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  1. Easy decision- Hartley. However, special mention to Bigirimana. He put in a great shift and looked assured on the ball. Much more than what McHugh and Rose did between them. He will surely start next game.
  2. Without McHugh wed have dropped points tonight. His versatility at being able to fill in for Hartley at the back was so crucial.
  3. Like someone else suggested, the last player I can remember that played anything like Campbell was Scott Leitch. Considering he is just starting starting out, he'll soon surpass the quality of Leitch if he keeps going the way he is going. In general I think we have a much more naturally aggressive team this year which makes Campbell's stand out performances even more impressive.
  4. Always thought getting a few hundred grand for Heneghan was a great piece of business. We go and source a guy who can't get a game at Blackpool and already it looks like we've had an upgrade.
  5. Kris Boyd is still a wank no matter how good an interview he gives.
  6. Interested to know why Hartley is surplus to requirements at Blackpool after only just signing in Pre season. He seems to have had a good first half of season last year at Bristol Rovers.
  7. In fairness, anytime I've seen McHugh this season in midfield he more often than not finds an opposition player with his passes. I really rate the guy and hope he keeps getting better in the midfield role but based on his performances so far his season he's looked better at centre half. So if needs must and we lost Heneghan then I'd be comfortable with him moving there. After all, it might allow young Campbell to start more.
  8. Louis Laing gifted a goal to the opposition with a pass across his own 18 yard box for Hartlepool at the weekend. They've not had a good start to life in 4th tier after dropping down from league 2. Along with Clay, you also have ZFA and K. Kennedy playing at that level.
  9. Nathan Thomas scored for Sheffield United. Never thought that guy would be playing for such a big club in the English 2nd tier not so long after leaving us.
  10. The ones in the POD attempted a rendition of the Sash but to my surprise it was pretty muted compared to the other bile they sang.
  11. My last chance to get one before going away is Saturday too. You'd imagine a lot of people are in the same situation with the schools finishing up.
  12. Anyone in the know, know when the home kit will be out? Initially it was late June. Now it says early in July. I need it to be out on Sat 1st July to allow me to get it's a present for someone but I doubt it.
  13. Most times I checked Luke Watt could only make the bench for Stranraer.
  14. We rarely take a cup tie to extra time. We just roll over in 90mins.

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