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  1. Debt repayments are not tax deductible as they are already shown in the previous accounts as a creditor. Only interest on tax is deductible and as we had interest free loans then this won’t be a factor. as far as I could see the loss is largely a result of lower than expected performance in league and cups and pitch and stadium repairs.
  2. Celtic have already hinted that they are looking to strengthen in other areas now
  3. Just think that some were demanding maguire playing ahead of donnelly recently
  4. He looked a long way from playing when at the last home game
  5. He was decent no more than that. Partly responsible for their goal, although it was a great finish, and on another day could have given away a penalty. Was the better centre half though as mckenna was on full blown bombscare mode.
  6. Les was never there to be anybody’s mate. Notwithstanding the financial input, he was there to steady a ship which was in danger of capsizing under LD’s watch
  7. Good 3 points against difficult and organised opponents. They will cause everybody in the league problems. Thankfully our centre half’s and goalkeeper did particularly well. And good substitution from the manager to counter the oncoming aerial bombardment. winning when not playing well hardly a bad habit
  8. Campbell was terrible until he scored
  9. Campbell was not jaded, just desperately poor. It wasn’t the result of the international break. If he’s jaded in October then something is fundamentally wrong
  10. No one with pass marks today but maguire campbell seedorf and polworth an elevated level of shite
  11. I know - it was also an injustice leaving Dortmund being beat. We deserved a draw arguably more. Another injustice was to follow in the return leg led by the referee
  12. Absolutely deadly for sure. I’ve convinced myself his only miss was the one in Dortmund
  13. The new signings are clearly shite

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