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  1. That was one spunky bird.
  2. Gallagher for me, best signing we have made since I started supporting the club.
  3. All we lacked today was a cutting edge up front, other than that we pretty much controlled the game and that’s as good as I’ve seen our defence in quite a while. Gallagher and Hartley strolled it at the back with a Hartley looking as good as he ever has. Hibs really went to town on Donnelly but other than a kick out for which he was booked he did well to keep his cool. Scott looked sharp, especially in the first half and to be fair everyone put a shift in. Grimshaw was wasteful at times but is probably still a better option than Tait. I must say I really enjoy the way Robinson has changed the style of football from Hartley and Dunn just lumping it forward to playing it out from the back, moving the ball from side to side with no little amount of finesse. Only a draw but a lot of positives today, you can really start to see how the team is developing and with Turnbull back along with Long and a Hylton I think we are pretty much a match for anyone outside of the old firm.
  4. It is, just short of 1600 which is below the capacity of the away stand. Hoping to get in early for a couple of tickets for the game, I can see high demand.
  5. That’s why he’s so good, like all top players he makes space for himself and never gets flustered.
  6. It’s a great problem to have, no weak link in midfield and difficult to drop anyone.
  7. Looking at the highlights I’m not sure how that was anything other than a blatant penalty but who cares.
  8. Add in Turnbull and midfield is looking very tasty.
  9. That table makes lovely reading, what a season.
  10. Yep, big task but if the scores were to stay as they are a massive night. However a very long time to go and Aberdeen will put plenty of pressure on us.

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