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  1. rambunctious


    That's terribly sad news. RIP Andy P.
  2. Stop being negative about our current formations!
  3. I’m guessing they’ve probably met a release clause figure so we need to accept. Likely put into the lads contract when it was extended last season. Seems a bit early in the window to accept otherwise considering the amount of interest. Fingers crossed it was a high figure that other clubs meet and he chooses to goes elsewhere.
  4. This season’s points tally of 51 is our highest since 2013/14 when we finished 2nd under McCall.
  5. Went for Frear for his hat trick. Thought Rose was excellent as well.
  6. Maybe they’ll just permanently replace it and the East Stand wall with 100 stewards holding an orange plastic fence...
  7. We are also due money off the back of Celtic qualifying for the Champions League. About £200k if I remember correctly? Not sure if we’ve had that yet.
  8. At Dundee United (where he had his best form) he was one of their star players and was looking for a big money move. At Celtic he was neither of those things, probably got scunnered at lack of game time and was just happy to pick up a good wage. I reckon if he were to move to us he’d be enjoying his football again and looking for another big move. That’s probably what Robinson would tell him and I’m sure he’d help him to do that.
  9. Honestly I’d love it if there are a few tims near us on Saturday. They’d not enjoy themselves or even last the full 90...
  10. I agree. He won an obscene number of headers in the middle of the park (as he does every week). Our defence has twice as much defending to do when he isn’t in the team.
  11. Could have been one of a number of players but went for Campbell in the end. Thought he was looking really tired and a yard off it for a spell after their equaliser but he dug deep and got back to his usual self and helped drive us forward on a number of occasions. A captain in the making, whether for us or at a higher level.
  12. POTY - Carson YPOTY - Kipre ETA: Either (or both) of those awards could quite easily go to Campbell.
  13. Their stuff has been excellent so glad about that.

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