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    Never in any doubt, although i'd always be nice to Gaz in the hope he takes me with him next time he's playing in a Vegas poker tourney.
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    My question is, where does personal responsibility come into it? I've known people who's lives have been affected badly through gambling as well, but I wouldn't blame the gambling companies. I know many more people who can gamble for a bit of fun and it never becomes an issue. This is a good deal, and unless part of the trade-off is having to sign up for Paddy Power in order to be allowed to buy a shirt I don't see the problem. We've all moaned for years about sponsors on the shirts wasting the look of them, and when we get a deal that allows us to wear or buy them sponsor-free we're still moaning.
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    Is this the startin 11 you fancy for the season, or for the Dumbarton Game? either way I have so many issues with both teams, Sloth playing right midfiield in your 4-4-2 for one is absolutely wild considering we have two ridiculously entertaining WINGERS, why play a centre mid there?
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    Good enough for me, but why not just say that in the 1st post instead of being an arse with " no he isn't"
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    Turned out to be a tricky match. Grass you could hid elephants in, uneven, tight little pitch. Hot evening as well with no sight of sprinklers. Dumbarton didn't cause us any problems, outside of Hartley thinking he's a footballer and giving the ball away. However the game was squeezed into a narrow area with Dumbarton usually playing with 11 men behind the ball. First half couldn't really get the wide players going and didn't create a whole lot despite having must of the possession. Second half Hylton came more into the match but often the final ball wasn't great. Thought Maguire did fine, Gallagher strolled through the match again and Hylton gave their number 2 a grilling in the second half but with a very crowded penalty box he couldn't quite pick out a man. Overall this one in terms of the opposition and the conditions wasn't suited to our strengths but we got through it comfortably in the end.
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    Lots of patience required tonight. As soon as I saw the pitch I felt it was going to be harder than I had envisaged. Fair play to Dumbarton. They were very organised, defended well and the long grass stopped us from zipping the ball about and slowed our wide players down. It was exactly the kind of night that would have seen us come a cropper in the past but this was no Edinburgh City or Stranraer. We dominated the game, barely allowed them anywhere near our goal, let alone concede one and kept probing patiently looking for the opening. Yes we could have used the ball better and quicker at times and we might have done better with some of the chances we did create, however, it was a pretty comfortable victory which sets us up nicely for Ssturday where we should be much more effective on our well watered bowling green. PS. I thought Maguire had a very good game and did what he was asked to do. Didnt think he looked out of place at all.
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    So did anyone else clock the player standing next to Dunne before tonight’s game? Looks like we have another player on trial or in the pipeline. Looked a lot like the guy who scored the overhead kick during preseason.
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    A lot will depend on whether Dumbarton decide to park the bus tonight, or decide they can go for it in a game where the result is meaningless to them.
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    I am with you. First let’s win the game and keep the momentum going. We could maybe be more experimental at home v Annan than away v Dumbarton despite their recent results. Despite the optimism we don’t want to find ourselves with a Clyde like situation. Lets get a strong side out on the park and play with width and pace. If we are 5-0 up then we can think about experimenting.
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    Sadly, the entities who would fit within the image we're trying to project either aren't interested in spending money sponsoring a football club like us, or they simply can't afford to match what we're being offered. It's all well & good decrying the evil bookies, but if we knocked back PaddyPower, for example, and took a lesser amount from a different sponsor would we be happy to see the club take less money because of it? Would we be saying "well, it's worth it to be morally in the right" if we couldn't sign a decent striker to score the goals to keep us up, or afford to offer the next Davie Turnbull a contract as he progresses from youth team to first team? I'm all for us being socially aware when we can, but this is still a business.
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    Apologies, I wasn't quite sure what direction your response was going there. Agreed, the link up between the companies should absolutely be of huge benefit to us as a club. Good to see my Welsh team Newport County involved in it as well.
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    Virtually every company on the Earth has a fully functioning, targeted and paid for social media presence. It's easy advertising to increase site hits and customer interaction. It is literally how most companies operate their online presence. Even LinkedIn has basically morphed into a business version of Facebook.
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    I'd agree with that. The games and mobile companies and platforms like Facebook are responsible for addictions Worldwide and the general loss of social skills, but are universally accepted. Suicide prevention is a noble addition to our shirts, however there are endless causes of it. Whilst gambling may be a contributing factor in some cases, it is only a small piece of of the overall picture. Drugs, drink, relationships, mental health, lifestyle, work, trauma the list continues ad infinitum. Separating the business side of things from the charitable side of things is essential here. Both can work on our shirts. I'm sure Paddy Power contribute greatly to the specific addiction charities concerned with their markets, with the likely implementation that they will have to contribute an even greater amount through evolving legislation.
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    That's the key for me. Whether we break into the top 6 or not, I think we are likely to have more entertainment at Fir Park this time around. And outside of winning a trophy, that's why we turn up every week.
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    I'd wager that any club who are interested in him will be waiting to see if he's the same player when he returns. I'm not sure January will be enough time for them to assess that.
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    This. But as I said after one of the matches we have a technically stronger squad than at any time under Robinson. There are more than a few guys there now who are actually footballers. If he's going to break into the Top 6, this season might be the one.
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    He played in a 3-2 win against Dundee yesterday alongside Tanner in midfield
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