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    Many thanks mate
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    I was honestly amazed, he was hopeless for York.
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    York city who I still pop in to see when down in Yorkshire for 45 years and Motherwell, is that ok with you ?
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    To be honest I show more support to Motherwell than I’ve ever seen from you. The only time you are ever happy is when we lose. You actually want rid of me because I’m positive.
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    I’ve asked this before but who thinks he’s wonderful ? I don’t know anyone that actually thinks that. People like myself look at his record and think fair enough he’s got credit in the bank but I’m certainly not a huge fan. He will move on at some point and I can’t say I would miss him that much, it will just be another man in the door that some will want out again 12 months later and so it will go on.
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    He won’t be anywhere near finished. If we lose the first half dozen league games then that’s a different matter.
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    Take it as it goes. Unless were bottom two I don’t expect anything to happen.
  8. Well if we are my friend, that would be pretty much the first time you will have been proven right. Let’s hope you keep your zero percent record.
  9. Cornelius is not yet good enough to be at the back of the Q. If he’s the best midfielder we have we are in trouble.
  10. I’m not optimistic at all. I think we may well go out next week and I’d be very surprised if we suddenly look like Brazil at their best, but then that applies to the vast majority of teams in this division, St Mirren have turned into a Motherwell reserves. I fully expect much of the above to happen but would not be surprised to see us finish next season in yet again a comfortable position. I’d like a level of entertainment but I’ve seen little of that in Scottish football in a while and I go to plenty of other games including a few in the championship which is even worse, step 6 down south is better quality. As before changing manager won’t bring better football, just more of the same level with better/worse results. Did the standard get better after each of the last 3 Motherwell managers ? not for me.
  11. This of course is the reality of the situation. Talk of sacking someone who has just been given the summer before a ball has even been kicked in a league game is crazy, he’s going to get at least a dozen games. The cup games always see shock results and Sligo are way ahead of us when looking at actual player match fitness, very obvious on the night. Even then we missed a stack of good chances which would have seen a totally different result and less of the total over reactions on here. I wonder at times if some posters are just on a wind up when they talk of us been doomed/ relegation certainties given it’s repeated every season and we often end up top half. I always hope for top half but have no idea at this point where we will finish. If the form continues he should of course be replaced, he’s had plenty of time now so no excuses but it needs to be remembered he picked up more points as manager in a 12 month period than any other team outside the old firm at one point, that was not down to being lucky. I’m personally not a huge fan of his football or post match analysis but he’s not the worst manager I’ve seen at Motherwell, the home games with McGee in charge were absolute cluster [email protected]@ks.
  12. A massive factor was match fitness, play that half a dozen competitive games later and you get a totally different result.
  13. If you are going to do that you do it at the end of last season giving the new guy the opportunity to bring in his own players. If the board were happy with him when the season finished why would they want to sack him one game later ?
  14. So the board give him the summer then sack him before we have even played a single league game ?
  15. Again this line has been punted out for at least the last 6 years running under various managers and it’s not happened yet. Relegation certainty turned into top 6 finishes on more than one occasion. It’s one game in and not 20, you would think reading many of the posts we were already as good as doomed. Yes it was a dreadful night and people can point to last season ( something that has also been done before) but we’ve not yet even played a league game.
  16. Well we will see if we’re doomed as some are already predicting and do early on every season. It’s never happened yet and I would not be surprised if we do ok again. I seem to say this every season and as with the always wise Ya Bezzer ( a poster some could learn a lot from) the bigger picture is not individual managers but the standard of Scottish football in general with no better example than the whole of last season with just about every team of the same low standard. I fully expect another season of poor football from not just Motherwell but many of the others on a similar level to us. If you honestly think it will get significantly better by changing manager again you are likely to be extremely disappointed.
  17. Very poor result and performance, has the world ended, not at this point.
  18. Is there actually an “Alexander fan club” ? I think there were a percentage of supporters who had an affection towards Robinson, shown even when he left. I’ve not seen any of that towards Alexander, he’s be forgotten pretty quickly if he left in my view.
  19. He’s a Motherwell player, he must be awful.
  20. Gambling especially among young people has never been more of a problem, it’s leading to people taking their own lives, even a decent percentage of school kids are addicted yet I can go on Twitter and still see individuals posting tweets linking to their own sites claiming guaranteed success. I’ve worked alongside three people with gambling addictions and it’s ruined all their lives.

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