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  1. Was definetly the case, it was Chris Robinson at the time and this had annoyed John Boyle so much To be fair Billy Davies was spot on, should have been called off before it had started Here is another favourite of mine from the same era, Was at this game at Tannadice and was Big Don Goodman's debut The Well were excellent on this day
  2. The Pat Nevin goal against Hearts was one that sticks in the mind also, what also sticks in my mind more was the original game that was abandoned Found the footage on youtube uploaded by a Hearts fan, I remember it being horrid conditions that day, I fast forwarded it to the half time part and the conditions look shocking Interesting that Pat Nevin himself claims he played in worse with us winning 1-0 at the time , Billy Davies looks like he is going to explode and even remember this being featured on BBC breakfast news the next morning with John Boyle annoyed Anyway we won the rearranged game 2-1 which was an 8 game unbeaten run before christmas
  3. Been in the cooper stand a few times not long after it first opened though always preferred the Hunter Stand, one game I was in the cooper I seem to recall an incident with Jim Leighton towards the end of a game when someone ran on
  4. Loved this game despite the fact we missed out on Europe , the usual few drubbings from Rangers early on that season made this victory a good one Three things I remember is Spencer lifting up his shirt to show a message on his t-shirt The Fridge , at one point people were celebrating thinking Hibs were beating Hearts, only for it to be the opposite , and then the usual pitch invasion at the end , the media were of course giving the Rangers fans great credit at the time for not reacting to those nasty Motherwell taunts , Jim Delahunt in particular I recall
  5. I enjoyed this one very much, went to high school with a Killie fan at the time who was starting to become annoying around this time Always going on about how great his team was in comparison to how rubbish we were, and how great their stadium that had just been renovated in comparison to Fir Park which looked stupid etc because all the stands were different sizes When we won 4-2 it actually felt like winning the lottery that day
  6. One game I have been looking for , for a while now but unable to find it was a 2-1 midweek game against Celtic when Shaun Fagan and Faddy scored Also the 1-0 win against Rangers the same season
  7. Absolute boring having no football this time of the year so what better time to watch old Well clips on you tube Came across this one earlier, think we should start a thread for fans favourite games of the past , or even some games which are less remembered but good to see classic old Well footage once again
  8. True story from Andy's book , on his time at the Well
  9. RIP Andy , we have been blessed with great goalies down the years and along with Andy there has been Sieb, John Ruddy, Darren Randolph, Ally Maxwell and Liam Kelly at present ain’t too bad either Got great memories of Andy, loved watching the Well at this time even though we could blow hot and cold at times, remember the cup tie against Hearts which was Andy’s debut, Fir Park was bouncing that night with at least 10,000 or so The save from Larsson was brilliant, also remember a 1-0 victory the season after with 10 men which Goram had a great game And of course a 2-0 victory against the Rangers last game of the season that almost had us in Europe and this game is almost forgotten about, the story about Andy being knocked back from the Fir Park club one night for not having a membership despite being club captain at the time will be remembered also
  10. They look like they will be good , might get the Tam Forsyth one I got the Motherwell Collectables book by Matt Johnstone a few weeks ago, certainly was not disappointed Made for a brilliant read
  11. Andy Dibble set to be the new goalkeeping coach according to Daily Record website
  12. I am pleased with the new kit, sure it will look good on the park and something a bit different to recent seasons
  13. Copied and pasted from a different website which I seen earlier, update on Andy Goram, sadly there is sick people who support a certain team in Glasgow who seem to be taking great delight from this Just a wee update.. As you know I took a wee turn for the worst Tuesday… I had another scan Tuesday and unfortunately the cancer has spread far to quickly for normal… The situation is that now the surgeon has let me know I just have between 4 - 6 weeks to go, There’s lymph nodes in my neck that has been attacked by the cancer and I’m now going to the Beatson Monday to get a protector fitted ready for a session of radiotherapy on Tuesday to blitz it…. If been told that later next week I’ve got the first bed available for St Andrews Hospice to spend some quality time with my Son Danny and grandkids and of course my family…..and friends.. It’s a quality place with the best facilities and medication… Tbh it’s the best place to be for my treatment and for R+R so I’m looking forward to getting there.. Thanks again for all your love and support and you really have no idea how much it means to me

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