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  1. I’m still of the belief we would see a decent improvement with the addition of another quality midfielder, maybe our budget is maxed out. As it stands thought it’s a tough gig for Slattery.
  2. In all honesty nothing new when it’s against the old firm. They obviously have far more quality but for some reason we continue to be the easiest team in the division for both of them, we just hardly ever turn up.
  3. Yorkyred

    Tony Watt

    Personally I enjoy football regardless of the level and always want the home nations to do well. I’m often just as happy standing at an Albion Rovers game enjoying the banter as I am at Wembley or similar.
  4. Yorkyred

    Tony Watt

    Are the other striking options for Scotland that good ? I would suggest not. He’s played consistently well in the top flight for way over a year now
  5. Turnbull should get a standing ovation, the respect he showed in signing an extension put those new seats and make overs in the stands.
  6. Are Celtic really that good ?, I’m not convinced they are.
  7. Thing is it is still a work in progress, no reason we can’t carry on improving with the squad we have now plus a couple of additions.
  8. Not sure I would say two men down, maybe if we were looking to finish in the top two. They are probably a match against any midtable and below team but if we want to be pretty sure of a top six we do need another midfielder.
  9. I’m guessing Lamie has a knock, only way he would be dropped for Mugabi.
  10. Absolutely, I just don’t think anyone can write us off this season in any game.
  11. Obviously Hearts are favourites but if we can get a point at Ibrox why not at Hearts ?
  12. Yorkyred


    Not bothered in all honestly, it’s social media and as such it’s very easy to feel upset about certain content on a daily basis. I’m sure there are plenty of footballers who don’t use social media that are far from nice people.
  13. He’s been a complete revelation and must be close to a Scotland call up. I’d be gutted if we lost him to another club.
  14. If we can get a result at Rangers we can get a result anywhere.
  15. Refs in general the world over get stick, it is of course par for the course and not something I would ever have wanted to do. We have a couple of players now in Slattery and Van Veen that are a referees nightmare, they use every trick in the book between them and it’s very refreshing to finally see these type of players in a Motherwell shirt. Scott Brown has spent his footballing life taking advantage of the dreadful standard of Scottish referees and nothing changes I’m afraid, they are just so inconsistent it’s laughable at times and something that’s never been addressed. I honestly don’t’t know enough about the training that refs are given up here and if there are differences to that received down south, I’m guessing it’s the same and it’s simply a smaller pool of individuals wanting to do the job and as such we get refs up here that would be officiating in the lower leagues down in England.

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