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  1. Allan Campbell though O'Hara definetly had an excellent game
  2. Sad news RIP Stefan Remember him scoring against Killie in an end of season game.
  3. Definetly sounds like there has been a misunderstanding somewhere along with the line.
  4. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5329202/motherwell-stephen-robinson-trial-assault-partner-letter/ Not from the most reliable newspaper but all I could find at the minute
  5. Cant believe the way we through the game away last night after being easily the best team in the first half but seen it too often. If someone had offered us 3rd place with 10 games to go I think everyone would have gladly taken this but the drop in performances since Christmas is there for all to see. Don't see us not making the top 6 but we have a real battle on our hands for 3rd/4th
  6. Despite the disappointment of the cup game I have a feeling we will bounce back with a victory tomorrow 2-1 to us
  7. Potentially 5 evening games at Home in a row if we win tonight then
  8. Was quite impressed with what I seen of Aarons last night so gave it to him
  9. I totally agree that Saturday is more important. I would rather win the cup than finish 3rd or 4th to be honest as it has been so long since we lifted anything. Still would love a victory against that mob.
  10. Due something against this mob, think I am right in saying 4 years or so without a win against them is the longest we have went since I started going to games in the early 1990s If we can keep them quiet and limit their chances then hopefully can get at least a draw.
  11. Would give Watt a deal til the end of the season and see what happens from there as nothing to lose. One thing I have noticed about Robinson's time in charge is that players are usually moved on quickly if things are not working out
  12. Mr Bradford City he is He just cant stay away from the place for too long lol Best of luck to him as he was harshly sacked the last time he was there.
  13. Seems like good money for Scott in my opinion. A few of the guys sitting near me last weekend were hoping Robinson would drop him anyway for this weekend lol Heres hoping we bring someone in tonight now.
  14. I seem to remember a few years back Tam Cowan being quite critical of the Well at times when he had a column, think it was in the matchday programme. Sure I heard someone pulled him up for it at the time, either John Swinburne or Bill Dickie maybe.

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