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    That Aberdeen game was one of the most emotional games I watched on the telly. My dad had been diagnosed with cancer the day before, when well scored that goal the two of us went mad. He sadly passed away only 3 months later but I always have that memory. Remember folks for all the frustrating times we have as well fans it is only a game of fitba ......COYW
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    I loved it when he took the central defender off and pushed the full backs up, Hutch cover us at the back big man.
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    Will always be rembered as the manager who took an average looking squad of players and got Motherwell into the champions league. Although that "average squad" was a lot better than what we have now.
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    He had his moments but about 90% of the time he looked out his depth. His non performance against Ross County in the cup sealed his fate here. I'd take him ahead of Long and White but he's not a starter.
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