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  1. Yes, there’s a thread on him on the Tranmere forum, probably the usual rubbish and more the fact Mellon went back to Tranmere. Although the mention of a 3 year deal is strange.
  2. So, from pie and Bovril Anglo Italian @AngloItalian94 McNulty has fallen through. Signing for Motherwell on a permanent 3 year contract. We could only afford a season long loan. What a sickener
  3. Absolutely, we’re bringing players in later and that’s maybe going to cost us early in the season but we all wanted quality over quantity. Hopefully we see the benefit longer term as they bed in and become more of a cohesive squad. Patience the watchword as always.
  4. I’m comfortable with the way we’re doing things, how many times did Robinson get stick for bringing bodies in early from the lower leagues that no one else wanted. People wanted quality over quantity and that appears to be what we’re getting but of course it takes longer with better players that may be in demand from other clubs. Its maybe going to cost us early on but hopefully we gain the rewards down the line, we can’t have it both ways.
  5. Dan Sheldon @dansheldonsport Excl: #SaintsFC midfielder Callum Slattery is closing in on a permanent switch to Scottish side Motherwell. Will be a good move for the 22-year-old & a chance to kickstart his career. 8:09 AM · Jul 24, 2021 It seems another 3 year deal, we’re certainly going down a different route.
  6. On paper that’s a very good signing.
  7. I think regardless of the number of goals scored the first thing I would expect is a positive response from the players. They were clearly not up for it midweek.
  8. Yes I was being a little naughty there but you just know that word “ Brilliant” will not be forgotten.
  9. Not played a game yet according to Alexander so signings that have been ongoing for a while by the sound of it. Slightly worried about expectations given they are “ Brilliant”, the only way is down after that level of talking up.
  10. I’d be amazed if we don’t bounce back big style. I would imagine the’ve had a hell of a rollocking and if they ignore that then it’s time to get worried.
  11. I certainly think it’s the time to try different things given these cup games come so early, he has however kept pretty much the same players in the three games. Unfortunately at the moment that’s because when you take out the players that are not 100% match fit there is not a lot of choice. Mugabi, OHara, Donnelly, Grimshaw and three or so of the new signings either can’t start a game or play a full 90 minutes. The current squad as it stands is pretty weak and will certainly struggle in the league, I’m hoping we have at least four players ready to sign on the dotted line shortly.
  12. Crawfords extension was certainly a surprise, Cornelius is just a young boy still and McGuire is still a back up midfielder for me after not quite making it as a centre half. There is no doubt if we don’t don’t get more creativity into the team we’re really going to struggle for goals and we need some leaders both in midfield and at the back. Alexander stated before the game he only has two centre halves to pick and that’s a mile away from what’s needed given it’s Lamie and another young player still learning the ropes, for all the stick Gallagher took at times he’s still a proven and experienced centre half that we lost. I would say at the moment we’re weaker than last season and if we start with the same group of players I will be worried, I just can’t believe we will and expect another thee or four through the door closer to what’s needed. Alexander has more than enough experience as a manager to know that midfield and defence will not get us far in the league.
  13. This is where I would say let’s not panic, the starting 11 will not be the same when the league kicks off, maybe half of the team will be different.
  14. I don’t think we’re playing a single midfielder that will start the first league game in all honesty

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