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  1. Yep, pretty much, huge gulf in resources and we kept the score down so not a disaster, we move on.
  2. Yep, he is surely a shoe in for the Northern Ireland job.
  3. As stated before the York community stadium plus extras has hit 44million. That’s 8500 so hardly huge. I think people will be genuinely shocked at the figures quoted for any new stadium.
  4. Not really a worry if it’s that long, I will probably be dead by then.
  5. Hibs have stated high profile and experienced so yes, that’s Robinson ruled out of that one.
  6. And that’s the thing, four basic stands ( relatively cheap) a bit of style ( not cheap)
  7. Using York as an example the council payed the bulk of the money for a community stadium for use by both the football and rugby club. The football club added a certain amount but have no say in anything in reality and will pay rent as a joint tennent. I would image any new stadium not funded by the football club will be exactly the same.
  8. The “bog standard” bit been crucial. Not sure if the club would think 12000 was the correct capacity, with outside funding they may not have a choice. But yes 12000 capacity with four simple stands and not much else may be doable for around 15m. 15000 with something about it design wise and added extras 20/25 million.
  9. The compo will indeed be next to nothing. Talk of “cashing in” is just plain daft.
  10. £15m is very much at the lower end. The new York community stadium and leisure hub plus an athletics track has cost 44million. That’s an 8500 stadium. St Mirren stadium 15 years ago was 8 million and I would think that same stadium now would cost 15 million. That’s for a very basic 8000 seater stadium. Costs quoted for a new 20000 stadium for Aberdeen is 50 million. I would say a new and half decent 15000 seater stadium would now be closer to 25 million.
  11. Have any ground moves in Scotland really been a success. Airdrie, Clyde, Falkirk being three examples.
  12. 4-1 Celtic, we’ve got no chance.

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