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    I know you (quite rightly) bang the youth academy drum fairly regularly, but I just don't agree that we aren't giving youth a chance. Turnbull, Campbell, Scott & Hastie have all been first team starters in recent seasons. Maguire, Semple & MacIver (albeit not quite the same scenario) are on the fringes and have featured on occasion. Hussain, Devine and Cornelius look like they are going to feature more regularly this season. If we had 11 Turnbull's in the reserves I'd be all for playing them every week, but it's incredibly naive/romantic to think that these players are ready to play as first team regulars. We need to sign established players to operate at the level we currently are operating at, and certainly if we want to push on from here. I think the signings we have made this season, on paper, are very clever bits of business but also show a level of ambition I don't think we have shown in the market for a while now. If we were to add Lang, and possibly 1 other (a RB perhaps), as many have said this is the best squad we've had on paper for some time now.
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    If it's been stated it's a private bounce game then why not respect that? They've stated they'll post information and images/footage if they can thereafter. As tempting as it might be, I can't imagine it would do much for the cause of getting grounds open as early as possible if a few hundred people all take the same approach and pitch up at friendlies trying to sneak a peak at the game.
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    Just listened to an old interview with Lang, can’t be doing with the accent, him and Grimmy should be sent to elocution lessons to perfect the Lanarkshire drawl.
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    Agree Andy but this year would be different with 3 subs senior players & 2 reserve/youth players. with not a lot of chances of game time this season (no reserve league and leagues 1&2 unsure if they will even play this year) I think we need to do something to help the youth progress in their careers.
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    Be careful what you wish for. I have heard it said that when there was a similar rule previously back in the SPL days about two subs having to be U21 or whatever, many clubs were not fans. Players were listed as subs simply because they had to be, the manager had no intention whatsoever of playing them unless absolutely forced. It also created scenarios akin to that of Dom Thomas, seeing as he's topical and all, where players that might have benefited from the experience of going out on loan and playing with a lower league team required to be retained in case they were needed to help the club meet the two youngsters obligation.
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    Don’t think that we have forgotten the youngsters more like they are not ready yet and so we are spending to keep our position
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    In the know? In the shadows.
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    Based on the fact that we have a stronger squad than the one that finished 3rd last season ? Based on the fact Hearts should not be in the league. Based on the fact that other teams may not be able to add as much quality to their squads due to Covid19 impact. Not having a go but not sure the facts back up your concerns. I am only concerned because when we get our hopes up usually we come a cropper. No science behind this - just a lifetime following Motherwell FC.
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