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  1. 12 points gained at home 20 away (1 extra away game played)
  2. Performance of the season for me - I know we were good at pittodrie earlier in the season but to perform like that today under the pressure we were under was terrific to see. The jobs nowhere near done though and have to guard against any complacency. what pleased me the most today was the performance levels of some of those who have been written off as not good enough for Motherwell, and I myself have been guilty of that. Lamie, Crawford and Robert’s to name but three were all terrific today
  3. That was a better performance tonight, arguably deserved more than the point we earned. Build on that and get some players back between now and the end of the season then we’ll be comfortable
  4. With the absence of a wealthy benefactor relegation would be an absolute disaster for sure. The Turnbull safety net doesn’t come close to financing a season in the championship Scant consolation but the away days would be great
  5. Tony watt has missed a dozen chances easier than the one smith had at Celtic
  6. Does it matter? They are injured and have been for a number of weeks. Probably ran out of bandwidth
  7. all the new signings bar Kelly and magloire included in the 17 injuries
  8. The big yin is desperate to redeem himself - flying in training
  9. Imagine the meltdown levels if the latest injury was Kelly
  10. We were a shambles from the first minute to the sending off and long beyond. We cant use the red card as is a legitimate excuse for yesterday.
  11. Accies midfield pissed all over the top of us today and not for the first time either. They had pace, bite and decent link up play. Everything that we never had. We have had a dysfunctional midfield virtually all season.
  12. Cole and watt have both played well pity about the rest

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