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  1. Q121

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Wouldn’t be against this myself as long as Pete can prove his fitness this back 3 has excellent attributes spread across the 3, height and passing with Gallagher, leadership strength and passing with Pete and pace and strength with Dunne only thing is I think Dunnes pace will be lost through the middle of Pete gets done easily ( which was evident last year on occasion) The natural shape of the 3 pushing dunne too wide left, to help cover holes with his pace in behind which worked well for us when he played in a middle 2 last year just my thoughts
  2. Hope the rumours aren’t true ( dodgy knee) if so then I’m afraid we will never get the 3 mil we are looking for even if he stays another season and scores double figures again he will be tainted as too high a risk for potential suitors without getting it fixed and getting it fixed may take something from his game every op does I’m afraid, but he is young enough to adapt and possibly become better over time
  3. What exactly are ge issues you have heard?
  4. Yeah I know it is, but that’s not sectarian in the slightest That’s got nothing to do with religion , Irish immigrants yes, catholic’s no protestants and catholic’s both lives in Ireland and came over here as a result of the famine but anyway, nothing to do with football mon the well lets get a signing in today
  5. I’m also a catholic and I don’t see the reference to sectarianism in this at all??
  6. Cheers, was only following this so missed that announcement
  7. Q121

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Happens all the time in my line of work, my last two promotions in house were gained via going on secondment to competitor at the level at their cost to them come back to my main employer into the role I was doing elsewhere as I proved I was capable
  8. Q121

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Never heard of a secondment??
  9. £3million quid for 19 yo Scottish midfielder who has played 30 games and doesn’t come from the old firm or an English club dont think there are many that have done that in the past lets put this into perspective. I can only think of Ryan Gould off top of my head and maybe Andy Robertson What we are getting is a good deal i don’t see how anyone else can see that it’s not, regardless of who he signs for
  10. At least he's scored for us, I'm sure he scored a cracker of an og while at Inverness
  11. Does anyone know of any names of players linked to us or have any inside knowledge of anything I have heard a few myself from James Keatings to Eoin Doyle
  12. That's why I don't agree with a null vote option, if your not at the game or don't think anyone was good just don't vote

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