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    ? He played 38 games for us last season. Took us to third and won two Scotland caps.
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    not sure what you mean by authorities, but your dig at government would indicate you include them, I’d argue it’s the football businesses, and the associations that have to be coming up with the solution, there’s no doubt a few hundred in lower league and junior grounds could be accommodated, that might help save some operations, but it’s football that needs to plan/ act not the government, who can only then review proposals, totally agree that enthusiasm is dwindling, No it isn’t, Is it? from your (and most football fans perspective it might seem like it) but it’s simply not the case. What other spectator sports are operating events with crowds? rugby? horse racing? motor racing? pro golf? athletics ? , swimming? Cycling? Marathons? Pro-Darts? moving away from sport what other events with crowds are operating? Concerts? Wedding? Funeral? Gala days? Religious gatherings? Clubbing? Festivals? im not aware of any quantity of event types with crowds that could suggest that football is being singled out. I’ve see attempts at comedy gigs with around 20 people or ‘drive in’ events that look shite I believe there is opportunity, for 2-300 , increasing to maybe 500, and maybe more, IF transmission rates drop again , and IF clubs , leagues, associations , each as groups and individual businesses put together detailed risk assessment and mitigation plans and detailed proposals of operating practices, but from what I can see , football isn’t doing any of that, seems quite happy to hide behind blame being pointed at government guidance, and for the top clubs , hundreds of fans , just doesn’t seem to interest them . shame as they really need to be putting long term plans together to deal with this pandemic, everything so far was panic firefighting
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    The logic is difficult though, we just can’t compare different things. Why can this happen when this can’t? That is not the point. It is all choices and compromises. We can’t do everything, we need to pick which things we do. Everyone’s vested interests means that in their eyes the wrong things are chosen to open up. The things we have chosen to open up and our approach to that as a society has led to a recent increase in infections. That might be a good thing or bad thing depending on your viewpoint but it does create a danger to certain elements of our population.
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    At what cost to the Club? Staff. Police. Stewarding plus the expense of setting up and managing specialised seating and access arrangements would all have to be funded. I don't see Government helping with that cost. With no additional income as any fan quota would likely be insufficient to cover Season Ticket holders, never mind cash paying punters. And games would still require to be streamed for those ST Holders unable/not chosen to attend. At least that generates some offsetting income from away fans and non ST Holders. Pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, Gyms, Cinemas and the like receive cash from everybody who visits. In truth that is why they are open. Not out of public duty or for mental health reasons. Motherwell would receive no new income and it would drain vital cash resources. I do think there are mental health and social reasons why it would help to have fans back right now, but in a Commercial world it would not surprise me if Motherwell were accepting of the current arrangements for practical reasons. It might not be all about Government rulings, targeted or otherwise. So, although I honestly believe everybody would like to open up football grounds I really I don't think it is about blaming Football Authorities, Individual Clubs, Central Government, Local Politicians or the remote possibility of fans ignoring guidelines. It may be more about being financially prudent, even if given leeway. A brief, one or two game trial, before a fuller opening could be affordable for some clubs. But only on a short term basis and not for fifteen or twenty games in a row. Just guessing like everybody else, but I suspect both Aberdeen and Ross County conducted their trials in the hope of greater numbers of cash paying fans being allowed access in the very near future. Perhaps even away fans. But the increase in infections has put paid to that. With lower league Clubs the Season Ticket numbers might not be so great so possibly they might get some financial benefit from a few cash paying spectators. . But it might be minimal and might not be sustainable longer term for them either. I am sure the Highland League were quoted recently as being on the verge of cancelling their abbreviated season which is due to start in October? if greater fan access cannot take place.
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    I like Dunne, but he has a lot to do if he's to replace Mugabi - big Bevis has been well worth his place this season.
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    Agreed with all your post, but this bit. The next Gannon, Baraclough or Malpas could be just round the corner. Finding a manager who can achieve what Robinson has is going to be very, very difficult.
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    ^ agreed. Still raging at Declan for Thursday, utter fuckin stupidity.
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    Our captain shouldn’t need experience beside him he’s one of the oldest and most experienced player in the squad. Carson for captain isn’t the worst shout
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    When it comes to the whole happy clapper/pantwetter debate, I dont think it needs to be "either/or". We should be able to constructively criticise the team when necessary without being overly dramatic about it and maintaining an element of realism about the size of our club and the budget available. I just find certain posters are almost always entirely negative and that becomes tiresome after a while. That doesnt mean we shouldnt expect the management team to spend any money we make wisely for the betterment of the squad/club. Robbo has his faults, but we are not gonna get a manager who doesnt. So while I am in no hurry to have him sacked, if he got a better offer and left, it wouldnt leave me devestated either as Im sure we would replace him with someone of similar stature. I would like to see a more balanced recruitment policy, and potentially use any spare monies to improve the standard of the squad rather than just numbers. That is difficult without increasing our pay structures. Overall I think the club get more right than they get wrong and Robbo does a fairly decent job, whilst still having plenty room for improvement. I guess its where your expectations lie dictate whether your glass is either half empty or half full......
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    i dont post very often now because of some of the pishtalk on here but jesus christ that YODO talks some shite thank you i just had to say that,,,, goodbye again
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    More that we need a settled defence, Carroll can’t come back quick enough and we did not replace Hartley with a better player. He’s not suddenly become a poor player. Having said that I would have given the armband to Carson anyway.
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    Football is irrelevant in the scheme of things. Socially and psychologically it would be great to get to matches but there is a bigger picture. And from a financial point of view, it would be a drain on the Club for little purpose. No income whatsoever as attendance limited to existing Season Ticket holders and no retail outlets open. Furloughed staff brought back to facilitate opening the ground plus Police and Steward costs. There is a reason our club is not pushing this. The Club has a structure that is coping fairly well, so why change that. And as for outdoor events, there is no guarantee of safety with regard to CoVid. There is no bigger an outdoor sporting event than Cheltenham Races and that did not work out well. And an outdoor Rugby event in Italy was the source of many of the original infections in this country. Travelling and socialising are part of sport and that will happen if fans are allowed back, regardless of any guidelines. But as you wish to push your Political agenda, how many track and trace findings identifying football attendance as the source do you think it would take to enable shutting down sport at all levels indefinitely?
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    Maybe. Or maybe it's to do with the fact we have 100% of our left backs out right now and we play a different defensive formation every week - including a back 3 which definitely doesn't suit Gallagher.
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    And in other news... Even a broken clock is right twice a day

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