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  1. We as a club are in a very difficult position regarding Campbell. He can sign a precontract shortly which will only entitle us to training compensation , so there’s no hope in hell we are getting £1.5M in this transfer window. Also if by some miracle we manage to get him to extend his contract there we are giving up our safety net of training compensation and gambling on a future and more substantial transfer fee
  2. McGinley and Campbell came off because they didn’t have much left in the tank
  3. Hopefully kept out of fir park for the foreseeable. Don’t know if I can handle watching football without a couch in front of me
  4. Our captain is by a country mile the worst offender
  5. No excuses here but this referee is one of the worst I’ve ever seen
  6. Maguire is a centre half, the experiment to turn him into a premiership level defensive midfielder was doomed to failure from the outset. If he can’t get a game in his best position (and he couldn’t in the end at queens either) then it doesn’t hold out much hope of him being here much longer
  7. Let’s be honest here he’s had a poor start to the season. Mugabi has performed better than him this season. If the team is picked on form as many have repeatedly requested then he’s done pretty well to make the squad
  8. We were losing the midfield battle against Hamilton long before Campbell went off. The substitution however never helped matters
  9. Absolutely should be - but I suspect we are tied to some clause in the players contract
  10. We’ve barely created a chance all season. In five games I can count 4 we should have scored from that’s nowhere near enough. Hamilton as negative and defensive as they were created 3 today
  11. So you want to play them for the sake of it, whether they are ready, good enough or not?
  12. Listen I’m all for beating the drum about developing youth, but we can’t magically turn some into first team regulars. The likes of Maclean Livingstone Maguire have been found wanting at a level far below Motherwell so don’t think that’s a stick you can beat Robinson with. Senple will never make it either unfortunately. The success rate across the board is less than a couple of percent, we have done pretty well in this regard.
  13. Robinson’s done a decent job, anybody who says otherwise is blinded. However, that said, he’s currently set us up to be the most predictable powder puff team in the league with a bloated array of substandard forwards. I can’t see an obvious way of getting a tune out of those forwards without maybe going a bit more direct and that won’t be universally well received. Defeat on Thursday can mean nothing other than the end of his tenure

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