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    I see Anne Budge reckons we can have reconstruction in 3 weeks, have a look at the members of the task force set up, only 3 top flight teams and at least 2 of them would kill for reconstruction to save relegation, add to that the vested interests from Partick, Dundee and Falkirk, the whole process stinks to high heaven, its a feckin disgrace. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52326142
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    Lockdown is clearly having its effect on you... ... I love my club, I really do, I've spent thousands travelling all over Scotland and Europe to watch us (get pumped a lot of the time) but I can't take any satisfaction out of claiming third spot with a fifth of the season unplayed... ... Its heehaw to do with rangers or celtic or money or Europe, just what I believe is right... That no team should he crowned champions without the league being fulfilled and no team being relegated after games being withdrawn. ..
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    Part of that is that we have 2 clubs that have historically run our game and hold all the financial clout, who will throw fits and hold our game hostage if things don’t go their way, and a weak governing body that panders to them, and that will never change because any attempt to fix things will be quashed by the Glasgow dicks.
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    I am not going to post on this again as I have lost the will but in the name of f#ck what is it with Well fans wanting to void a season where we have fought hard to be in 3rd position. A position where we have been for most of 2019 in form. I expect quite a few responses to this post, but I am absolutely bemused and gobsmacked that some fans on here want that as an option. Do you want us to earn the same prize money as Hamilton and St Mirren. Do you not want us to qualify for Europe if there is going to be such a thing. JUST DO NOT GET IT..... I particularly love Gazzy B answer of depends and Nobody Nobody. That clarifies everything for me and is a sound argument......
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    Just say whether we favour reconstruction and if so in what form. If reconstruction means less income and a greater chance of relegation then we would be mad to go for it imo.
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    Now I’m not applying any impropriety here but what if Doncaster phoned 3 other clubs and said that their vote was not needed as they had the required 9 votes Not saying that happened but with all that’s gone on in this farce how do we know Not a fan of Tom English but he’s right I think we now need to know what time each clubs vote was submitted
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    Did anybody on here just listen to Sportsound? Cormack of Aberdeen just confirmed that Aberdeen were undecided as to which way to vote. Preferred all Leagues to be completed in full if at all possible, but also wanted to be fair to all teams if full completion was not possible. Were looking for more time to consider matters. Not rush into a decision that would impact badly on a number of teams, across all divisions. Perhaps delay a decision until the virus situation became a bit clearer. Delay a decision until after the upcoming UEFA meeting. Sensible approach really. 20 minutes before the 5PM fictional deadline he got a phone call from Neil Doncaster to inform him that 9 SPL teams had already voted for the proposal, therefore Aberdeen's vote did not really matter. On that basis Aberdeen voted Yes, to support the SPL majority view as advised by Doncaster. Why was Doncaster making that phone call which ultimately influenced the way Aberdeen voted? Is it normal practice for a person in Doncaster's position to be phoning Chairmen to tell them the up to date voting situation? How many other teams got similar phone calls? We all know now that Dundee knew there vote was the decider. Confirmation of the time all votes were cast might be interesting. Whether folk agree or not with having such a vote so early in the day and/or the outcome of the vote , the manner in which it was managed by the SPFL Board was a disgrace. And totally unprofessional.
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    What makes this whole thing even more astonishing is that this has been over £1.8 million pounds. Not £10 million, not £20 million, but £1.8 million. Our national game has had to go through a farce vote, civil war, threats of legal action, embarrassing statements and full reconstruction all for the sake of releasing £1.8 million pounds. The cost in terms of relationships, reputation and sporting integrity has been huge. I just can't believe that to save the very existence of SPFL member clubs, that kind of money couldn't have been released without going through all of this. Baffling.
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    Do you think we would be going through all this problem with SPFL if Hamilton or St Mirren were bottom of the league....I have my doubts.
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    Exactly this. I get that talk will be all about fairness to others and that nobody should be disadvantaged by Leagues not being completed. That would be an ideal solution and I hope they find it. I really do. But our Board must take into account our own long term survival. That’s why they exist. To look after Motherwell’s best interests. As a team with no sugar daddy, minimal fan base, no substantial cash reserves and no recourse to Bank support, the preservation of our Premier League position and maximisation of income are essential. Just think back to what the impact of relegation was going to be when we were in severe danger not that long ago. It will be tough enough getting through this current situation without adding to the challenge by tying one hand behind our back. I don’t envy the decisions our Board are going to have to make. Particularly as that may put them at odds with the stance Alan Burrows is expected to support as a member of the SPFL Board. And if that reeks of self interest. Sorry.
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    If.... And that's why I think you are unlikely to get the statement you appear to crave . The club are surely better to make no comment on it publicly until the group tasked with coming up proposals actually provide them with proposals to consider and vote on.
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    Are you Ann Budge in disguise ?
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    Look at the difference in the response to the EPL statement yesterday, not one team immediately released a statement demanding or decrying anything. The SPFL have lost control of clubs up here and dance to the tune of whoever shouts the loudest. That shows a real lack of leadership from the very top.
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    The worst part of this carry on was the spfl stating that in order to release the prize money the leagues had to declared. That was a blatant lie and essentially a scaremongering exercise to pressurise the most vulnerable clubs in to supporting their proposal. The vote was therefore unnecessarily and unfairly Influenced. The shambles that followed warrants no further comment other than to say that the BB’s anchor boys could have done a better job
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