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  1. I thought the same. Saw him once or twice at my doctor's surgery as well as distantly on the park. Always nice to see The Sheep unhappy, though.
  2. Taking the longer view *adjusts smoking jacket and pours a large malt whisky in the oak-pannelled library*, isn't that Joe Lewis's third howler of a game against us? He'll be getting a complex next .
  3. Allan Campbell, the pocket battleship......
  4. Saw the whole of the first half but only the last ten minutes of the second. Frustrating that the first and third happened when we were up the park: a feeble cross from O'Donnell and a typical Hylton mistake led to their goals. How many times does Forrest score the same goal against us?
  5. I second that much-too-sensible-to succeed emotion.
  6. I remember being so excited at school knowing I was going to see Tom in his first game for Scotland that night, very proud he was a 'Well player. Very hard but fair and without the nasty streak others had at that time.
  7. An interesting article about The Great Man: https://web.archive.org/web/20200805103110/https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/14141141.hugh-macdonald-takes-a-trip-down-memory-lane-with-motherwell-legend-willie-hunter/
  8. My first 'Well hero when I was a nipper: such an elegant player and a wonderful passer also. Met Billy (as his family called him) and his charming wife in Glasgow a few years ago and he came to our table for about ten minutes to chat to us about his time at Motherwell. Think he suffered a compound arm break against Rangers. Latterly he wrote poetry for an Alzheimer's charity and took an interest in Pat Quinn in his declining years. As others have said, a complete gentleman from a totally different age.
  9. Sorry, can't see that number
  10. A bit worried about that "chopper" comment .
  11. Pretty much my thoughts too. Where there is a will, and all that..........
  12. RE: a full hoop on the jersey, I was thinking about those opaque and silly UEFA rules again (which the likes of Sampdoria clearly breach anyway). While it's ludicrous to suggest a white number over a claret hoop has insufficient contrast, a compromise would be to have a gap in the central third of the hoop at the back to allow a number to be inserted. Imperfect, I know, but at least it's a nod to the exiatence of a hoop. Of course, maybe the club doesn't really care about the issue and manufacuters can't be arsed with it anyway. Were these daft rules in place when we played in a hoop against Llanelli, incidentally? I was just looking at the game on YT.
  13. Robinson out! Just thought I'd be the first this season. Gets it over with.
  14. Apparently Pat was desperate to play for Celtic when at Bridgeton Waverley but they thought he was too small, so a massive gain for us.
  15. Very sad news: I missed seeing him by a season but my brother and his mates all idolised him for his footballing brain and his vision.

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