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    A couple of grand a week over a 2 1/2 year contract is an extra £1/4 million. He would be wrong not to look at that. If he goes at the end of the season then he will owe us nothing. If he goes in January it is up to the club to ensure £xoo,ooo comes our way. I don’t know what x is.
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    Quick get the Banter Thief’s in we have a new Kipre
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    I never met Wullie, but I vividly remember the match against Flamengo in 1960 I think. Incredibly, we won 9-2 and Wullie was the right back up against the Brazilian world class left winger. Each time the Brazilian approached, he jinked right, left and back to right again. Wullie, still reacting to the first jink, caught him every time.
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    RIP Willie - met him a few times through my Dad's cousin - Jim "Scoop" Rodger, another Shotts man and fine journalist. Was a proper gent to this young 'well fan - well I was young when I met him.
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    I see watt is being linked with a few english championship teams today,if he was to move to any of those mentioned he would be getting more than an extra grand or two a week,there's no way he will be turning that kind of money down and let's be honest,rightly so.ive resigned myself to him leaving,as long as he doesn't end up at a hibs or aberdeen that will do me,I actually think he will have eyes on moving down south again and trying to do that move justice now that his career is in the best place it's been.
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    Somebody offers you a new job and Increases your salary by £100 k a year guaranteed for maybe 2 or 3 years aye you would be crazy to take it
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    Morecambe must be interested as well then

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