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  1. So would I but I would take a quality wide player before him in all honesty.
  2. Not a huge fan of Cole in truth. I’m not convinced he’s the answer.
  3. What do you think of the Aberdeen team ?
  4. So do we ignore the wins and just concentrate on the defeats rather than looking at the overall results over the course of a season ? What in your view is an acceptable final placing in the league ?
  5. Poor day but again a bit of perspective, last league game we went away to Aberdeen and won 3-0, we’re 3 points off 5th place. It’s all very tight with no real quality outside of the old firm, nothing in it between most teams.
  6. A very poor day at the office with Rangers dominating. I would agree that regardless of the quality of players we just failed to turn up on the day. We could have had a penalty but we were losing regardless, Rangers just strolled the second half and dominated midfield. The defence is a problem with injuries to key players certainly being a factor but we desperately need to sign an experienced centre half, sorry I’m just not a fan of Mugabi, he’s an accident waiting to happen. Lamie simply not good enough, I would have preferred McGinn. I think Robinson is pretty shellshocked this season, he went into it stating this was the strongest Motherwell squad he had worked with and it’s simply not panning out that way and losing Turnbull is not a huge factor, we managed just fine without him last season. There is something missing this season, maybe a bit of belief but it’s pretty evident, you could see within 5 minutes today we were going to lose, pretty depressing stuff. I honestly think every department of the team needs strengthening if we want to do anything, still don’t think we will be relegated under Robinson and games against Celtic and Rangers have never defined our season but regardless today was pretty awful.
  7. A gulf in class today I’m afraid, Rangers have just ran the show.
  8. Second half is just a stroll unfortunately, they are miles ahead of us quality wise.
  9. Personally I think Hartley going was the right decision, we just failed to replace him.
  10. Without doing a lot of research my understanding in a couple of lines. The new law which came into force this season obliges match officials to penalise any contact between ball and hand — even if slight and accidental We should have had one for the push on Campbell.
  11. Sadly men against boys, Rangers won’t have an easier half of football all season. Sloppy, slow, second best to most balls, no one for us had a decent half there. This could end up a real drubbing .
  12. We do and that’s bringing in an experienced centre half to play alongside Gallagher. We’re all over the place in defence.
  13. Nope, that’s another pen I’m afraid.

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