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  1. We could have Lennon as our gaffer, choice quotes in bold, he's gone full tinfoil helmet/bottles of piss ......
  2. Few inaccuracies in your post: "full squad had to isolate" ..... "minor covid breaches" ...... care to square that circle? 6 points yes but 6 goals don't affect GD. Rules were simple, if not this is the penalty. Don't do A, B or C, wash your D, avoid E and definitely don't do F. Only minor thing in this whole affair is the punishment given for being roasters. Also love a bit of whataboutery.
  3. Soooooo .... Not bothered by the money we'd potentially earn then, just let give him a bus fare to wherever and a manly handshake... inspired blue sky thinking there sparky. He brings more for me than the only other out and out winger we have in Seedorf. He had one game early on this season where he played at a 7 when everyone else is 5 or 6's and he's the key to our attack claimed by too many on here. Seen it with Bigi a few years back too. Certainly not a marquee signing but better than what we have. I'd like to see the playing payroll decrease and these players who a manager and caretaker claimed were not caring punted. Not overlooking that quite often a new manager, playing style, direction, impetus and hutspa can be transformational for under performers or those not clicking. Look at Gannon's team before Craig and Archie, few weeks under them and 12 game unbeaten run.
  4. Unquestionably sporting advantage gained. Cynical move by both clubs? Killie have more of a defence than St Mirren do as Ayrshire NHS told them to cancel. Kinda makes a mockery of the stringent rules most other clubs have been adopting to mitigate things. Through no fault of our own we've been messed about, been awarded points, had them taken away, now have to find time to play the games, just reeks of incompetence and mismanagement. Rules in black and white, flouted, so what's the defence? Just shows in life if you get an expensive lawyer, they can even get OJ off.
  5. Joke, how can they even justify this. Just another reason why I’m increasingly fed up with football. Totally done
  6. Remember when we got him and the collective rant was Livvy reject .... Messi would have to bide his time to break into that team at the moment.
  7. Not a player but Leeann in now the boss at Queens Park. £5m for sale of Hampden to manage. I know she lives close so the 2 hour commute per day to Leith will be 10 minutes each way. But I think it maybe more likely to laying the groundwork for a future roll, plus her office will be next door to SPFL and SFA ......
  8. As countless times this season lack of being streetwise. We'd be 4 points better off if they screwed the nut today and at Tannadice.
  9. My soothsaying is now reported in the Daily Rag 5 days ago https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/declan-gallagher-wants-dream-celtic-23261948 "A source close to Gallagher" .... that reeks of the horses mouth, he's hardly a shy retiring wallflower. Of course he doesn't want to be tied as we're hardly riding the crest of a wave but he needs to be sure he's gonna get regular appearances otherwise he's not going to get the start in the Euro's he now expects. Do I blame him for angling to move for more money? Nope, but the way he does it is as disrespectful as he pulled someone up on twitter for.
  10. His neighbours say the same .........
  11. This bridge chat is burnin my eyeballs. Tommy Wright ... GTF Alexander 1/5, seems they are confident. Expect Yodo to give him to St. Valentine's Day ironically.
  12. Based on the current squad we need trio with the ghosts of Robin Gibb and Sir Jack Charlton. I understand "Maggie" is Seedorf's nickname.
  13. Not Tommy Wright for me. The club have a tendency to find people off the beaten track so can't see it being anyone mentioned so far. Las was hobbled by Archer and Lang departing plus O'Hara suspension. I think it is bad luck that the perception can't be ignored over the reality of the shitty situation he found himself in. I'm hoping for a Steve Clarke type appointment when Killie got him. I suspect there's a few highly respected coaches not on the radar except for those in football circles looking for a chance. It's rare that a coach, reserve/youth team manager will see much media daylight when focus is on the gaffer and his assistant. But players and club officials talk about who's got something about them and that drips down. Quite often it needs a move away from where familiarity has flourished to a new pasture to earn the respect and deference the role needs. A lot will depend on contacts and knowledge of what personnel may be able to bolster the half dozen who have got something about them currently in the squad.

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