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  1. Thanks for that: i remember them but without an initial I wasn't sure who they might be. It all seems so long ago now..........
  2. I believe it was Eddie Turnbull who, while manager of Hibs, once gave Alan Gordon a pre-Fergie hairdryer session at half-time which ended with the comment, "See you, Gordon, all your brains are in yer heid!" He was a cultured player, though not quite in the Gordon Smith category (AG that is).
  3. Like Billy Ritchie, another Old Firm signing, not one of our memorable custodians.
  4. Thanks for asking anyway. And so the mystery endures.......
  5. Could you not just e-mail her and put me out of my misery ?
  6. My dad was an Accies fan and took me to a cup tie against Killie on one of his rare Saturdays off. I think it was 1967. Tommy and Jackie Mcinally were playing that day and I remember my dad laughed when I asked him who the wee boy on the wing was. He doesn't look as small in the photo but it's probably because Joe is stooping a bit. I remember being tremndously impressed by Jackie's rumbustious runs, his knee s almost grazing his chin, so I was delighted when we eventually signed him.
  7. Yep. Not quite sure he's tall enough but difficult to tell from the photo.
  8. Team that day was: Latchford, P Miller, Stevens, McLeod, Pettigrew, Larnach (s), Clinging, Wilson (s), Smith, Donnelly, Dempsey, Carberry, Irvine. Going by the photos on p.247 of "'Well Again", it could be John Donnelly but not Carberry or Irvine. I don't know what Wilson or Smith looked like, or remember them. Literally a "long shot"!
  9. You could well be right because the Hearts Umbro sleeve design was worn for two seasons from 1977-79 according to Historical Football Kits, if I remember my researches from last night. Will check the team on 7/4/79 and see if there are any other candidates for Mystery Man. Incidentally, the editor of HFK welcomes corrections to his strip histories and usually replies promptly.
  10. FWIW: Drew Busby is on the extreme left. Last man standing to have played for Third Lanark, I believe. Probably 1976-77 season because we didn't play Hearts at all the following season in any competition (they were in Division 1) and we only played in that strip for those two seasons. Not absolutely convinced it's Peter M but if it's the game played on 18th December he was playing that day.
  11. Yes, they helped to pass the time when travelling to Aberdeen, Arbroath, etc, especially since we were a teetotal bus .
  12. Wonderful mock-up which made me laugh, even in these dire times. I remember talking to an old-timer on the EK supporters' bus who told me he that he had travelled up by train to Pittodrie for a match in the 50s. MFC were on the same train and he was amazed how much smoking was going on, particularly by the great Johnny Aitkenhead. That is all.
  13. My heart sank a bit when I heard the report that the players' choice was Keith Lasley: that kind of talk over the years has always made me a bit suspicious that players just want an easy life. I think a completely fresh start is required now. Right now, after that "performance", I'd employ Vlad The Impaler if it got them to give a flying fruitbat. I'm not sure we have enough decent players to get us out of this hole, so an appointment needs to be made soon so that we can ship players out (to League 2 or the Juniors, presumably) and in. Normally the thought of Tommy Wright as manager would have me reaching for the Aberlour 12-y-o but someone who can grab players warmly by the throat and organise them into a streetwise bunch who don't give in easily may be our only option in these circumstances. That's how bad things are at the moment

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