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  1. The amount of long balls in the 2nd half have been nothing short of disgraceful.
  2. Who would have thought a few months back that mugabi and goss would be consistently good performers for us. Both more than dependable
  3. Yeah the keeper bizarrely moves towards kipre instead of retreating in to box. That being said kipre could still have toed it in to stands
  4. Kipre had a bit of a disaster for the derby goal although the keeper did him no favours
  5. Comfortable victory, perfect well no, but as routine a 3 points as we are likely to get at this level. Van veen has proven that, if played central in a 3, then he is more than good enough. Consequently, if we could get a 6 figure fee for watt and it were to be reinvested in a winger of similar standard then I would be comfortable with our squad to the season end. I also agree with other posters in that GA has done a great job so far.
  6. Stating the obvious but Dundee Utd deliberately leaked this to the press for their own gain. the Thomson’s were shrewd operators when in charge of them previously but these yanks bring something different to the table, and we unfortunately have been a victim of this. But this is business in their eyes and we will need to suck it up
  7. Most footballers are mercenaries - there’s no surprise here. A 3yr deal on decent terms is no doubt a good bit more security than we could offer. Alexander has a difficult task now but he handled the Gallagher gun to the head scenario last year very well and I trust him to manage a similar challenging process this year. I would take £100k to get shot of him now if I’m honest
  8. This this and this - covid is out there. However if there’s genuine concern over omicron beyond transmission rates (most of the early data suggest it is a milder form than delta less hospitalisations etc) then restricting 500 people in to fir park even Ibrox Parkhead etc is a nonsense. There’s no data to defend the ‘500’ position absolutely none. The mental health of the population also has to be considered as some priority at some point. Rant over - any spares for Livi?
  9. Tommy coyne tops my list too technically brilliant and a not too shabby goal scorer to boot. My other four in no particular order would be Scott McDonald, James McFadden, dougie arnott and Michael Higdon
  10. Also mugabi could end up in double figures for goals if he keeps rampaging up that right hand side of the park
  11. I think maguire playing holding midfield with slattery and goss higher gives us a fair better balance than we’ve had this season. Good performance keep building on that and we’ll have a good season
  12. Don’t agree with the general consensus that shields should be a better option than wollery. Thought shields was terrible to be honest. Doesn’t look anywhere near our standard. Jury certainly out on wollery in that respect too.

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