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    Can't believe we have folk dissing SOD as Captain, Man City are apparently bidding £100 Million for a player he dealt fairly well with
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    Welcome to the captaincy of our great wee mighty club S'ODs, get ready for the rollercoaster.
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    I can see several reasons to make him captain - he's not a Hartley type but he's a Scottish international model pro who works his socks off He has a level head - ideal person to speak to a ref during a game. help push his value up give him another reason to stick around.
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    Watching the Dundee v St Mirren game and saw Curtis Main put through with just the keeper to beat. Do you think he scored?* *he didn't score
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    I always have a wee laugh when folk get all misty eyed about Lasley. He very very often went very quiet when things weren't going well. The fact he was so bad at timing tackles kept him up there for a lot of fans. I should state - I'm a big Las fan. But I never thought he was the vocal presence he needed to be.
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    In the last 30 years.... Finished 2nd four times. Finished 3rd three times Top 6 fourteen times. Champions League once. Europa League five times. UEFA Cup three times. Cup Winners Cup once. Scottish Cup winners once. Top League Scorer twice. One of only three clubs to not be relegated. One of only four clubs (inc Old Firm) to play in Champions League. One of only four clubs to play in all four European competitions. One of only four clubs to split the Old Firm which we've done twice. Came within 5 points of winning the league. Aberdeen have also never been relegated, have four 2nd place finishes and have split the OF, but they have never played in the Champions League. Hearts have played in the Champions League and all four European Competitions, have split the Old Firm but only have two 2nd place finishes, and have been Relegated twice. Hibs have split the old firm but have never finished 2nd, have never played in the Champions League and have been relegated twice. Rangers, well....that could be debated in a hundred aspects til the cows come home. 30 years is just to give us a larger sample size and discount any "flash in the pan" or purple patch. In fact most of that was done in the last 10/12 years so it's not even as if anyone can point to "current wee team harking back to past glories". Anyone that thinks we should be aiming to stay up and anything else is a bonus, or who lumps us in with the Killies, Livi's, St Johnstone's of the world are absolutely bananas. There literally isn't a club other than Celtic who can clean sweep us across the board, and no other non-city club that's even in the discussion.
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    Wasn't that our central defense for much of last season? Bevis and Bathead?
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    Can the Men Of Steel defeat the Bees Of Hibee in the Scotchland Soccer League, will it be Lammies to the slaughter, let's get readddddyyyy tooooo rummmmbbbllleeeeeeee
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    I wouldn't worry about that - American sports fans don't even have leagues where every team plays each other, never mind relegation.
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    I'm baffled by this. His league record was P18 W8 D4 L6. That's 28 points. By points per game that form would see us finish 4th or 5th most seasons - a very good return considering the mess he came into. I sometimes think I'm watching football in an alternate dimension the way folk have analysed Alexander's performance so far.
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    Cool, I can watch beavis and butthead at half time.
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    Genuinely can't wait for this either. I'm quite excited about this squad and think the early pelters they've been getting, especially at half-time to QOTS and after the Airdrie game, is an absolute lot of shite.
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    Manager sees the players train everyday, talks to them and has first hand experiance of how the players interact with each other. I would think hes in the best position to decide who the captain is. Rather than us seeing them 90 mins every week or two.
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    The players should know what to do on the field that's what GA's job is. I will give you some of the younger or less experienced might need a word now and then, but the club captain is the public face of the players, media duties etc so an experienced pro is an excellent choice, and for me SOD meets the requirements.
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    That would be the "Big Devante" that struggled last season until GA helped turn his form around.
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    Very impressed with this signing. This sounds very much like the experienced defender we need and also a leader on the park. Welcome to Motherwell FC.
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