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  1. True that there’s Been plenty of competition
  2. Can’t believe Michael fraser has escaped selection for many of the nightmare teams. He was far worse than some of the other names banded around.
  3. Pretty much my thoughts on the matter
  4. I’m no medical expert but even if he just got permission from specialist to proceed to next stage of rehab then I would imagine there will be at least another 4-6 weeks building up strength in the knee again and further conditioning and a mini / full preseason to do. End of February seems optimistic in that scenario. if he’s on the plane to tenerife and taking full participation however then there’s every chance he has a chance of returning earlyish February
  5. Sloth actively looking to get a loan or permanent move away. Rumours also neither of our goalkeepers are resigning (and as such the club have made an offer for another)
  6. True that. Imagine the uproar if we did a hearts and let the manager disappear for over half a week in the run up to the biggest game in years. I suppose it’s not much different to the arrangement we had with mcghee second time around
  7. Same 3 for me - james Scott was decent enough too
  8. Hylton long and Grimshaw the 3 best players for me. Hylton just shades it. He’s on an excellent run of form
  9. Debt repayments are not tax deductible as they are already shown in the previous accounts as a creditor. Only interest on tax is deductible and as we had interest free loans then this won’t be a factor. as far as I could see the loss is largely a result of lower than expected performance in league and cups and pitch and stadium repairs.
  10. Celtic have already hinted that they are looking to strengthen in other areas now
  11. Just think that some were demanding maguire playing ahead of donnelly recently
  12. He looked a long way from playing when at the last home game
  13. He was decent no more than that. Partly responsible for their goal, although it was a great finish, and on another day could have given away a penalty. Was the better centre half though as mckenna was on full blown bombscare mode.
  14. Les was never there to be anybody’s mate. Notwithstanding the financial input, he was there to steady a ship which was in danger of capsizing under LD’s watch

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