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  1. If tonight proved anything ……… Hartleys finished at this level Why oh why is he playing in the middle of a back 3 ????? Slow as treacle and was bullied by the big number 9 Also get this playing with 2 wingers to feck having 1 sand dancer on the park is bad enough without having 2n Just beat your man ( never mind the 5 step overs ) and get the ball in
  2. He sits up in the stand along with O’Carrol and communicates with the dug out assuming regarding our and oppositions shape also seen them taking photos at corners free kicks on phone assume these are sent down to dug out
  3. Very similar to what I posted recently Not a lot of people seemed to like it ……… Think either could work How about this for a starting XI Gillespie Gallagher Donnelly Dunne Arrons Campbell O’Hara Polworth Turnbull Watt. Long
  4. Polworth on the left may or may not work but I would try it for his passing ability alone…… think the back 3 can at least defend Still think on paper it’s a formation worth a try
  5. Ok after recent debacles where are the round holes ?????
  6. Agreed In the 1st game St Mirren played 4 in the middle of the park, they were never going to change that So you’ve got to think that our 3 are going to match them ( not going to happen) or set up accordingly ( some hope ) Were nearly 2/3rds through the season and still playing the same system. Teams do there homework and we’ve been found wanting in all areas. Did you see the 1st goal ??? The amount of time they had to control the ball and put a decent ball into our box was criminal !!!! BUT that happens week in week out our fullbacks do not close the man down or get close enough to stop the cross This does not happen by accident that is obviously how they are coached AND that is Robinson and Lasley’s fault
  7. Defensively Gallagher has been covering the defensive frailties of Grimshaw and Hartley for weeks. What happened in the 1st half comes as no surprise when he is missing. Also when is Robinson going to learn that we do not have the midfielders to play against teams a man short in there
  8. Said it in an earlier post …… Gallacher Donnelly Dunne as a back 3
  9. I’ll say it again 2 fullbacks that cannot defend and a centre-half slower than a week in the jail Also Robinson fixated with 4-3-3 formation leaving us a man short in the middle of the park
  10. Well any money that we were going to get for Scott playing a certain number of game is just going to have wait that little bit longer. Injuries can happen at anytime or anyplace ……… Speedy recovery for the boy
  11. Your alluding that Scott could not get injured training with Motherwell Think Craig Tanner would beg to differ
  12. Agree When you play 4 4 3 your defence has to be up to the job As you say earlier in the season we were getting away with it As for our defence while Gillespie is a great shot stopper his distribution is shite We have 2 fullbacks who cannot defend for their lives In Hartley we have a centre half who’s slower than a week in the jail Thank god for Gallagher ( who by the way I think is carrying an injury ) So to be in the position we are says al lot for the rest of the teams
  13. Scott’s done his ankle ligaments in training and could be out for the rest of the season Could quit easily done the same with us and then we’re £1m + quid down Wish the boy all the best but these thing happen in football sometime better to strike when the irons hot
  14. How about this for a starting XI Gillespie Gallagher Donnelly Dunne Arrons Campbell O’Hara Polworth Turnbull Watt. Long
  15. Think he’s talking about the St Mirren end Just under 5000 in a stadium that holds over 8000 Crazy that St Mirren could not give Motherwell more tickets if they could have sold them
  16. Yip that’s what I thought at the time Dallas had just made up a new rule He’s actually a worse ref than his faither if that’s at all possible
  17. Correct Donnelly backed away and left the guy with whole goal to aim at
  18. I agree with you …… but he is not a natural defender and his positional play leaves a bit to be desired Not getting at Grimmy as he gives 110% in every game and as said above he is a better option than Tait But a back 4 should be a unit and with Grimmy not being a natural defender it can cause problems for others I know the game has changed but IMO the first objective of a defender is to defend
  19. Because he’s not a fullback Look at his positioning for 2nd goal
  20. Utter pish WRONG formation WRONG substitutes Got bad vibes about Saturday
  21. Think it’s the way we sell the club to youngsters and their parents If your good enough and progress there is a pathway to the 1st team We’ll develop your talent and if the right bid comes in we won’t stand in your way Think it is why our academy is the envy of so many others ……… if your good enough, show the right attitude there is a pathway to bigger and better things
  22. Scott himself could have said no if he thought he was not up to the challenge of the Championship. From his statements looks like he’s delighted with the move !!!! All the power is now in the players hands, as I said previously any agent worth his salt will insist on a release clause in a contract You can bet your boots that Gallagher, Campbell and even MacIver will have them in their contracts As for Hull’s initial bid all clubs will test the water with low ball bids you never know depending on some clubs financial position they might bit Motherwell knocked it back immediately indicating to Hull that if they did not meet the release clause (what ever it was) don’t bother coming back with a bid WELL DONE THE CLUB YOU PLAYED A BLINDER
  23. Depends what was in the extended deal that he signed There could have been a clause where he had the option to leave if we received a bid over £1M No one bar the club the player and his agent know what was in that extended contract So your assumption that the club could just say NO may be a load of shite

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