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  1. Nijholt was certainly mixing it. My memory convinced me john Clark and Dave bowman were the only ones fouling that game
  2. Season complete and direct entry to Europa group stages seems reasonable to me with my Motherwell bias evident As a neutral - playing the remaining fixtures over the summer is the fairest way to go
  3. Agree - Steelboy certainly not said anything the experts haven’t been saying. Let’s not jump on the bandwagon of accusing him of trolling in this instance. Whether you agree with his comments or views or not they are not personal the way others have been directed to him lately.
  4. The harsh reality is that by being injured for nearly a year and his apparent refusal to sign a contract means we will be lucky to get half of what was agreed before. Getting £2m plus without add-ons in those circumstances is almost fantasy land (unless it has been agreed previously but very unlikely I would suggest)
  5. There’s much debate of late in terms of our issues at the back and up top, and rightly so. However very little in to our midfield performers. It’s difficult to compete when your three main picks in that position, Campbell Donnelly and polworth form all fell off a cliff at the same time. Donnelly showed last night that he still has a future in defence. So in turnbulls continued absence, we will need Campbell polworth and Ohara to be on it and o’hara currently looks the best bet out of the lot in that respect. Allan Campbell’s recent performances are a major worry for me
  6. Like a magnet to a metal corner flag
  7. debt appears in the balance sheet not profit and loss account - therefore repaying debt (early or otherwise) has no bearing on tax liability.
  8. Too much sense getting spoken here
  9. The pigeon started left wing and ended up playing the last ten minutes between hartley and Carroll. Defensive masterclass. not as good as Alan campbell however. Donnelly not far behind
  10. True that there’s Been plenty of competition
  11. Can’t believe Michael fraser has escaped selection for many of the nightmare teams. He was far worse than some of the other names banded around.
  12. Pretty much my thoughts on the matter
  13. I’m no medical expert but even if he just got permission from specialist to proceed to next stage of rehab then I would imagine there will be at least another 4-6 weeks building up strength in the knee again and further conditioning and a mini / full preseason to do. End of February seems optimistic in that scenario. if he’s on the plane to tenerife and taking full participation however then there’s every chance he has a chance of returning earlyish February
  14. Sloth actively looking to get a loan or permanent move away. Rumours also neither of our goalkeepers are resigning (and as such the club have made an offer for another)

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