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  1. Would take Davis in a heartbeat for a year, especially with some European games coming up.
  2. Lamie has been our best centre half all season, he is far better than just a squad player. The turnaround in his form has been quite incredible, and perhaps having an international defender as his manager has had something to do with it.
  3. GazzyB

    Chill out time

    I'm so chilled out I thought the game was tomorrow. Went onto the BBC website and saw the headline Celtic 6-0 Motherwell and nearly fell out my chair.
  4. Just glad he got a goal for us before his time came to an end.
  5. If we finish 4th would we be seeded for Q3?
  6. Hoping we can keep it respectable. That late Dundee Utd goal is a sickener, means if we get beat all they need is a point from Ross County. Although, with the chat about Q2 seeded in the other thread, maybe it'll turn out to be a blessing in disguise.
  7. I would take seeded in Q2 if it meant we got a decent semi-far away trip. Geez an Estonian mob or something.
  8. Excellent stuff. Did I hear Lewis Irons correctly, saying this’ll be our 8th European season in the last 14??
  9. Let’s start a gofundme to get Lamie signed up again. Incredible result. Europe, baby!
  10. I thought we played reasonably well, just lacking a bit of quality up too. Shields and Efford are quite similar. We are up against a very good Hearts team and they aren’t causing us many problems.
  11. Neilson will already know his starting XI for the final, I can see Hearts having a mix of regulars and fringe players playing on Wednesday.
  12. As much as I loved him, I didn’t think Alan would make it down there, and if he did it would take a good few years. To go down there and be part of a team to make the playoffs against all odds and win awards in the process in his first season is incredible. I’m absolutely delighted for him.
  13. One more push, gonna say 1-0 to us with a late, late Ricki Lamie header.
  14. What a fantastic result today. We really need the OF to do us a favour this week. Let’s finish the job on Wednesday. Hopefully KVV and Slatts are fit enough to start.
  15. Absolutely mega result, and a really good performance. Maybe not a "good" performance, but an effective one. Liam Kelly is worth his weight in gold. We are lucky to have him.
  16. 30 minutes to stay in the hunt for European football, come on KVV.
  17. MUCH better, not sure how we didn't score from that corner.
  18. We are scrapping well, but very little quality to show going forward. Efford, Shields & Tierney as a front three is completely toothless.
  19. I haven't seen us play in about a month, tune in to see Liam Donnelly switching the ball from one side of the park to absolutely nobody in a Motherwell shirt, I see fuck all has changed.
  20. Americans, long shot but is this game on the telly?
  21. I don’t believe that for one second. The outrage if we had said no and they made us anyway would be too much, even for the joke that is the SPFL. Burrows has said on Twitter we were happy to help anyway so it’s a moot argument.
  22. If offered the Europa League group stages or the Scottish Cup, it'd absolutely 100% be the former for me.
  23. I'm sorry but I just can't get on board with being okay with this. We've moved a game of football 4 days before it's due to start, meaning there will be hundreds of our fans that now can't make it. If it was a few weeks or months in advance then whatever, but four days, and for no benefit to us? It's fuckin tragic from us. We're putting another club first at the expense of several hundred fans, it's despicable.
  24. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mark-mcghee-says-hes-turned-26748678 “There are two things I’m doing this week to focus us on getting the win. The first thing, I’ve gone on a diet so I’m hungry all the time." “I can then ask myself why am I hungry – and I am hungry because there is a big game on Saturday. “The second thing I’m doing, and I’ve also told Charlie I am doing this, I won’t be using any heating. So I will be cold. “I then ask myself why am I cold – and I can say because of the game on Saturday." Mark McGhee is something else
  25. It’s absolutely nothing to do with who it is. It is the hundreds of Motherwell fans who now cannot go because we have once again sucked up to another club with no regards to our own fans. Changing a game with four days notice? Gimme a fuckin break man. If Aberdeen or Hearts had asked I’m absolutely certain Burrows would have done what he should have done here, and pished himself laughing and told them to bolt.

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