say that as someone who enjoys watching all standards of football. I must do, Motherwell can produce the full range in one season...
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    He must be getting Messi money to be considering that.
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    This new retro home shirt looks class. There's a tracksuit jacket as well, but the image seems pixelated for me.
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    Are they spending their spare cash on buying out Moreles' contract? (Or maybe just paying his fines) .
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    Hearing a few rumbles that the Hastie Sevco deal is not happening. Fingers crossed folks.
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    Last day Relegation party at NDP would be good though! Could excorcise some demons of the horror shows we’ve witnessed there!
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    Your level of outrage over a throwaway joke is utterly tragic.
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    Well, I reckon the club should’ve known how good he was when they signed him. Why didn’t they see it !!??!! They should’ve offered a 3 year deal and a loyalty card at tinto tapas ...... how could they have got this so wrong !!??!! I think he would’ve definitely signed for longer in the summer on the offer of the loyalty card.
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    To....myself? . Don't worry, I apologised to me, and I accepted. I shook hands and both of me have moved on.
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