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  1. The fact you are using percentages of turnover/income as an amount used by any company as a figure for their compensation settlement for any employee. Good job you weren't negotiating £3.25m for Turnbull. "Actually we need an extra 250k as that makes it approximately 60% of our annual turnover (depending on the year)" Who uses fractions or percentages as a means to negotiate? He signed a new deal only a wee while back and the £130k muted that he can walk for seems to only account for his basic salary, no bonus', no hassle factor in finding a replacement, no compensation to make up for what he has endeavoured to build. All I was conveying is someone so intrinsic to the running and success of the club has seemingly been protected worse than a 16 year old youth player and that seems mental/an oversight/demanded by him (*delete as appropriate).
  2. Great fag packet logic there. Were you involved in counting the number of Celtic fans in Seville?
  3. I always took it as a word that was in the same context as us being called Sweaty Socks or the Welsh Taff's or the Irish Paddy's. I appreciate some people will see it as a derogatory term and some will embrace it. However until someone Motherwell minded of a Jewish/Israeli background advises the nuances then maybe best to not stick the hand out for the mock outrage bus to stop and hop on.
  4. I get that Robinson has aspirational career goals and by no means a Motherwell fixture for life and no doubt his contract would have release clauses. But 20x a difference in an equally ambitious manager shows that Preston were keen not to let Neil go on the cheap. What's the point in a 2.5 year extension when the compo to the club is effectively so paltry? And before the state the obvious brigade step in, I am well aware in the difference between the English Championship and the SPFL. The post concerns the shoring up of what is a prize asset. Just have to telegraph this now on here.
  5. I thought it was down to the Duke of Hamilton's racing colours or is that been an urban myth/convoluted in the mists of time?
  6. If you can understand the premise of a post (which I'd hope as you have a wee red moderator below your username) the posts wasn't commenting on the merits of wearing poppy or not, more the story released that it fell off. But for the record yeah I think a certain percentage of our population are embarrassing in the same way I look at some posts on here as embarrassing.
  7. Going by the rest of your eloquent and well formed reply you omitted an "anycunt" here Anyone who believes that story deserves to get your favourite word tattoo'd on their forehead
  8. Is it hard being right all the time? I mean surely it must get a bit boring pontificating from your pulpit to all the plebs?
  9. Les' involvement has been a relatively benign experience. The Ying being one crazy transfer window in particular and a degree of arrogance and a lack of empathy with the fanbase that a very healthy bank balance affords. The yang being the magnanimous behaviour that he wrote off upwards of £1m? of the money he originally put in and didn't want to get that returned plus the fact that we are now a fan owned club. However some of the things he came out with as highlighted in the former point means that contribution and his efforts may not be fully appreciated or recognised and to be fair there are many things that probably went on behind the scenes that will either enhance or reduce his standing. Maybe in years to come this will be revealed and his stock will go up or down. What can't be ignored is he facilitated and bankrolled where we are now. What is clear now Les is repaid and his daughter has relinquished her seat is that seat can only be taken up by a member of the WS exec board to give the WS members 3 seats. There needs to be a few key questions put to the whole WS membership as to the strategic direction of the club over the next 5 and 10 years respectively. I think many would endorse what has been overseen by Jim McMahon and Flow already but it should still be green lighted in the same way it would have if Boyle was still the owner. The WS is not an additional revenue stream alone for the club and it shouldn't be regarded as such. I've repeated what someone very astute said me me years ago. There is no point in replacing one old guy in a grey suit with 7 old guys in grey suits. All you will have done is replaced the single owner who can make a decision immediately with a committee that takes 2 weeks to debate and agree on a course of action. What is the point in being fan owned if you continue the old stuffy traditional business practices at the expense of innovative new fresh ideas and ways of working focused on the owners themselves.
  10. OK to clear a few things, just because I've been exposed to this chat 10 years ago when it was last muted at a senior level. Also in the intervening 10 years a lot has been learned from the likes of St Mirren and Falkirk. Tynecastle has always got a good rep due to the steepness and it would probably be a hybrid of that if and when we could secure a move. The club learned a lot from our European forays especially the way that Aaelsund and Odense were set up. Aaelsund's stadium in particular got some strong support from people who are now running the club without additional barriers to decision making that existed in the past. Here is the rub. The ground was zoned as recreational back in the 90's (I think) and the council also wrote in that designations couldn't be changed. Now that poses a problem for a housing or retail development. It would be met with particular hostility from the public and some in the council. A move is also only possible if the FP site can be sold for a decent amount. The council are keen for a move to Ravenscraig to highlight the area and inject some oomph to a project that has largely stalled with fleeting spurts of building. Part of the reason for that is South Lanarkshire Council were concerned that it's two major shopping centres in Hamilton and EK would lose business from the North Lanarkshire area and got CGNU who own both shopping centres (or they did) to lodge complaints citing brownfield/greenbelt/environmental/urban regeneration and it did enough to kick the ball into the long grass. SLC had to do it via a proxy as it was ultimately another Labour held council and that would not be cool if they did it themselves. The planned redevelopment in Muirhouse hit the skids when I understand the club were surprised at the amount of local objections. That to me seems mad as two blaze pitches replaced with a custom facility would enhance the area. Maybe it was floodlight glare. So in summary, can we all stop with the hyperbole and scaremongering about the possibility of a lazily planned stadium. The next person on here who utters "lego" is summarily shot and understand the likelihood of a move is dependent on a massive cash injection which I don't see any evidence of. So it will be FP, wooden construction, leaky roof and all for the forseeable.
  11. Maybe some of the comments need clearing up here. Killie are a good team with pedigree, yes they started poorly but has been pointed out it took time for their manager who has an impressive CV to get a grip on things, but they should have still easily seen off their Euro opposition. We were fortunate to get the red card decision as it looked like he got the ball first. O'Donnell's remarkable goalscoring goes on but he was very fortunate that the keeper made a hash of it. Hylton has an uncanny ability for the ball to pinball off two defenders and pop out the other side just nice and into his stride. Long seems to be the exact opposite but let us not ignore his contribution was excellent and remember it took Louis until about this time of year in his first season to find a rich vein of goalscoring form. Kirk Broadfoot came out in the press and made a hoo-ha about how he was considering doing extra fitness training as the manager was more focused on shape and positioning. That drilling was evident last night. Surprise surprise, we get the ball to the by-line and whip in a dangerous ball and it pays dividends. It almost paid off in the first half when Hylton's shot was blocked after some cute play in the box, but it came from a run to the by-line. Switching play from side to side 20-25 yards out is not going to get much return when they are so well organised. If you are going to go that, at least try and do so 10 yards further forward inside the box where a stray foot or tug can get you a penalty. Regardless our game is counter attack and when they park the bus after 15 minutes you accept that its not going to be an option (until it was in the last 15 minutes where they tried to get an equaliser). My criticism is reserved in particular for Seedorf. Again we saw him try to take on one man too many in search of what? Glory? An arrogance he's better than this league? Just beat a man, two if you know it is a cert and play an easy ball, ideally a few yards ahead of the players so he doesn't need to break his stride. If the whole team followed that I think our GD would be at least 4 or 5 better off just now. He particularly got my ire when Killie broke and he ambled back at a half jog despite coming on a few minutes before. To be fair Robinson criticised both Seedorf and Scott (not by name) in his post match comments but Scott doesn't come anywhere close to the frustration I have for Seedorf and his mindset/attitude. My only criticism of Scott was he didn't make the keeper at least work. Finally, our centre half paring gives me the same level of confidence as Aldred and Kipre or Martin and McCart did.
  12. At least it wasn't a cricket score
  13. Is Jesus is a well fan, Morelos to get a direct red card in their box, penalty, Liam Donnelly, fires it tight off McGregors napper, knocks him out and Grimmy heads the rebound, Durrant loses his voice

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