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  1. The also have a number 3 who is the ugliest since Doug Rougvie
  2. Perhaps he knows his son. Possibly too late for that one though.
  3. I think your post is very good however I think you are perhaps being a bit previous on Morris.
  4. Yes, but we are talking about OUR club!
  5. No need to despair about me.
  6. You arent being realistic, arrogant and stubborn are excellent attributes for a manager, for example Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho and many more. He needs a lot more time before we can make comments like this. Dont get me wrong I dont like the way we play at the moment but having supported MFC for over 60 years I have seen much more concerning starts from a manager one of them being Tommy McLean and that turned out ok.
  7. He has only been here one season and finished fifth. I know we dont play like the old Barcelona but you cannot question the fact that his record is acceptable.
  8. Very good! But I prefer The Chase.
  9. Very little 1st team experience at FP but lots of experience, and well acclaimed, at QoS. Of you are good enough you are old enough and he has got to be better than Carroll who I think has given up since he got his injury.
  10. Yes but Pep and Jurgen dont know anything about keeping doos.
  11. As one of those fans of an older age all I can say is 'wash your mouth out with soap'. We are the Motherwell FC, we hate the Hearts and we hate the Hearts We hate the Hearts and we hate the f****** Hearts We are the MFC.
  12. Also, before that the Texaco Cup semi final second leg when George Fleming punched Billy Ritchie in the stomach in injury time and Mr Paterson of Bothwell gave a goal. That's where it really started. FHW!!!
  13. What school did you go to? Your maths is sh***
  14. Easy for me, but I would doubt if there is any TV highlights still available. MOTHERWELL 3 TOTTENHAM 2 ! Unbelievable night!
  15. The OF don't need a net, they just pick kids up from the likes of us when they are getting near 16 and offer them plenty of dosh. I think they have signed our lad, a boy from Inverness and another from Thistle all very recently.
  16. Yes that is what I feel as well.
  17. I see Leeds are considering sending McKinstry out on loan, should we be interested? I certainly think it is worth enquiring.
  18. Have you an example of a whelming signing? He played over 30 games for Hibs last season and gained a Scottish Cap.
  19. No because St Johnstone won two cups.
  20. Winning by Name

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    Same problem. I have been using my works computer which works.

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