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  1. The general consensus amongst Wrexham fans (granted I've only seen 3 comments) is that they're gutted to lose "King Louis".
  2. We will only find that out for sure some time in the middle of August/start of September. It's good to be optimistic though :-D
  3. Was busy at work so thought I'd take the lazy quick way out, sorry :-)
  4. You could and that may be the case. That's the way a squad works. Your position at the start of the season doesn't meant it'll be like that at the end. Clarky could come in and score 9 in 9 of the bench and be a superstar for the rest of the season. He might be murder and end up be demoted by a 19 year old. It works both ways. A young player with no experience isn't necessarily better than a 29 year old pro and vice versa. It's better to have balance and options. We have the guys in the under 20s already. Clarky gives us options.
  5. You need subs in football so it's not a luxury.
  6. The people on here criticising the new shiny scouting system must know more than me. Just because you scout players doesn't mean they will actually want to sign for you. Do you know how many players we have offered terms or sounded out? I certainly don't. Hopefully these guys will come but we need to build a squad and that includes back up players. If Clarky's deal reflects this then I can't see a problem with this signing. Does it blow me away? No but will any of our signings blow us away? Just because we sign a youngster with 'potential' who is out of contract at Accrington Stanley doesn't make him automatically better than Clarky does it? Give the guy a chance. Every player deserves that do they not?
  7. Good news on Lionel signing on for a couple of years. Let's hope the good news keeps on coming. Skippy please.
  8. The changed it for Rangers in a one off cup tie. They play in different leagues.
  9. Sutton for 2 cracking finishes and a special mention for Ainsworth who was fantastic when he came on.
  10. They shouldnae be looking at odds on anything football
  11. Excuse my ignorance but what is this European hoop ban all about? I have never heard of it.
  12. I haven't read it all but my personal favourite so far is this. ! The guy that put the poster on the lampost is a genius
  13. That's why I asked for 2 . If you don't get a home tie now it's going to come down the line anyway so you are as well getting it out of the way now. Anyway Partick and Morton would bring a decent crowd.
  14. Away ties are good for a jolly and all that but I'd prefer we got a couple of home ties to boost the coffers a bit. So two winnable home ties and then two days out at hampden please. Would I be asking too much for a parade too?

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