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    He'd be off faster than he shared folk's DMs when he ran this place.
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    Just me chucking some shite out into World Wide Web.
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    Be it him or someone else, that was always going to happen. Let's just be a little happy that the person who took that opportunity was someone who cared enough to get involved with the club.
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    Martin Foyle and the structure and resources he was given (not to mention the changed model where we pay fees for players) were all part of the processes Les put in place. When you restructure a business, it's not a one time deal. It's about putting in process and structures that evolve.
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    He'll surely always walk alone.
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    I personally cant see him going to either hibs or hearts as best he could do would be 3rd and if he did it would be expected and if he didnt then he would be be a failure. He can imo get 3rd with us with less pressure and not a failure if he doesnt. I know the wages there would be a lot more but I feel too much of a risk for him as if he goes there and fails then he will forever only be at clubs like ourselves and oldham. Get us 3rd and he would have i believe pick of a few english championship teams with obviously then an opportunity to get promoted to premier league and all that brings. Also if he goes to english championship and fails as has been seen with loads of previous managers he would still most likely get a decent job back up here.
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    I think the most respectful way to remember the war dead is to bring them up unprompted as a stick to beat hypothetical Celtic fans with.
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