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  1. I think Richard Gordon is the best pundit we have. Can't blame the guy for being upset that we beat his team on the last day of the season to nick 2nd place.
  2. Won't happen but I'd take him til the end of the season if we could punt Seedorf.
  3. I hate them both with a passion but I absolutely fucking despise Celtic that little bit more after we had to play them three times in a week in 2018. The absolute pish that Rodgers came out with about Kipré and "there was cotact" when he knew fine well he was lying through his teeth was unbelievable. Factor in they snatched a draw at Fir Park after McGregor dived and that wee rat Sinclair got the equaliser proving there to be no justice in football, I hope they get scudded on the final day to lose the title, I really do. I don't wanna see Rangers win it, but by fuck do I want to see Celtic lose it.
  4. Also it's not possible to have not beaten a team in 20 years when they have only existed for 8. If we refer to them as the same team/entity they were before then they win.
  5. I forgot to say this at the time but the commentary for our game against Dundee was absolutely fucking abysmal. The main commentator was okay but the guy next to him (was it Billy Dodds?) was horrific to listen to. He could barely string a sentence together. It makes a mockery of our game. The premiership has Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher with decent insight and a bit of passion. The commentary up here is an absolute joke in comparison and the BBC need to give a fuck and fix it.
  6. I think people being a tad harsh on Illic. There's clearly a player in there and I think after a few more games after his injuries we will see that. He's actually quite quick too and considering how long he's been injured for and he played part of 3 different games in 6 days he looks very fit.
  7. I really enjoyed that, a fit Turnbull would have made the difference. Very impressed by Hartleys distribution on Wednesday and again today. Donnelly also showed a great range of passing. What pace we had up top at the end, and that's without Long.
  8. What a save. Manzinga is fookin rapid.
  9. Grimshaws a great lad and all that but we really do need a proper right back.
  10. An enjoyable first half, I think we'll be 7 clear by the end of the day.
  11. Good start. Scott looks in the mood today.
  12. Any of the Americans able to tell me what channel I can get the Brentford vs Leicester FA Cup game on in America?
  13. Potentially, but we would score 3 goals a game!
  14. Hate to say it but Campbell out and Turnbull in would see us with the midfield to end all midfields.
  15. If anyone has any spare time I encourage you to check out the Aberdeen forums. It is immmmmmmmmensely enjoyable.
  16. O'Hara for his workrate alone. 90th minute and he's galloping up the park to close down their centre halves while screaming for McIver to drop in for him.
  17. I think unless we are desperately unlucky with an OF cup quarter final we are very very likely to be going on a European tour.
  18. Listen to them fucking boos. Get it round you Aberdeen. Mark O'Hara fucking immense tonight.
  19. Very bizarre sub. I was very impressed by Illic, particularly his work rate.
  20. An absolutely massive 30 minutes for us, especially with killie and hibs losing. Cmon Motherwell.
  21. Oh my word that looked a stonewall pen. Big Dec's having a mare.
  22. Illic? Jeezo. Edit - maybe Illic out left and Scott up top

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