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  1. Yorkyred

    Season Tickets

    We will be renewing. The club continues to get stronger and stronger and have just paid off the debt. In order to carry that forward they need our support now more than ever.
  2. Cases will rise rapidly very quickly. I work in social work and we expect huge changes, working from home if possible at management level with the roles of many other staff changing. Whether they made the decision today, next week, or the week after it was going to be made. Holding off a week or so just to play another game makes little sense looking at the bigger picture.
  3. As much as I was looking forward to tonight it’s probably the right decision, in the end it’s only football.
  4. Might make Saturday’s games in Scotland but that will be it.
  5. Looking forward to tomorrow’s game in hospitality, probably the last this season.
  6. Best news we have had this season, a win, win for everyone and we are probably going to end up with a bumper transfer fee down the line.
  7. There is merit in the argument though. A number of players have gone on to better things and players and their agents do take note.
  8. There is always a balance and refusing to let a player leave for a bigger club never ends well. We all know at some point he’s going to move on and in order to keep attracting players to a club that they know will help them develop, them support them in a move up the footballing ladder that needs to happen. Just a case of maximising the fee we receive.
  9. If we finish top four it’s been an excellent season. Folk can analyse individual players all they like but that would see us above both Edinburgh teams and giving Aberdeen a real run for their money plus finishing above everyone else on a similar or higher playing budget. The reality is we will always lose our better players and have to take a chance on others while trying for some strength in depth. If even 60% of those we sign work out it’s pretty good going given we have to take a punt on on a good few of them and in my view we signed some crackers in the summer. Way more positives than negatives this season.
  10. Excellent point and we seem to be back on the right track. Looking forward to Friday’s game and a three course meal in hospitality for the first time.
  11. As mentioned before we did not suddenly have a team full of awful players, we reached 3rd place this season for a reason. Last few games it was obvious that the main problem was a lack of confidence, we were pulling out of challenges and the energy levels were at 80%. Robinson’s teams have always been about playing at a high tempo and that returned last night, no coincidence that the old Campbell returned. It’s amazing we are still 3rd in the league but yet again sums up the lack of quality in the division outside of Celtic. Tough run of fixtures coming up but let’s be honest any other team can be beaten on the day.
  12. Late goal by Celtic, good evening all round.
  13. Over the last few weeks just about every player has been talked down by a couple of the usual suspects on here. It’s worth again asking that if they are all so useless, and every other manager has found us out and has a game plan we don’t have. How on earth are we third in the league and not bottom ?
  14. A really important game this one, we need to get beck into a decent run of form. With the return if Turnbull and Dunn you would like to think we should improve and Watt is certainly starting to get slightly more up to speed. I personally like Carroll so disappointed we won’t see him again this season. Regardless of formation we need to be back playing with a higher intensity and a little less fear which has certainly crept in to our play. Really important that the Campbell we all know returns, he’s a shadow of his former self just now and we really miss the mark one version.

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