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    If you score more goals than your opponents and stop them scoring you deserve to win the game
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    Just got around to watching the highlights. Some laugh that Aberdeen have pumped us 0-2 twice this season. No way we should have won that match but I'll take it. Ojala is the unsung hero of the team this year, reads the game well, good in the air and has much more pace than Gallagher. A solid improvement on what we already had.
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    I do think there's maybe something to that. I know we tend to think that it's as easy as just getting rid of players we don't want, but when managers have to work with limited transfer time due to the windows, and we have players under contract that aren't wanting to move on or haven't been offered anything suitable, it can be a difficult process. I have heard it said that a manager really needs three windows, two of which should be summer windows, to really sort out a team, which obviously isn't always an option, but I think if we can maintain a decent league position Alexander will be given the time needed to put his own team together.
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    The amount of possession and shots given to the opposition does worry me, I’m just not convinced it’s a sound tactic moving forward if we want to try and build something which I thought was the whole point of giving longer contracts. Maybe it is looked at as a short term fix until he gets the midfield he really wants which is fine by me, I just hope that’s the case.
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    First of all, great 3 points. Most welcome. Our points total and league position cant be argued with and quite rightly make the manager bomb proof. But there is no getting away from how unenjoyable it is to watch. We are going over old ground, but it will only be suffered as a stop gap while we are maintaining our league position. If he doesnt think our current midfield is capable of playing more football than we are, fair enough. I would disagree with that, but can suffer it until he can sign better players. However, if this is the way we are going to play for the duration of his tenure, I may have to find something more enjoyable to do on a Saturday afternoon.
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    Old school! Training in the morning, fritters for lunch then down the snooker club for a couple of beers and a smoke.
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    Was that sarcasm again by the way? Can you please keep using the correct emoji ,just so as I know.
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    I've said this before but when I was a school kid Stevie used to go to the same chippie at lunch time and he always got a bag of fritters! Must be some correlation between fritters and tap ins at the North Terrace end.
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    Wonderful well done to all of you. This is life under the UK government shameful Boris

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