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  1. A lot of people saying they wouldn't go anyway and that's fair doos, but there's still a good few hundred who would want to go and watch the game being shafted out of that opportunity. It's fucking nonsense from Rangers.
  2. I think it was a combination of good defending at times and poor finishing at times; from the highlights there were several chances that Aberdeen should have done much better with, only to shoot right down the throat of Kelly.
  3. I've yet to see it back but at the time I thought the yellow card given on Woolery was one of the most ridiculous bookings I've ever seen. The highlights will tell I suppose.
  4. I thought Beaton was very poor for both sides today to be fair.
  5. KVV is my favourite player ever. The keepie uppies in the middle of the park and the flying into tackles when he's on a last last warning, he's fucking quality.
  6. A very exciting game, we are breathless at times going forward.
  7. Van Veen plays with his heart on his sleeve and that's great but he's got to calm down. Not a great performance but we're up against a decent Aberdeen side here, so extremely happy with the scoreline.
  8. http://www.usagoals.video/c/football/scotland-premiership/11-09-2021/motherwell-vs-aberdeen/1/ There you go
  9. Woolery with an excellent cross and Van Veen doing what Watt should have done a few seconds ago!!
  10. Can't get it via a VPN because my ISP runs through England but I've set my iPhone to a personal hotspot and connected via that and got it no bother. Fuck you UEFA, I win.
  11. PPV not available down here in London, due to Article 48 of UEFA Statutes (in other words the blackout from 2.45pm to 5pm). Not the club's fault, but I can't watch my team play on stream because they would rather me go to Watford vs Brighton instead? Get to utter utter fuck UEFA.
  12. Kelly Grimshaw Mugabi Ojala Solhom McGinley Slattery O'Hara Woolery Van Veen Watt Harsh on Lamie.
  13. 3-2 to us with a 97th minute Tony Watt cross hitting Declan Gallagher in his big stupid face and the ball trickling over the line as he looks on helplessly.
  14. I would have Kevin Keegan style fucking loved it if he had scored his breakaway chance. Just a lack of pace to get away from the last man properly, something which if he had he wouldn't be at Motherwell.
  15. I thought Patterson had a very shaky first 10 minutes but was very solid after that, more effective going forward than O'Donnell. I think O'Donnell is the better option of the two but for weaker teams where we want our wing backs to get forward more Patterson would be my preferred choice.
  16. Given how well Patterson played the other night the knives will be out for O'Donnell if he isn't anything other than his usual solid self.
  17. A thread for our players on international duty. Both O'Donnell and Kelly on the bench tonight, bit disappointing for Kelly.
  18. Are you an anti vaxxer? Shockafuckinrooney if so.
  19. Rightly so! The sooner we stop mollycoddling these anti vaxxers the better.
  20. Kelly has to start on Saturday, Gordon’s distribution is tragic.
  21. I reckon we'll be 3-5-2, we've got a looooot of centre halves in the squad.
  22. A decent signing, methinks Alexander is unimpressed with Woolery so far perhaps? He does seem quite ruthless.
  23. Some size of squad we have just now. Would have liked to see us move on some deadwood like Crawford etc but hey ho.
  24. Oh it’s a red all day every day for me, I just posted the screenshot coz I wondered who actually gave the foul given Collum couldn’t really see it and the lino’s flag never went up.

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