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  1. 6-0 now although in fairness facing up to the Arsenal strike force is a completely different sport from the likes of stevie may and the likes
  2. Dijkstra was error prone too for sure
  3. Rangers cup game was one of the worst. Then he compounded the fury and misery by throwing one in within the first 10nins of the replay at ibrox.
  4. This ^^The ref decided after the guy recovered that it was a free kick. Maybe the assistants or martingale had a word in his ear between such times
  5. Alexander’s shut up shop tactic has worked far more times than it fails. I don’t enjoy watching it but it has been effective
  6. Own up who voted for maguire? Not that he was terrible but van veen was playing a different level altogether
  7. Van veen was a joy to watch
  8. That was shambolic performance. Preseason or not alarm bells are truly ringing. We need 6 new players minimum
  9. Got the result in the end but we look a million miles away from a top flight side right now. If we haven’t strengthened and improved by a week on Saturday it will be worrying for the season ahead
  10. Great game tonight - I had questioned his attacking ability but fair play he was more a goal threat than Sterling Foden and grealish combined. Bravo sir
  11. O’Donnell is largely fine defensively but he’s no attacking threat whatsoever. I know many will point out he’s meant to defend but when you play that formation you need to be able to add something in the final third. I like O’Donnell as honest a pro as your ever likely to see and been a good signing for Motherwell but someone more attacking minded needs to play that position next couple of Scotland’s games as grinding out 0 0’s is no longer an option
  12. There’s no concrete evidence to support my views but I can say with 100pc certainty Gallaghers contract was renegotiated
  13. Robbo taken our former reserve team manager Diarmid o something or other. The one who got the Ireland u21 job then never when they found out he’d told a few fibs about his qualifications

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