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  1. She'll be levein soon....
  2. Listening just there to Hearts fans on Radio Shortbread wanting Neilson's head on a platter and criticising a directionless club with a squad which they feel will come straight back down next year, despite being out of sight in the championship. Complaints about a youth system which produces almost no prospects and a club without a clear structure. The point was also made how clubs like us, Livingston and others with a fraction of the Jam Tarts' budget survive in the top league and produce sellable assets. I'd rather be in our shoes than theirs.
  3. Getting a bit crusty in your old age, sir . Nothing against the tattie-howkers, apart from their plastic pitch (their old grass pitch was excellent), but this fixture is our chance to win and start planning for next season, whch will be a huge job for GA.
  4. Three o'clock knock for you, young man .
  5. Shoulda been Burrows not Burroughs in my previous comment. I was thinking of William B., a very naughty man. Have thrashed myself with birch twigs.
  6. Since the chances of our reaching the later stages of either European competition are virtually nil, there is no real excuse for not playing in a proper hoop. I seem to remember that UEFA rules on contrast were cited by Alan Burroughs as the reason for not doing so but this is simpy not the case for the early stages of these competitions. But I'm a reasonable man and even a hoop one season in two would keep me happy, since I know a lot of younger fans don't have the attachment to it old fogies like wot I am do. As for the change, our classic floodlight design is basically sound, although I would like a Sampdoria sandwich-style band/hoop occasionally. Don't call me old-fashioned, call me Stalin .
  7. I actually thought the officious wee steward who was tailgating GA on the way to the stand was cruising for a bruising yesterday. Thankfully, our manager just gave him the Death Stare. As usual, I have to ask if Stevie G or Neil Lennon would have been sent off for questioning decisions in such a manner? I worry about our manager. He seems to have aged about ten years in four weeks.
  8. Ah, Eliphas Shivute, the walking anagram.....
  9. Yup, out of all that tedious plastic shitfest we glimpse beautiful Karma, wreathed in claret and amber. Sorry, I am a poet by inclination .
  10. Make sure it's yellow Tippex for complete authenticity .
  11. I immediately thought the same thing myself. Some Celtic fan with a laptop hoping to give Lennon something to stick on to the dressing room wall as motivation? Devante was quite clever NOT to give the journo an incriminating quote. All the more reason to pump them tomorrow. Lesson for all MSM readers: never believe the headline.
  12. The report on that shameful game which sticks in my mind was Ian Archer's in The Herald where he just stopped short of accusing the ref, JRP Aerosol of Gordon on Tay of blatant cheating. His report began with the poetic reference (well, it was The Herald, when it was a newspaper) "April is the cruellest month", for all you lovers of T.S. Eliot's poetry out there . That match, and the 3-5 game at FP after The Hens rioted when we were 2-0 up, merely confirmed to me what a dreadful institution that club is. I remember Andy Lynch's goals because that was one of the few occasions I stood in the enclosure ablaw the main stand. Laughed my weee C&A socks off that night.
  13. A victory? It'll be quiet on here tonight. I misread the ko time and clocked in on the "pre-match comments" and felt like giving up........ How can so many learned pundits be wrong? COYW!
  14. Thanks for that: i remember them but without an initial I wasn't sure who they might be. It all seems so long ago now..........
  15. I believe it was Eddie Turnbull who, while manager of Hibs, once gave Alan Gordon a pre-Fergie hairdryer session at half-time which ended with the comment, "See you, Gordon, all your brains are in yer heid!" He was a cultured player, though not quite in the Gordon Smith category (AG that is).

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