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    Doubt it, St Mirren's current signing policy seems to be "Have you ever bought a baguette from Upper Crust? .... Aye? .... Yer in"
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    I love the Onthefringes posts. Reminds me of Johnny the shoe shine guy from Police Squad or that scene from Oceans 12 when Robbie Coltrane winds up Matt Damon. Thing is I get caught every time when OTF posts. I'm shouting to my family 'OTF is posting. He (she?) has a scoop..... Oh no (s)he doesn't!! It adds to the forum for me and I would love to know what connection OTF has with the club so to that extent the posts work. Football forums should be about intrigue and rumour. OTF has it nailed! Even the username is filled with mystery!! Anyway, is Louis Moult signing or not?
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    Not the intention- it was a joke, you seem a bit up yourself , lad
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    I feel like I'm reading the lyrics to a Fall song.
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