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    That's fair. Like everything there's a balance to be struck and for me it the sale of Scott and potential sale of Turnbull mean that in time we'll be better placed to find that balance. As I see it we're edging our way along a pathway from a point say eight or nine years ago when come the January window we were desperate to get someone out the door simply to make it until the end of the season. Since then we've been able to become increasingly more choosy at when we sell at and what price to the point in more recent times we've been able to get decent sums up front with deals also have the potential for future benefits. It is still relatively early days in the fan ownership era and whilst I'd absolutely love to have seen both Scott and Turnbull on the pitch the other night if the club believe that if their valuations are met and that the sums taken in can put the club on a secure footing in the short term and increase the chances sustained success in the longer term I can't really be too critical of that.
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    And rightly so. We know the training facilities are inadequate and are reaching the point where they are off-putting for players the club want to sign, we know the budget is at the lower end of the league and requires to be upped, we know Fir Park has an increasingly limited shelf-life, we know that the club have only recently become debt free and are aiming to build up a reserve to So when a bid is made that (and let's not pretend they accept the first offer that's put to them) enables them to take steps to address that, then aye I'd imagine that would be pretty important to the club.
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    I think one of Campbell's big issues is the amount of running he does. He must be way ahead of everyone else in the league in terms of distance covered, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good stat. I think his recent figures suggest he is running himself into the ground rather than it being a positive asset of his game.
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    And yet they are all below us in the league.
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