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    Yes. Irrespective of what any government says, folk will make their own minds up. Many have already stopped wearing face masks if indeed they ever started.
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    By the sounds of it, a lot less than they had tickets for. We also got both games [emoji122][emoji122] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Likewise. Wondered if it was a mistake. Guess maybe a few haven't applied as they have holiday plans (unlikely, I know) or maybe a few are wary with number of cases rising...
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    From what I read I have been offered both games. I can only make one. Edit: nah I can make two
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    Unfortunately not……….The strip takes inspiration from City’s automatic promotion to the third tier in the 1981/82 season, and marks the 40th anniversary of that memorable campaign.
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    Possibly waiting on Government confirming the 2000 figure given recent infection increases . Which they have just done. Sensible to wait until that figure was confirmed.
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    Nothing but they did say you would hear today!!
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    Someone tell flow what Gen X is
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    What do some base the ‘Looks not a bad player’ on? Kipré mould? Size, mobility or colour (not that it should matter)? All that from watching from afar. Deary me
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