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  1. Delighted with the 3 points, turning into what could be a very great season.
  2. Noticed Craig Tanner scored again for Aldershot at the weekend
  3. If there is CCTV footage and it has happened then it definetly puts the club in a bit of an awkward situation whatever their thoughts. Will surely affect any chances he had of the Northern Ireland job if it turns out it is true. Until it is though which is not a definite I am sure his position wont be affected in any way and we carry on business as usual with hopefully a win on Saturday.
  4. Could do a very good job for us if we were able to get him for the rest of the season
  5. Exactly the type of comments I expect from that mob. Always the victim, same as their friends from across the city. Pity we couldn't send them back to the bottom tier but this time keep them there
  6. Delighted with the 3 points Great Christmas present, a very important result in the battle for third place.
  7. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/sport/robinson-appreciates-very-lucky-position-at-motherwell-after-alessio-dismissal/ Interesting article, Sounds like Robbo realises he is in a really good position with the Well and doesn't sound in a hurry to leave anytime soon.
  8. Will be a tough game but confident we can get a result. Only danger is I have a feeling Killie will put on a good show for Dyer. Great chance to get back 3rd tomorrow as well as Aberdeen usually lose by a few against Celtic.
  9. Has to be Gillespie, if it wasn't for him it could easily have been a few more yesterday
  10. It is about time we take 3 points of this mob, rather than just hope for a draw at best. Hopefully yesterdays game and Thursday night will take a lot out of them and we get in about them from the very first minute.
  11. Stuart McCall has been interviewed for the Hearts job and now one of the favourites apparently.
  12. Must be as far back as the 1980s at least Since I have started going to watch Well in the early 1990s we have managed at least one victory against Celtic every 2/3 years.
  13. Sounds like Tommy Wright is now the clear favourite.
  14. Robinson only came in as Assistant after Dempster had left about 6 months before
  15. Another tough game tomorrow, fancy us to edge it again with another 2-1 victory

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