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    I'll see us play worse and win this season. In fact I've already seen us play worse and win! There was a fair amount of gushing praise for Hibs on the radio heading home but personally I don't think there could have been too many arguments had we come away with a point. What it does illustrate is how quickly a game can get away from you. Until Hibs scored we were ahead, the better team and looking pretty comfortable with it. There was no hint that things could turn around so quickly. Some pretty poor defending it has to be said. In the second half there was only one team in it. It seemed a stonewaller for the challenge inside the box on Polworth and Campbell was inches away from connecting from Long's cross with an open goal ahead of him. If either of the two had resulted in goals then suddenly all the pressure is on Hibs once again with us having the momentum. On another day it could well have gone differently. I've seen a few raise the point about the lack of subs, but to be honest there didn't actually appear that great a need. I get the O'Hara for McGuire one but Hylton was still causing them problems when he went off and Seedorf offered little or nothing. Scott I might well have put on for either of the strikers for a bit of freshness in front of goal. I can't grumble too much at a manager trying to go for it when he did but earlier changes weren't really warranted and going for it as we did obviously left us that bit more vulnerable to a break away. If there was a failing in the second half it was the decision making on when to have a go and when to retain possession that bit longer. That and failing to take advantage of the numerous set pieces that came our way. More generally I think we need to find the balance between risk and reward now that teams know we are capable of playing a half decent brand of football and want to take games to the opposition. The theme of us being picked off, having lost possession and opposition players bearing down on us with most of our players ahead of the ball is one we seem to be getting caught with more and more. Disappointing to lose, especially having been ahead but far from the worst performance. A fair chance to make amends at Fir Park next Saturday.
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    Grimshaw isn’t going to score until he’s 35 and playing in the vanarama national league Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cheers Andy, I always enjoy reading your summing up of a game, as it tends to be an objective and constructive view point
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    With the Fourth Round draw due today who do you fancy getting? A wee trip to somewhere we've never been? Somewhere closer to home to increase the size of the support? Anyone at FP? (I've omitted "Easy team anywhere" as this is Motherwell we're talking about.) Mr. Ladbroke is anxiously awaiting my annual £50 donation.
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    How very sporting of them to get two men sent off ahead of our game. Let's make the most of it...
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    Scott's cameo yesterday was a shocker, came on and tried to do it all himself. Shoots over the bar from way out and then takes it on himself which leads to their 3rd goal. Seedorf didn't do much better either.
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    Our formation of 4-3-3 leaves us vulnerable in the middle of the park We may get away with it against the so called lesser lights but when we come up against the so called better teams we are a man short in midfield That was the case yesterday and you cannot give the likes of Scott Allen time and space to lift his head and pick passes. Yes the first 2 goals were not great defensively but we were chasing shadows and leaving to much space down the flanks As for our substitutions they baffle me ……… we make one every game Seedorf for Hylton or vice versa you can bet money on it. Taking Campbell off with the game at 2-1 mystified me, yes we ended with 4 up front but instead of being a man down in midfield we ended up 2 men down. As for Cole least said the better
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    A performance that lacked any real quality showed our squad for what they are a bunch of honest journeymen
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    Just think that some were demanding maguire playing ahead of donnelly recently
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    I was suggesting it ironically to go along with the fannies that think something other than Turnbull needing a few months to recover from knee surgery is going on.
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