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  1. "Personally I prefer the 100 year thing, although it wasn’t that long ago that I helped in the production of a 125 anniversary shirt. That particular shirt sold out, and I’m sure they made some money from it. " It was the hoop wot done, it, UBH .
  2. My Killie pal thinks Davie Sneddon is in the foreground and Matt Watson behind on right. Where's Squirrelhumper when you need him?
  3. Thanks, Kmcalpin. I have an old Killie-supporting pal I should have consulted on this, on reflection. Will see if I can get confirmation. As a wee boy, my memory of Charlie Aitken *bows in respect* in the 60s was of this blond head towering above others at corners and powering in headers.
  4. Here was me thinking it was posing for that bloody clothes catalogue . Mankinis are so embarrassing.
  5. Could/should be as per usual team of the time but I didn't think he was fair enough to be Charlie. Re the rest, yes, it is BR. Andy Weir was still in hospital, I think. "Willie McCallum marking Colin Stein": in oh so many ways! Ditto Peter Millar and Kenny D. The ned haircuts of the Celtic Corinthians look strangely modern too.
  6. Is that George Murray wearing 4 and are we playing Kilmarnock?
  7. Think you're referring to the pools panel, which was convened to decide results for Scottish and English senior football so the pools could still pay out during the dreadful winter of 1962-3. Being an EK boy, I spent most of my time hunting reindeer on the tundra that season.
  8. Since some medical experts expect the disease to begin to peak here by late April, I think that's the season over and unrecoverable. Liverpool fans will not be happy. Look after you and yours, playmates.
  9. Yes, and Stevie's shies were taken a lot quicker in them there days...…..
  10. I'm thinking of youngsters like wot you are, Shaka, me old haricot. We need you lot for the future. I can remember the Great Enigma that was Walter Carlyle...……..
  11. I may be a CV-vulnerable wrinkly who's had pneumonia twice and been hospitalised as a result but at least this crisis has spared us the cringeworthy "Curtis Main will come back to haunt us" froth we normally have to endure in such a fixture. Since Friday night will probs be our last match for a while, I will proudly take my position on top of the POD and rain sarcasm on Cosgrove and the other Mutton Molesters from a safe distance. Tobar na Mathair gu brath, ya bass!
  12. Imagine if Yodo were a Hearts fan. Frog in a blender wouldn't cover it. Having said that, I doubt the court case is at the root of our slump. We have a small squad, most of our recent gambles in the transfer market haven't come off (yet) and the likes of Campbell need a rest but little rotation is possible because of point one above ( yet I still thing Watt has something to offer and perhaps he and Long can now be an orgasmatronic duo). Yet we're third and city teams like the Mutton Molesters and The Begbies are below us, despite carpet-munching results like last Tuesday. Unfortunately our next game is against the street-wise Staggies, adept at doing what SM just did to us, so Wednesday will be a huge game for our soffisticates. COYW!
  13. Throw-in switch unknown to me too; kicking ball away/blocking quick free-kick happens regularly w/o sanction; g/k timewasting if consistently applied would mean teams like Ross County/Accies/ICT/Livvy would end up with g/k suspensions; stealing yards at throw ins/foul throws or "shies" as I call them, much to the amusement of my younger neighbours in the POD, always get me going too. Rant understood. Having seen the highlights, I thought the tackle on Aarons was dangerous and could easily have been a sending off. But it wasn't. No doubt Darren Broadfoot can explain all, eventually.

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