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    I'd be stuck with two teenagers and a 5 y/o. I might "take one for the team" and sit alone
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    "I'm really sorry, dear - I'd have loved it if you were sitting beside me, but the ticketing system MADE me put you up in the back row of the South Stand. Give us a wee wave to let us know you arrived safely."
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    They will come and put 10 men behind the ball. Up to us to break them down.
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    If anybody thinks we will actually be signing "brilliant" players then maybe we're not the team for them. What he actually said, of course, was that they'd be "brilliant additions to the squad" - which is an important distinction. A decent midfielder that can pass a ball could be a brilliant addition to the squad without being a brilliant player. Plus, of course, it's just a figure of speech - but I think we all knew that really.
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    True passion from this young Airdrie fan…
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    Big Dec not in the squad for the Sheep's euro clash. Wonder if he's 'injured' or just found a clause in his contract that he didn't like.
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    Anyone that doesnt think that was embarrassing last night, probably has some form of heat stroke. Problems all over the pitch. Central defence is alarmingly poor, both full backs were ponderous and indecisive. Up front we lacked any sort of cohesion or focal point. Individually, I do not think any of our starting midfielders are poor players, but collectively? Oh my, it just wont do...I dont see OHara or Donnelly making a huge difference either. Playing 4-3-3 with a lack of a real playmaker sees us extremely easy to play against and contain. Alexander needs to get his finger out his arse, pronto
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    Wonder if they’ll consider refunding me for having to sit through that dross tonight. What a bunch of useless chits [emoji2959] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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