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  1. Trying to watch videos on new channel. However apart fromm freeview i a only able to show 30 seconds of each video. Anyway to fix this?
  2. anybody know the full SP as to why we were fined etc on fielding an ineligible player in the reserve match v Ross Co
  3. Thank god for that . Thought you were going to post that we had purchased disabled facilities from killie.
  4. From what i've heard we should have signed his granny
  5. Since it is just over 24 years since Davie Cooper sadly passed away (23\03\1995) does anyone know whether there will be a minutes applause or a thunderclap 11 minutes into the game. Also was wondering what posters on here prefer?
  6. anybody know whats going on since graigan left ie no pre or post match interviews\ goal highlights only on twitter and you tube.
  7. well_army

    U20 Fixtures

    Will be played at Fir park this season. Normally on a Tuesday Night. Prices are as folows: Season book holders or Well Society membership: £4 Standard: £5 Under 16: Season book holders or Well Society membership: £2 Standard: £3 First game tonight V Celtic ko 7pm
  8. Cant quite believe this quote from the St Mirren mad website There were a few meaty challenges in the early stages of the first half, coming to a head when Jennings flattened Graham Carey. Goodwin barged into the back of Jennings, who then appeared to try to gouge his eye. The Saints captain responded by punching Jennings in the stomach before the Scouser repeated his earlier action.
  9. Worked first day I joined (sunday), but for the last two days any time i try to run a video it goes direct to the secure subscription page. Any ideas whats wrong?
  10. Apologies if this story has already been posted link
  11. Here's the full listing click here
  12. What was the name of that clown we got from Falkirk, who assaulted Jim Griffin ?
  13. Even in victory these bampots are ungratious My link
  14. Hope you folks that are on the Fir Park buses relaise that they will depart form hampden at 3.15 Prompt and as such will proabably miss the penalty shoot-out (if it goes that at far.) ko 12.45 full time : 2.35 Extra time : 2.40 Penalties :3.10 (leave to catch bus)
  15. ticket office open late on thusday to 7.00 link

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