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  1. Sincerely can't fathom the Kelly chat. He's a QPR player who earned a decent move to a mid table championship club. So talk of him maybe getting a move to a decent English side, he's kinda already there, just not favoured. They have someone ahead of him in the pecking order so the chance of regular game time to a club in a bit of bind was no doubt welcome by all parties. He's still got a two years on his deal there and on decent wedge. The only way he'd come north in the summer is to go to Edinburgh or Aberdeen I suspect based on their spending power. Only thing we may have is Alexander may give him the "We're building something great here" speech, regular football or some extra x-factor. You'd expect Carson to be fit by August so do you think he'd return from QPR to be an understudy at FP?
  2. After this season I'd settle for losing 10x underachievers and getting in 5x aboveaveragers. Of course we could rock up in August with a lean, mean, 3 pointing machine and do a Leicester. As OTF points out in his own inimitable way, Robinson near the end and Alexander have tended to favour "experience" over age. I'd say ambition and hunger in a young immature lad can often make up for someone stolling it at their 10th club in 10 years. The lack of engagement as reported with the fringe players is if the case, is concerning because so much of our model depends on that conveyor belt. It's earned us £5m+ in the past few years. Essentially Alexander comes across as a hard taskmaster who's office you go to only for a bollocking not a friendly coffee and hobnob.
  3. From who, auld Davie and his dug from Silvertonhill and that wee female casual from the documentary?
  4. You could have them both go down in the play off winner can muster more than we have in 3 attempts against Accies this season. Hearts are walking it so the ideal scenario out who's left for me is Dundee or Dunfermline, Tayside wins on potential visiting fan revenue Dunfermline for a nice day out, not too far. Killie yes have a plastic pitch but I think they bring more as a club to the league than they take. County deserve to go for Big Roy's breaking of financial fair play for years and Accies, everything is unmemorable apart from proximity.
  5. 75k UEFA appearance money right in the sky rocket
  6. So I've read this 10x plus now and I still don't get it. I've tried it in different accents and employing my own punctuation but no, still no joy
  7. Just conveying the SNP current policy however there is a significant republican element within the party. Of course they could choose to reinstate the Scottish Jacobean monarchy that was deposed in the "Glorious Revolution" and that would be King Joseph (currently Prince of Liechtenstein). Of course we could go for a homegrown head of state, however in this day and age we may end up with President John Smeaton.
  8. Wee Lizzy would still be the boss after independence or not
  9. But he's a championship club player who was signed from another championship club ......... you feeling alright?
  10. Loving the focus on players tindering in the stands for the past 10 mins
  11. I seen more action than him in 2020 and I was in a coma for a fair bit of it
  12. Tried to have his cake and eat it ...... only humble pie left in the "whoopsies" at Asda. Time for a new agent?
  13. Probably for on your strips thread but some of the under armour ones for Tottenham about 8-9 years ago are among some of the best I've seen in the modern era. They had a two tone grey third strip that if converted to our colours or Dark Grey Light Grey Cash Convertors or Claret I think would look mint. They also had a yellow one with a pinstripe that their fans changed to white and said would have been a classic. White with claret would be mint for us. What do you know of Macron and their deals with so many SPFL clubs?

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