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    Sources close to ground crew say he made the flight.
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    Heard he's been spotted lifting the European cup in 1967. Edit, found the pic in question
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    Offence is often taken and rarely given. It doesn't mean you are either correct or have access to certain rights, it's just a whine. It has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected. "oh I'm offended by that" ...... So fucking what! Stephen Fry
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    Rangers managed to swoop with a magnificent offer in the last minute. Explains the lack of conformation by the club.
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    I'm guessing there'll be a long line of new signings for a lot of clubs waiting on the equipment for medicals to be fixed first.
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    *reads last few pages* *inhales sharply through teeth*
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    Thought David Ferrere was going to by dynamite after his substitute debut hat trick against Hibs but he done nothing else after that. Also initially thought Jim Gannon was going to be a great manager for us but my opinion soon changed as it became more apparent with each passing week that he was an arrogant fruit loop who hadn't a clue what he was doing. His spat with the media and Hugh Dallas was a smokescreen for the fact that he was trying to work his ticket out the club.
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    The head looks as if it has been stuck on to another body.
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    Zak Jules was hopeless. Remember his og at home to Dundee. Brian McClair was finished when he came back. As for con man MaCormack jeeso. I'd like to add Pearson when he came back....finished . Mc Fadden as well. Remember him trying to control a bouncing ball at Accies Park in the disasterous cup tie v Albion Rovers.
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    The window for winning anything now is virtually one season, before the side is forced to dismantled and rebuild for the next one. In the 70s/80s/90s you at least got two or three seasons with virtually the same squad of players. Unless of course you were Dundee United where you would get 15 seasons for the team to gel.
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    Midweek is it not? Crusaders before Linfield I thought it was so I'd imagine if they aren't already in NI it won't be long. I'm sure the club will have images of them training for you to spend your evening trying to identify the trialists from a leg here, raised arm there behind 15 other bodies!
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    Ross McCormack 2nd time around? I'm sure most us thought it was a fantastic signing until we saw him waddling about that left wing very briefly.
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    This is fucking great. As a guy who was raised a Catholic and has Irish heritage I take umbrage against this "tattiedome" also. There is clearly no roof on the piggery so it cannot be considered a dome.
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    Shut yer puss. In football it's common for fans to refer to other teams by names that aren't necessarily politically correct. It was this offended by every thing nonsense that landed us with the ridiculous offensive behaviour bill which saw fans getting arrested and charged for next to nothing. So if you are genuinely offended by that or any comment similar then I suggest you first of all wring out your knickers then start looking for a different sport to follow.
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    Yeah I know it is, but that’s not sectarian in the slightest That’s got nothing to do with religion , Irish immigrants yes, catholic’s no protestants and catholic’s both lives in Ireland and came over here as a result of the famine but anyway, nothing to do with football mon the well lets get a signing in today
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    Enough! Or I may have to rethink my prejudices.
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    Money was tight and just couldn't afford going to games. Now I don't have such money problems but I don't live in Scotland anymore.
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    This one will surprise some folk, but when there was talk of us signing Tommy Coyne, I was dead against it. Always saw him (particularly in his Celtic days) as a niggly, annoying wank. Deffo got that one wrong. Only took a few games to see what he was actually capable of.
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    i merely point out that most fans are not interested in Thin and Thin
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    Maybe because Scottish Football is utterly pointless, buggered if i know why im now in my 43rd season. If we are ever to win a cup again we basically need to build that Cup winning team in one close season because as soon as we discover a diamond we need to sell, not always the clubs fault clauses in contracts will dictate. The chances of us recruiting a cup winning team in one close season is virtually ni. We with many other clubs are literally playing to make up numbers , only die hards think thats a product worth paying for and watching.
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    For the average punter what will be the benefits of the transfer money? It won't realise players much better than we have cos these players have a price tag. It will help develop youth but thats getting to the stage we don't even get their benefit before they are sold and balance sheet improves. Im not decrying the club or the board Im just telling it like it is. The money won't make much difference to what we see on the park.
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    Very much this^ Felt like the first time in decades we had a a squad worth developing, at a club who were equally in best financial postion in many decades, yes we had debt, but on very favourable terms, that most trading businesses would love to have access to. but the squad has been totally decimated, even the next phase of kids has been broken up we've not always been a selling club, the only success in most of our lifetimes came from allowing a manager to build a squad season to season for success, then Bosman reset that and it felt like last season was the first opportunity since that the club had worked to a position to build on, it will not hapen very often as the model includes offering players opportunity to relaunch career, so can only build core from within but it seems every single influencer in the club and society are chasing the income over the team capability, I'm sure they do it in good faith and with good will, but I just wish they hadn't been desperate to sell on the kids
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