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  1. Thanks for those statistics, which show pretty clearly he maintained his "bad boy" tackling ratio ablaw the dyke. Given that, I'm a little surprised he's made a decent (and much longer) career for himself at Oxford Utd. Presumably there has been a calculation at the club that his defects in tackling are outweighed by the other qualities they think he has to offer. Also, if the lady I saw him signalling to in the POD was his wife/partner, I'm not surprised they keep him hanging around .
  2. I agree: I liked Gorrin but didn't get the impression he was very popular at the time with The Brethren and I don't think he played all that many games for us in the final analysis. He was quite skilful, could pick a pass and get us up the park but unfortunately his robust and sometimes mis-timed tackling seemed to attract the attentions of the Scottish refereeing class quite disproportionately when compared to that of sensitive and creative Corinthians like Scott Brown. I've lost track on how he got on at Oxford but suspect he hasn't had as many bookings. GA is going to have quite a job on his hands attracting the right player to Fir Park in these difficult times but getting Kelly on board would be a morale-booster.
  3. Ain't going to happen. I hear he's an Accies fan (on his mum's side): always wanted to play in cerise and French grey.
  4. No, scrub my last ornithological remark. Just discovered Tormod in the next croft-house along has just bought one of these: Latin Percussion Cuban Style Guiro LP250 | DV247 | en-GB It's going to be a long close season.
  5. Yes, but I'm on Lewis & Harris time. I can hear corncrakes.....
  6. Step forward, Connor Shields.....
  7. Yes, some of the comments from Motherwell supporters on SOD are perplexing and disappointing. Normally supporters of a club at our level would be quite proud of his cap. Players at more illustrious clubs seem to get a free pass, however. To my eyes, Armstrong was extremely poor, McTominay is completely over-rated and Tierney lost his aerial duel at a set-piece for the third goal, yet it seems only O'Donnell is to blame for Croatia's first. Sometimes there's a weird kind of self-loathing exhibited on these pages which makes me wonder if some folk support our club or country at all. Agreed we had no natural goal-scorers, which ultimately was our downfall, but following that logic how bad must Poland be, going out on the same points as us with Lewandowski playing for them with 41 goals in the Bundesliga this year?
  8. Was the 1936-40 blue change strip the "find" you mentioned earlier up the thread?
  9. Happy Dosser


    Andy was always a voice of sanity and was knowledgeable and balanced in his views: a real loss to this forum. Sadly, I didn't know him personally but my thoughts are with his family at the moment.
  10. An unusual page on the HFK website re our club's change strips through the ages. I'm presuming UBH has been the principal consultant : Motherwell FC Change Kits - Historical Football Kits (historicalkits.co.uk) Still think nothing beats the old white "floodlight strip" as a change. The accompanying written notes reminded me that Aberdeen played in black and gold stripes until after the war, when they switched to red for some reason I have been unable to discover.
  11. Delighted to see a hoop at last but the white trimmings are unnecessary and fussy, imo: it's an age thing . I have always taken the unpopular position that white shorts accentuate the orgasmic, deep beauty of our C&A but I'll thole the shorts on this occasion for a proper hoop. I feel better now.......
  12. MJC_mkII: "Ainsworth’s goal to put us 3-0 up that night was one of the best and most surreal moments I’ve ever had supporting ‘Well. I remember just screaming “is this actually fucking happening?!” for about 60 seconds after it hit the net." Me too, a classic counter attack that is always a joy to watch. Pearson did really well nicking the ball in midfield and the crisp interchange of passing thereafter was a delight. I was sitting in front of the Rangers party (Andy Cameron, John Greig et al) in the FP tie and had to laugh at their bleating about the young 'Well fans invading the pitch at the end. Oh, the irony when you consider the conduct of their own supporters over the decades, including the appalling 3-5 game in 1978! They were also strangely silent about the flare which was thrown from the section in the POD where some of their supporters had secreted themselves. Hoping for good times next year once GA has sorted out the squad.
  13. Was there not talk towards the end of his time with us that his wife wanted to go back down south?
  14. Do you occasionally drink in Lismore in Dumbarton Road by any chance?

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