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  1. My personal opinion is he’s a centre half and when playing in the championship when out on loan he looked very promising, he just fell a little short at Premiership level. I don’t believe he’s a natural midfielder but hope to be proven wrong. The club certainly have a high regard of him and have shown that by awarding that new contract.
  2. I’m still not convinced by Maguire. He failed to make it as a centre half which for me is his natural position. I don't think he’s a midfielder and playing while we have other midfielders not starting.
  3. Hopefully Alexander is ok and did not combust overnight, he looked like he needed a par of boxing gloves in the interview. I think I’m struggling to think of a time I’ve ever seen a manager so angry at a press conference other the the Dundee United manager when he punched the reporter.
  4. Sorry I don’t think they always are. McGinley for one has had some very good performances this season and that’s why he’s kept Carroll out ( and as many may remember I’m a big fan of Carroll) Yes he’s also had poor games but so has everyone. One thing I’ve always noticed on here is if you’re a product of the youth academy you get a far easier ride. Invariably if we have a poor performance it’s the same names that get mentioned and not the team as a whole. Grimmy was another one slated in the same way as though the performance was his fault alone.
  5. I would question tonights line up, not sure if Alexander was slightly complacent himself but I took one look and was less than enthusiastic. Not his greatest night either for me.
  6. I suspect that as is the norm after a performance like this the team as a whole under performed. Very little mention of midfield but I suspect they also played a part. But of course the likes of McGinley and O’Donnell are always going to be first in the firing line while others won’t get a mention. Did Alexander get the starting line up correct, again maybe a factor.
  7. That Burrows, how on earth is he not out cleaning the streets, he’s just gets everything wrong.
  8. We actually are though, the points and position don’t lie.
  9. Wow that’s one hell of a fuck up against 10 men.
  10. It’s fair to say your early contributions to the forum have not been strong I’m afraid. I find it’s generally better to concentrate on the football rather than spending most of the time winding up other members.
  11. We need to now invest in a new striker.
  12. Quite enjoy the place myself, easy to get to, always a decent atmosphere, good view from the stand. The pitch is the main problem.
  13. GA has certainly improved a good few players, he deserves a lot of credit for that. I still think commenting on a player from another club is fine and I don’t believe that means he won’t receive support if the club choose to sign him. Forums are all about offering different opinions and I think giving an opinion on other teams and their players is part of that.
  14. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in having an opinion on a player that is not even at the club, we do that all the time in various sports. Should the club chose to sign him he will certainly have my support but at this point it’s just an observation on a player from another club. I don’t rate Shankland that highly either.

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