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    What are the chances of a story like that coming out the day before a game with the ugly sisters?
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    Difficult for some. Change has to be managed.
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    And Tony might want to take a look at Cole's form since he moved. 10 appearances, 1 goal. It's not an easy decision for someone like Watt. Whether he leaves or re-signs for us, this is likely to be his last "big" move. He is enjoying his football at Fir Park, and that is down to the perfect combination of club, managers, players, fans and location. When these things fall into place everybody benefits. We can't pay top wages, however, so now he needs to decide if he wants more in his pocket at the risk of playing less games and having less fun, or if he wants to thrive at a club like ours. If he does move on, there's no argument he deserves it. All I took from that particular article, however, is "There has been no fall-out, with the talks completely amicable." If there is any truth in it at all, it just sounds like standard negotiation tactics to me.
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    With Willie Pettigrew scoring the winner! Happy days!
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