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  1. Very sad news: I missed seeing him by a season but my brother and his mates all idolised him for his footballing brain and his vision.
  2. All the best Stephen. Now get the two masked men to commit to a season ticket while you’ve got them where you want them .
  3. I forgot to say I have respect for the way Airdrieonians have treated their traditional strip. Despite all the traumas they have been through, including questionable blue-hued owners, they have stuck to their identity.
  4. I've said before that I understand that younger fans don't have the emotional attachment to the hoop that older codgers do. Some remember the hoopless jersey when we gubbed Spurs or the "sash" with Pettigrew and Graham, others the anodyne strip when we won the cup in '91, and we could go on from there, even the appalling jester outfit of nightmares. To me , we have almost unique colours and, in the hoop, a unique pattern but the club has, for various reasons, chosen to move away from those features. I actually deplore that but will always support the team irrespectively. I just wish the club had more respect for its rich history. For quite a lot of the time, and since 1968 in particular, it wasn't too sure even what amber meant, fgs. Other clubs seem to honour their history. Once you break the chain, it becomes more difficult to maintain continuity. Anyhow, has anyone cleaned the yella splashes off the POD steps in the interval?
  5. So, in view of that, and the extremely unlikely event of our progressing in Europe to later stages, we could maintain our tradition without much fear of losing some money if we get to the later stages. Thanks for clarifying anyway, ubh.
  6. As Granny used to say, "Nae wunner!"
  7. White-on-white contrast really good on that Sampdoria shirt right enough Looks like just another area of life where the Big Boys can just get away with things, then.
  8. Hmmm... *Muses on that beauty* What's the UEFAian for "Your spectrophotometer is pure pish"?
  9. I know you're simply quoting their regs but if claret or amber doesn't contrast sufficiently with white they need to go to Specsavers. I'd love to see Sampdoria's strip for next season and we've had hoops while having hopes of European games so I'm still confused.
  10. And, come to think of it, don't Sampdoria have a full hoop?
  11. So white numbers don't cut it?
  12. I no im not the britest but wot's stoping us having a hoop?
  13. I'm delaying my multiplied organism until I see the back. Why get the front so right only to fall at the final hurdle? Tell me I'm wrong.......
  14. Do you have the inside info on the new strip? I liked the c&a turnovers on the black socks but I doubt we'll see that combo again.

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