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    Some people simply can't see through their own brand of bigotry to the reality, and the reality is we played the OF a total of 5 times last season, 2 of the 5 against Rangers, and lost them all. All of them without Hastie who will this time be available to play against Celtic. As you say, any points against the OF at any time are a bonus not an expectation. And that applies for the entire league. Calling that absolute reality a 'mentality' is absolutely mental. The OF haven't been winning the league for almost 4 decades due to a mentality among the opposition. They have been doing it because of a massive financial advantage that's as great at this time as it has ever been. Last season alone they spent over £20 million between them in the transfer market. The rest of the league combined spent a total of around 500K, Motherwell spent nothing, effectively operating in the freebie charity shop market along with everybody else compared to the OF shopping at M&S. And that's brutal reality, not a mentality problem. If the management team who just secured a 3rd place finish with only the 8th largest budget in the league think Hastie is good business then so do I. They're the experts not merely pundits on an internet forum. Hastie is of a quality we couldn't afford outside a deal like this. The fact he can't play against Rangers is irrelevant to the 3rd place at best finish everyone outside the OF is aiming for.
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    Anyone who says Hastie isnt better than what we already have needs have a think again. He may only have had a purple patch before, but neither Hylton or Seedorf have produced anything near the quality Hastie did during that time and they had nearly a whole season to do it. Im very much on the fence with the signing. I didnt like the way he left or who he left for, but he is back now and the management clearly think he can improve the squad as they would not brought him back knowing the furore it was going to cause. Its a bold move, and the lad will need a thick skin for the first few weeks, maybe longer. But he seems to know whats coming his way and appears up for it, so good luck to him.
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    Hastie still outscored Hylton and Seedorf last season in league goals despite only making 10 appearances.
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    I actually take my hat off to Hastie for coming back into the lions den so to speak He must know that it will be hard to win over the doubters and it would have been so much easier for him to go elsewhere like Hearts where he would get an easier gig. Hes said he wanted to come back here and that’s good enough for me.
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    The threat didn't last long he signed an extended contract with Millwall on 29/06/2020 lol
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    Not that it makes a difference but isn't it confirmed he's a Celtic fan?
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    The best one I saw was made from a pair of y fronts
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    The return of Moult would sort that out.
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    I completely disagree, I thought he was very good, and would thrive with a fully fit Turnbull in behind him.

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