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    Obviously delighted with the win and three points, I think the frustrating thing is when we came out for the second half it was totally night and day performance wise, the side blew Aberdeen away in a short space of time with some nice football, we actually sprayed the ball around nicely, proved to be lethal in front of goal which shows the side do have the ability in their locker to compete in a more entertaining way. Naturally with the nice lead Alexander went back to the defensive tactics and we held on for a great result. As sad as it sounds I couldn't get enough of the Dons fans tears on social media about our tactics so I had a peak at P and B and their own forum which brings some fantastic reading.
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    First of all, great 3 points. Most welcome. Our points total and league position cant be argued with and quite rightly make the manager bomb proof. But there is no getting away from how unenjoyable it is to watch. We are going over old ground, but it will only be suffered as a stop gap while we are maintaining our league position. If he doesnt think our current midfield is capable of playing more football than we are, fair enough. I would disagree with that, but can suffer it until he can sign better players. However, if this is the way we are going to play for the duration of his tenure, I may have to find something more enjoyable to do on a Saturday afternoon.
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    No argument from me on that one but it’s certainly a factor in the pressure the defence has been put under this season and again we relied a lot on Kelly again. I just worry it’s not sustainable over the course of the season. Hopefully we strengthen midfield n January and see a change of tact and with that we may also see the entertainment factor improve slightly.
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    All I would say is rewind our brains to this point last season and ask if we were any more entertained back then. I'm in my sixties so I cannae remember.
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    I don't mind giving the opposition possession overall. Plenty of teams did that to us last season as we couldn't break them down. My frustration is it doesn't need to be an either or. We defend brilliantly (most of the time) + we have some very decent players who will score and create chances. If we can cut out the giving so much possession in and around our box, cut out the 15+ chances we give teams and just push up the park 20-30 yards we'll be a very difficult team for 9 or 10 teams in this league . At some point in time entertainment value is required.
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    Which pretty much answers the McGinley/Carroll, O'Donnell/Mugabi argument.
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    Also has the best passing accuracy of any of our midfielders.
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    If you are playing 4 at the back full backs should be defenders first and foremost. You defend as four in a line and if the full backs are getting forward you are just asking for trouble because you are defeating the whole point of having a back four. If you want to play wing backs you go for 3 at the back. Like McLean did when we played Shannon and McKinnon.
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    The chat about Mugabi not getting forward enough is fair doos, but he's a big bastard of a centre half being chucked in at right back, he's never going to turn into Cafu overnight. He was far more solid defensively than SOD today and he showed signs of marauding forward when given the opportunity. That'll surely grow with a bit more familiarity/confidence in the role. I like O'Donnell, I think he's an excellent RWB (as shown over the summer) but is actually just quite an average RB.
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    Hopefully he does, international defender who not only gets lambasted by his nation, but also by his own support, makes you wonder why we signed him and made him captain. It was not only one player changed today, No Slattery, KVV started up front, Mcguire in midfield along with O'hara defending right hand side in front of Bevis, who kept it simple by not overlapping or putting in crosses and in some instances dropping to make a 3 at the back. As I said earlier, if SOD had made a bollocks of the pass back in the first half he would have been slated, but fortunately Kelly bailed him out. It was a typical Alexander backs to the wall perfomance. Unlike St Mirren where a Bevis and Kelly mistake let them back in the game. But hay ho Bevis is brilliant.
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    Aye he is. The difference in commitment and attitude is massive plus he defends like a demon.

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