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  1. The very one! long throw from main stand side at cooper goals unless my memory is playing tricks on me
  2. Tommy coyne I seem to recall scoring the winner to put Celtic out the cup at fir park ross McCormick inspired performance at Tynecastle in cup shortly after Phil’s passing . Two good cup memories from yesteryear
  3. Hard to argue with that list tbh
  4. Marvin Johnson assist in playoff semi
  5. Chalmers polworth lawless thomas 3rd tier ahoy. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch
  6. Blind optimism perhaps or sheer lunacy, but I have a feeling we are winning at tannadice or up at Dingwall
  7. Never forget that - one of the worst dives ever rewarded at fir park. Horrible little rodent.
  8. Rumours that O’Donnell is likely to be out injured until pre-season
  9. I’m in agreement with the majority on the latest departure. We have 99 problems and mark Ohara leaving aint one
  10. According to the commentator today he’s played every minute in the last 6 or 7 games which when we are chasing an equaliser, or a winner if we are fortunate, then he’d be one of the midfielders I’d be sacrificing for a more attacking player. I’d seriously consider him as a defensive option either at centre half or right back as we are toiling in both positions right now. Get slattery back in midfield.
  11. No idea but Graeme Alexander would probably pick 11 Liam donnelly’s given the chance
  12. Shields is the worst signing of the lot - a truly dreadful footballer. That’s why we don’t often sign from the Scottish lower leagues. There’s barely a footballer in those leagues
  13. How many league matches without a win? Can’t be far off a post war club record
  14. One if not two have covid I’m sure

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