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  1. Yep, obvious only a friendly but it never hurts regardless.
  2. This will be my fifth season watching Motherwell and this has to be the strongest squad I’ve seen. Midfield is miles ahead of any other and right up there as one of the best in the division. Up front we don’t have Moult but we must be stronger overall, certainly if Lang is also signed. The one area that I think you could question is maybe defence with only Gallagher and Carson the stand outs, we don’t really know how the other new addition will pan out but even then with the like of Dunn and Carroll to come back I’m probably being overly harsh. I understand that it’s perfectly possible after all the optimism that we could come crashing back down to earth with a bump and expectations will be higher but we do know the majority of this squad and what they are capable of including the returning Hastie and OHara. The likes of White may turn out to be a flop but I have a feeling he will play his part with the odd goal and he offers something different coming off the bench.
  3. To be fair people don’t have a clue at the size of the fee or how the deal has been put together, is it tied to Kipre ? However I would agree that if it’s the right player ( and we have to trust Robinson on that one ) on a 3 year deal it could end up a money spinner. No one seems to have a bad word to say about him, every club would love to have him back, he’s young, and from the clips definitely has some skill and looks very confident.
  4. Clearly the club are comfortable paying these fees, I take it they have calculated the losses alongside anything recieved.
  5. I actually think within a couple of seasons down south he would be too good and expensive for Celtic. He’s got everything needed to make it in the Premier league, not just the talent but he’s mentally switched on for his age.
  6. For me he’s a Motherwell player now and who knows may sign permanently at some stage if things go well. The past is the past and I can pretty much guarantee we will get better performances out of him if we support rather than abuse him. When we get back as supporters I will be cheering him on exactly the same as any other player.
  7. Maybe more money coming in from a player leaving down south ?
  8. Also depends if the Kipre fee to us was in instalments. If so and they still owe us that could surely be factored in.
  9. I think Hastie probably realises he’s not, and never will be Turnbull standard, but then that applies to just about every Motherwell player over the last few years. Certainly in the four to five years I’ve been watching the club no one else is even close. So yes I think you are probably right so why not take the money, I would.
  10. Most of these cars are just leased rather than purchased, they are not actually that expensive doing it that way. I’m pretty sure many of the big clubs have deals with the likes of Audi/BMW/Mercedes.
  11. He’s probably worth three to four times that.
  12. The other .01 would be lying.
  13. I simply quoted you because I did not believe he was being bigoted and when it’s directed towards someone it does tend to flame things. Maybe just a misunderstanding, it’s generally pretty cordial on here.
  14. Come on guys. For what it’s worth I don’t think there was any bigotry in the post by Shaka.

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