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  1. West Ham are interested in signing John Ruddy, maybe Randolph would come back to us on loan?
  2. Rumoured to be interested in Pelly Ruddock Mpanzuwho from Luton Town. He primarily plays as a central midfielder, but is also able to play as a defender.
  3. New kits are to be launched in the next few weeks What do we want from Macron for next season? My preference is Home - traditional amber with claret band, claret shorts and socks Away - white with claret and amber trim, white shorts and socks
  4. Third top stiching not the best!
  5. Kit supplier will be Macron and home top with feature the claret band, not sure if it will go all the way round! Delay in announcing design is we don't have a sponsor signed up yet.
  6. Motherwell subs: Twardzik, Chalmers, Kennedy, Watt, Pearson, Lasley, McDonald, Fletcher, Moore
  7. Motherwell: Trialist, Hammell, McManus, Laing, Law, Johnson, Leitch, Cadden, Thomas, Moult, Clarkson
  8. its in the club shop window just now!
  9. Why do we need to wait on the sponsor before announcing the new kit. The design would have been signed off in January so why can't they release pictures of it and let people pre-order it?
  10. The one Joe Wark (81-82 kit) is wearing was slightly different it had 3 claret stripes stitched on separately thats why the spacing is wider than the normal adidas stripes. The wider neck that Souter is wearing was the 80-81 kit I was referring to previously
  11. Obviously not paid a lot of attention when Carswell was playing as he's left footed!
  12. It was off kinda off the shelf but altered to suit us, Nottingham Forest away top with West Ham Claret and blue piping, the blue piping was covered up by yellow piping being stitched on over it, if you look closely that's why middle strip is thinner than outside two.
  13. There will be no break in the diagonal stripe, sponsors name will be below club badge.
  14. Delay is due to not having a sponsor signed up. Kit design is diagonal stripe. Will be Thursday at earliest for reveal.
  15. Just got email from club shop and new kit not launched till mid July.
  16. Craig Thomson referee for Sunday
  17. Another needless red card for him. First yellow was for disputing a two footed tackle and compounded this by kicking ball away. Second yellow for another needless reckless tackle. Needs to go to anger management classes, otherwise can only see more stupid yellow and red cards.
  18. Croft dive in penalty area?Anderson delibrate handball when he was on the ground.Elbow on Carswell in second halfAnderson kicking ball away in second half? Did he get these right?

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