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  1. I still believe he overachieved and had one bad summer. He saved us from relegation, we had two cup finals, and he had us as high as third in the league, all while trying to rebuild every season. He brought in millions in transfer fees and the club dept was paid off. I’m really struggling to see how much more he could have done. Many games could have gone either way and I believe that given the transfer window he would have turned it around. However he had clearly had enough and that’s fine by me, a few on here wanted him out for years so are clearly happy. There is a different atmosphere but that’s not unusual with a new manager, let’s hope that continues. I obviously liked him, I thought he gave everything for the club, had that passion and clearly worked well with many players given they were often keen to return. Maybe he genuinely felt he had done as much as he could, and you’re correct that there is a lifespan for any manager at a club but I also wonder at times just what would make some of the fanbase happy under any manager, it seems to me at times that nothing is good enough, if we get to a final it’s a failure to lose to a club that has an individual player that cost more than our entire squad. If we finish third it’s a false position and we should not celebrate it because we were lucky the season ended early and we would obviously have lost every remaining game. I’ve always a glass half full guy, loved finishing third, loved the two cup runs, and loved taking many bigger clubs to the cleaners at times. I’ve nothing but admiration for the guy even though ( and this may come as a shock to some) he’s not my mate, I don’t worship him as a god, and never even met him in person.
  2. Burrows has stated they wanted him to stay. I think he had to go simply because he stated it was effecting his health. Other than that I would have been happy to see him stay on.
  3. Tony Watt has been accused of giving less than 100% in the past and he’s the most smiley individual you will ever see in a player. I think Long suffered from frustration and that leads to him sometimes jumping in when he should hold back. I’m not convinced he’s not interested, he could however still be unhappy at the situation.
  4. I’ve always said there was plenty of quality in the squad, if we’d had a decent summer transfer window we would be top six again, confidence has dropped and that’s cost us points. We’ve just taken a point off a team far and away the best in the league with 15 straight wins and that’s without Carson, Dunn, Donnelly, OHara, Grimshaw, Long, Hastie, who would all be challenging for a place in the team. Carroll back has already started to make a difference and Donnelly would be the same. A lot of the games we’ve played have been fine margins, how many times have we been thrashed outside of the old firm games this season, not often. We’ve generally had more possession in games along with attempts on goal but can’t put the ball in the net.
  5. I went for Gallagher but could just have easily gone for another two or three players.
  6. That would have to be some budget, maybe half a million for someone you think could really do a job. 150k gets you someone you could still not guarantee would work out. Celtic have spent millions on players that have not even made the first team.
  7. If you’ve seen the same angle I have on tv the camera is behind the line not in line and that’s deceiving. Regardless it’s a very tight decision.
  8. Having just seen the Rangers goal back it’s tight. The camera angle is slightly deceiving being behind the line and makes it look like the Rangers player may be slightly offside but move that camera in line and it would look tighter.
  9. At least Lamie is coming on to tighten things up,
  10. Jeez how deep can we sit, we simply can’t hold on to the ball at all.
  11. I would take the point but feel we will end up with nothing.
  12. Would anyone take a point if offered ?

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