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    The commentator is the one and only Mr Bobby Allan from Bellshill. For years he commentated to blind supporters who sat in the Main stand. Sadly missed top Well supporter.
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    I dunno why they are voting on anything when there's already a full set of rules that have been in place for years. Original game goes ahead regardless. If the other team only has 6 available players then their keeper can come out, any man save and we can't shoot from our own half. Don't mess about with an established system.
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    Think our forward line that night was Smith and Walker, decent pairing and both crisp finishers!!........ah'll get me coat
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    What a team we had that season, happy days.
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    My two abiding memories are that it was was fun to watch a top quality Liverpool side (who won the league that season) and it was a lot less traumatic than the Joe Wark testimonial match against West Brom.
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    The worst rule in the history of fitba. I'd rather be a man down than in the team with any man save. Fifa should step in.
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    I often what number a 'poacher' wore.
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    Of course, that third goal has an element of good fortune but it's one of those "make your own luck" times. Those things happen when you're putting the opposition under pressure and you've got someone like Higdon noising up defenders. Agree completely about what you've said about playing well, quick thinking etc, your original post just seemed a bit dismissive of how good we were in those games - however I can see that's not the case . From what I've seen so far , I'm not convinced that even at our best we've got enough to take anything from Celtic on Sunday but there's definitely something coming together with this squad. Hopefully this weekend is when we see what they're capable of!
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