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  1. I don't mind giving Hastie a run out, he has the potential to be an important player for us if he is able to find the form of when he first burst onto the scene. Unfortunately though he looks nowhere near it.
  2. Highlights unfortunately omitted a cracking pass from Polworth through the legs of a County defender.
  3. Agreed, we really should be giving our youngsters a runout when we are 3 or 4 nil up.
  4. Thought we'd signed a wee ned with Watt but he's shown himself to be an excellent addition with a great attitude so far. Long may it continue.
  5. Watt having the game of his life, clearance off the line.
  6. My hat breathes a sigh of relief. Great play by Watt. Vigurs is a fucking clown for shouting at the ref like that, absolute stonewall pen.
  7. If we don't win this I'll eat my hat, County are dreadful.
  8. Agreed we haven't been great but don't think we've necessarily been poor either. Bar a few mins at the end of the half there County have offered fuck all going forward. We should see this out comfortably.
  9. What a take from the big keeper there out the air, looks like a very solid backup so far.
  10. If the Verizon message pops up simply click "away video" and it works just fine. It's not ideal but you don't miss any of the game. Maguire's never going to make it at this level.
  11. Can someone post a link to where I can buy the game please, can't find it anywhere!
  12. We could've still beaten them though...
  13. Tried to shaft us out of compo, and now stuck on the bench in the middle of USA. Shame that.
  14. Losing Mugabi is a blow, with him out, the return of Cole and an improvement in our recent performances, I think we'll see a return to 4-3-3 tomorrow.
  15. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    Gallagher's been excellent tonight, we should be very hopeful of a return to this sort of Gallagher at club level after the past week.
  16. 3-0 to us, Watt, Campbell and a Richard Tait own goal.
  17. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51955716 Not that it matters a jot but the BBC player ratings vote has Gallagher as our 3rd worst player! Then again it has Ryan Jack as our best, so go figure...
  18. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    Gallagher been back to his best, O'Donnell having a stinker.
  19. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    Watching him mime Flower of Scotland while he's LITERALLY ON CAMERA TALKING ABOUT HOW SHIT IT IS TO BE A SCOTLAND PLAYER just about fuckin sums it up.
  20. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    Hammell and McFadden, or had McFadden gone then?
  21. 3:28 - can't wait to see him try that in front of the East Stand!
  22. Campbell could leave, we could sign nobody, and we still wouldn't get relegated.

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