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  1. Yorkyred

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    I would question if sport as a whole is the right place for advertising gambling and alcohol. No different to the way tobacco advertising was banned in F1 just short of 20 years ago. I don’t believe the two belong together in a modern world. It’s not like people are suddenly banned from gambling or drinking, it’s just a case of not promoting it.
  2. Yorkyred

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    I know, and i’m not saying it should not be available just not pushed with advertising. I guess the gambling issue with me is down to a colleague who lost everything due to a gambling habit and an individual we support now who is destroying his life through it.
  3. Yorkyred

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    Listen I know i’m going to be in the tiny minority here, I would ban alcohol adds as well.
  4. Yorkyred

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    “A renowned brand” This is one i’m not able to get enthusiastic about i’m afraid. On the one hand we are correctly pushing suicide prevention which is at terrible levels in the west of Scotland while on the other hand promoting a company at the heart of gambling which is one of the factors in those figures.
  5. Yorkyred

    Predictions for the Season 2019/20

    6th finish, I like the look of all the new signings i’ve seen. Weak opposition on Friday but you could still see the various qualities on show, on top of that the football keeps improving.
  6. Yorkyred

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Turnbull really is a different kettle of fish, he came into the team and showed he was ready straight from the off, that really is a rarity. Hastie is a better example with McGuire also looking like he’s benefited. I can see the argument for that not happening with Scott but for me the odds still tip in favour of six months in the championship which I feel will benefit his development quicker than sitting on the bench with us and coming on for 20 minutes.
  7. Yorkyred

    2019-20 League Cup

    I think we’ve just signed a better set of players.
  8. Yorkyred

    2019-20 League Cup

    Oh to be St Mirren just now, their fans are pretty much in meltdown after the latest defeat wanting everything changed. I think one or two already have them as good as relegated.
  9. Yorkyred

    2019-20 League Cup

    Everyone says things they later regret and in truth i’ve heard plenty of people say they think there are way too many minute silence or applauses at games and tributes should be kept close to home rather than being UK wide. Don’t think it makes them terrible individuals.
  10. Yorkyred

    Morton Man of the Match

    I had no idea of his history
  11. Yorkyred

    Morton Man of the Match

    At his age though why the hell was he not playing at least at league two level ?
  12. Yorkyred

    2019-20 League Cup

    We thought he had just made up a new rule himself.
  13. Yorkyred

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Afraid I agree, he’s certainly got huge potential but he’s still not ready to play week in week out at premiership level. I think playing every week at championship level would improve him no end.
  14. Yorkyred

    2019-20 League Cup

    I was very surprised by Carroll given the feedback from supporters of his previous club, strong, quick, can pass a ball, gets forward. With a bit of work he looks like he could be a half decent left back for us. A previous poster mentioned the difference from last years early cup games, the football is on a different level entertainment wise.
  15. Yorkyred

    2019-20 League Cup

    There you go, you said something positive about the club good for you.

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