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    Hard to disagree with what has been said well ok maybe no they grizzlyg jokes SoD make a great captain of Motherwell? I think he could be at least a lot better then some others have been. I base being a great club captain on one of our best captain’s this club has had both on and off the park and that was the great Joe Wark.
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    Good on you mate
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    Customer asks if the baker had a spotted dick, he replied not anymore the cream cleared it up.
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    took time to settle in but with new contract (and probably new captain) it's great for us to be represented at the euros. Old firm loving media hyping Patterson (who will become a big player) but heres hoping Stevie has a great euros. Is also great profile for the Well
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    The selection of Paterson really boils my piss. Eight first team games and he is in the squad. Is that because Rangers had only one other player there? To be a defender for 8 games in the team that wins the league by miles is not exactly someone who has been put under any pressure. Reminds me of Jack Hendry who played half a season with Dundee who were at the bottom of the league and under pressure every week - no where near Scotland squad and was then transferred to Celtic and only played intermittently for the rest of the season but got into the Scotland team. Old firm bias holds this country back. The press touting their players. No doubt we will now get extensive coverage of the Lowland League next season and there will be some wonder kids we will be told about and then never hear of again after next season. I hope O'Donnell does really well and keeps this recent media darling on the sidelines.
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    a was in the same bakers n asked the wummin " you got a hot pie hen ? " she said " i son " so a said " well staun back fae the oven " BOOM BOOM
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    Exactly. I think it's easy for fans to look at the shoutiest guy on the pitch and think that's what a captain needs to be. A captain is the one who is a often a go-between between the players and coaching staff and is someone who has influence in the dressing room. In any team it's often the calmer more mature head that gets the message across. O'Donnell might be that guy.
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    From a scotland point of view it's great that there's a young player in the squad with potential that we can hopefully get years of good service out of but patterson's time isn't now,o'donnell hasn't let us down anytime he's played for us and played his part in getting us to the euros,i fully expect him to be in the team for our first group game.
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    The club's recent social media video of being at home with the O'Donnell's was fantastic. I gave him a hard time when he gave a rather passive "it's not the end of the world if we lose this game" interview around 2 months ago (or something to that effect) but he seems like a great guy. A worthy captain next season.
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    And now joke time, I walked into a bakers and asked 'Is that a doughnut or a meringue?', baker says 'no you're right...it's a doughnut' ba boom
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