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  1. On the bright side there were as many Motherwell fans in the stadium at 81 minutes as there would before Covid. I know theres a tendency for managers to persevere with their purchases until they come right however Las and Robbo need to sit down tomorrow and sharpen their knives, there are too many not up to it and too many a shadow of what we've seen in the past.
  2. There was a pot of gold if we could have got past the next few games, Hapoel had pedigree but were beatable. We had a mare defensively (not for the first time) and a couple of short circuits at critical moments. In that flurry of yellow cards for them after half time we should have been streetwise (a favourite phrase of Robinson so why the fuck don't we do it) and got in those particular players faces and drew more fouls. That would have given us a fighting chance. They were full of that any touch, roll about on the floor holding your face bullshit. The wing backs don't press and whip in balls and despite having a plethora of wingers we're not using any of them and when we do, they don't take on the opposition, they run until they are closed off turn and square ball if we're lucky or pass back to the defence. The front two partnerships of Long and Watt now seem to be inter-switched with Whyte and Lang, to hell with Hylton, Seedorf and Hastie. I have to wonder, you compete all season long to finish as high up the league as you can, progress as far as possible in the two cups, blood youngsters and hope players you bring in get added value. 2019/20 we finished 3rd (an extra 150k was it over 4th?), this gave us entry to the Europa and conservative estimates for prize money minus travel expenses means another 500k. The business over the summer has been more misses than hits, I can only hope the youth academy is getting a fair chunk of this extra wedge otherwise where and who is it going on or is it being banked as a rainy day fund? I follow this team and give my money over the years because I want to see an improvement, a rise to where the datum is higher than the year before. When windfalls come in I want to see it used on bringing better players in or at least being spent on that potential through our youth setup (which has paid dividends to the nature of 5 million in the past couple of years). Turnbull, Scott, Hastie, McKinstry and no doubt Campbell who will go before the deadline, all this talk about signing him up etc. Campbell has refused multiple contract offers because he's seen the guys he grew up with and had less consistency and impact cut about in Merc's on 4x his salary and upwards. To think the club haven't put something in front of him repeatedly is naivety.
  3. Annoying thing is this team were there for the taking. Just needed composure and to be switched on which we haven't done. Still too many floaty balls into the box rather than whipped ones. Dec and O'Donnell looked suspect at times and Lamie from first touch to positional play to decision making is playing at a level above his ability.
  4. Its listing on hesgoal just now, as is Viktoria Plezen vs the Danish mob before it
  5. You think? Oh well as long as you think it’s elsewhere and it’s hypothetically all good is fantastic
  6. That fans forum directed people to this site. I accessed it with Google Chrome with its automatic translate function. It looks like this is their version of the BBC with adverts and highlights games rather than streaming them. However I expect a stream from hesgoal.com A slight annoyance was Mark O'Hara's maybe naive comments from this article: https://www.sport5.co.il/articles.aspx?FolderID=401&docID=350265
  7. First can we appeal Mugabi’s red with UEFA like we can in the SPFL? Had a look at the three opponents this afternoon, for me the hardest game is by a country mile in Israel. They got decent European pedigree, qualifying for the group stages twice in the last few years, finishing second and pumped out in the last 36 on one occasion. Add in the travel fatigue and temp difference it’s a big ask. Not so much if we were working but we’re far from that at present. Viktoria are not too shabby in Europe too so I’d be hoping for a Danish win. Can’t see us putting the Israelis to bed unless things click in the next week
  8. It’s not overly encouraging that someone that can’t be considered a starter at Livi is allowed to leave to another league competitor. Not really what I was expecting after securing the best part of another 250k last night and were like a rudderless ship at times. That second half capitulation regardless of a woeful referee was torture. I’m willing to give him a chance as we’ve taken many a misfiring player and they’ve came good in C&A. The issue is this season too many of players that looked an improvement on what we already had but have failed to impress. As conveyed it is a kick in the nuts for the academy boys. with respect to the Cove Rangers clique, remember who their assistant gaffer is.
  9. My bad, I was peeing and my mate told me it was Lang again, no half time analysis to set me straight. #imafanny
  10. I hope Lang doesn't frequent this site, he'd be thinking "I score two goals and don't even get the wahoo votes"
  11. mid September is when wee Nicola said that Sports Stadia may be accessed again. Granted it doesn't mean NI have to follow suit and on top of that with cases rising I doubt it happening but there could be potential for an away day.
  12. They beat Maribor on penalties. Which Scottish team did they knock out? Just found it, Aberdeen in 2016.

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