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  1. Good catch, rinkydink. Great interception by Bevis: got the ball cleanly. Far from Turnbull's knee being hurt, I saw him holding his ankle, perhaps because he went over on it a bit. No Celtic players made anything of the tackle, Big Bevis went over to see what the problem was and the two players shook hands. What a bunch of delusional whingers their support are, obsessed with victimhood.
  2. "Ohara would be the better option !!!!! Did you watch him at Tynecastle chasing shadows and failing to make one challenge - reminded me of a mix of Shauan Fagan and Mark Fitzpatrick." And so Grimmy is the answer? Trouble is we are picking from a shallow pool/ basket of deplorables. Why is that and what do we do about it?
  3. Well, I have to admit I almost believed GA in his ballsy pre-match interview that we had belief and would seek to exploit weaknesses in the opposition, who had lost three away games already, I think. Instead we sat off Celtic and conceded the initiative after about 15 minutes. Our three-man midfield was badly exposed with Slattery outnumbered and doomed to come second-best in every challenge while both Grimshaw and Goss (admittedly in his first start) were largely absent. If even I can see this, why can't the manager? I think Woollery is far from the answer because he doesn't know where/when to run and I'm presuming Van Veen was injured not to play from the start. Is Sondre also injured also or is there a problem with him in the manager's eyes? Admittedly, the midfield is the main problem area but I think O'Hara would have been better than Grimshaw. That said, a three was always in danger of being outgunned. Once again, even with Collum thankfully absent with his wee strain, the officials seem to have missed a clear penalty, although I was in the POD and only saw/heard the crowd reaction. A goal at that stage might have given us the momentum for a scrapy draw, because the Sellick defence is really shaky. Difficult games coming up so it's the time for the manager to have a major rethink, if he is capable of that.
  4. They're not all like Laphroaig: other malts are available .
  5. I'm pretty sure I heard Richard Gordon pre-match on Radio Shortbread saying Zander Clark should maybe be disappointed to be dropped and Liam Kelly retained in the squad. Nothing against Hairy Zander at all but maybe we should allow Richard and Willie Miller to nominate Aberdeen players more worthy of international duty? D'oh! Joe Lewis is English who poops his pants at Fir Park... Problem solved: select Jon McLaughlin as number 2 behind Craig Gordon. Keeps Hens listeners happy and listening figures up.
  6. He and George Stevenson were the legendary 'Well left wing pairing in the early Thirties and the story is that Herbert Chapman, the Arsenal chairman, offered Sailor Hunter a blank cheque for the duo, which was refused. Unfortunately, Bobby was born in Sheffield of Scottish parents and so could not wear the dark blue as rules stood at the time. I actually worked with a man who had seen them play and watched the league-winning team as a very young boy. And so we go on......
  7. I thought the The Sheep's board would have seen through Glass by this time.
  8. Having watched TW's goal a good few times, I love the deft touch he took to control the ball before blasting it home. It's obvious through these claret and amber specs that Grealish models himself on The Great Man.
  9. I didn't get a close look at the O'Donnell decision but was he not penalised for encroaching on the field of play at the throw in? That would explain why RC were awarded the shy. The referee looked out of his depth. My lip reading isn't perfect but I think he shouted, "Shut it!" when Alexander made a comment about being booked: hardly the way to inspire respect from players or managers. Willie Collum's love-child?
  10. Everyone I spoke to in the ground before the game was expecting a tough game and so it proved. After a great goal we created little and, as in the Dundee and Aberdeen games, conceded possession. I was expecting a late sickener winner for the visitors as in previous seasons but a little bit of quality saw us through in the end. We were reminded today, I think, that Grimshaw is back-up at best and KVV must be due a stormer at Tyney next week because he did nothing today. I'm presuming Goss is injured because I suspect he and Slattery would be a good combination in midfield. Once again, Lamie was excellent in central defence and his pass for TW to slot away convincingly was perfect. No chance to relax and enjoy the victory today but I suspect we're going to get a good few of these games at FP this season.
  11. Yes, as a kid, I always looked for his blond hair at corners and expected him to score. Mind you, he often had Andy Weir taking them, and he was a magician who could even score directly from the flag. As far as Joe is concerned, his great talents have been admirably listed above but my last memory is of him standing a few rows back from me at the 2011 final and talking to the fans. He was Motherwell through and through. Good old Joe.
  12. Enjoyed watching our goal again a few times: an intelligent free-kick onto Van Veen's chest by Kelly, great control by the striker, good running by O'Hara into space and a "stab" aka "toe-poke" (or any other dismissive term used by Hens with typewriters) by Woolery high into the net. By contrast, Rangers' "goal" was so far offside even the three ex-Rangers' players on BBC Shortbread admitted as much. Should be interesting against RC. I can't see them trying to come forward as much as Hibs, Dundee or Aberdeen to leave themselves vulnerable to counter-attacking , so it could be a surprisingly difficult game for us.
  13. Ryan Bowman on target (geddit?) for Shrewsbury Town at the weekend and salvaged a point against Wednesday.
  14. Possible scenario by 1650 tomorrow: 'Made it ma! Top of the World! - YouTube If only.....

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