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  1. How the fuck is Lamie considered good enough? He may not be only one that’s below the standard required but him and white are by miles the worst. if reflects badly on just about everybody if they were recommendations by their pal.
  2. Blame at the managers door. Bringing in Lamie was a terrible decision
  3. Absolutely - never have we had a technically proficient centre forward like him since. A pleasure to watch in his twilight
  4. Crawford?? In my opinion he’s more of a midfielder than maguire,. Wouldn’t have signed him though as I think others in the squad could also do that job
  5. Top performances from our two Gallagher in particular
  6. They English lower league players are shite. Is this not the narrative?
  7. Seeing stevie woods at the end didn’t half spoil the moment
  8. I’ve been very critical of Gallagher for his performances this season but he was excellent tonight against a very decent forward line. O’Donnell by comparison was dreadful
  9. Not quite as simple as that - if he signs a new contract we lose our compensation safety net. If he signs a 1 yr extension and walks at the end of that then the club get nada. That wasn’t close to being the case with turnbull
  10. Hopefully - it was unsustainable long before COVID
  11. There’s no guarantee we are getting £500k in compensation. This is dependant on where he ends up. If he stays in this league it could be around half that amount
  12. Hibs want Campbell according to reports and not surprised they are interested. Hopefully he has higher aspirations although I don’t think there will a queue of championship teams willing to pay the big dollar for him as many believe on here. some might take their chance on training compensation fee in summer
  13. Our captain shouldn’t need experience beside him he’s one of the oldest and most experienced player in the squad. Carson for captain isn’t the worst shout
  14. He’s the master of the hoof

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