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  1. I’ve not seen us for ages but after watching this fair play to people that go every week
  2. Entertaining game. We gave as good as we got We'll be absolutely fine if we play like that all season Simple as that for me
  3. Haven't seen us at all this season before watching the game tonight so I'm not sure if I'm on the money. We didn't look too bad tonight Keepers nowhere near good enough although did pull off a couple of decent saves We need a centre mid badly Right back I'm not sure if this was a 1 off but we got tore apart down there time & time again Dom Thomas contributed absolutely nothing Centre mid, right back & a keeper & we wouldn't be a bad side based on tonight for me
  4. I was a big fan of Sutton. Patrick Thistle away last season was enough to convince me his time was up though
  5. Don't think there's any in between with McGhee. I think it's exactly what we need. My brothers raging. Either way if we see good football & win games then it's all that matters.
  6. Difficult to comment as I didn't go today. Don't think Craigan is anywhere near ready for the job yet. But I'm not sure how much blame can be put on him with today's result ( like I say I wasn't there so there could have been some baffling decisions to contradict my post ha ha )
  7. Said earlier in the thread I would take McGhee. Think he's exactly what we need just now to sort us out. Don't for one minute think there's any chance he'll ever end up Celtic manager.
  8. Great result. Cue shouts that Crags should be manager
  9. Agree. I get the idea behind it but it's not the right game
  10. McGhee for me but it's a non starter. I hope it's not fucking Stephen Pressley!!!!!! Don't really know the Scottish lower leagues but I'd like to see us give a younger manager from their a go if there's anyone that fits the bill Bored of the usual suspects
  11. You just know he'll be here for the foreseeable future
  12. You know your in for a rough season when Dougie Imrie is a concern.....

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