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  1. Santa had the day off, but no worries, St Mirren got a real Christmas present today; 3 points, gift wrapped by Robinson signed by the full team! What a waste of a good pitch, I'm sure it's designed for football, but not sure many at the club know it. Our under 20s team would do that st mirren, easily.
  2. fergi4

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Doesn't have the non-league / England C credentials; fails to meet the criteria
  3. What a horror today. Surely can only get better? How can on earth has Connor Sammon made a career in football? In similar time I've seen them gracing the 'well shirt, James Scott has a better touch, he can win challenges in the air, he can head a ball better, he links up better with teamates, and he has a better head of hair (and better tan). 2 games, zero goals....i think we need a better striking option before window closes.
  4. fergi4

    Cédric replacement

    Worst ever??
  5. fergi4

    Cédric replacement

    Zak Jules
  6. fergi4

    2018'19 Game 1: Hibernian (A) Sunday 5th August

    Many of us had wrote this game off with injuries, suspensions and further depletion of the squad with Kipre sale. The score so far hurts, but IMO it was inevitable. Hopefully some of the players step up in remainder of game.
  7. fergi4

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Bira dembele
  8. fergi4

    2018'19 Game 1: Hibernian (A) Sunday 5th August

    Is he? Not by much if so, and unlikely going to have an impact if Boyle get a chance to run at the back line. Tait is tireless and committed, but no much pace! I'd keep Tait in wingback where he is most effective. Centre backs should know how to play pacey strikers.
  9. fergi4

    Post Motherwell careers

    I'm sure Paul Keegan used the 'Well as a stepping stone to Pizza Hut
  10. fergi4

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Maybe he is better than Barry maguire. I think that Ross county under 20s squad has been good past couple of years, so maybe one they had to let go reluctantly cause they will not carry large squad in championship.
  11. fergi4

    International Call Ups

    Cadden gets 4 minutes and zero touch in a 2 nil defeat. Shame as Kenny McLean was labouring for ages and should have been hooked long ago. Cadden made a good run on 90mins that would have got him through on goal, but no vision from McBurnie who (is a total donkey) played it backwards. Keeper howler led to Peruvian first goal (penalty). Mulgrew ball watching at the second. Murphy started and was subbed, that was extent of his night. No stand outs at all.
  12. fergi4

    Bumper Year - Financials & Revenues

    Reek of desperation from journalist trolls
  13. fergi4

    International Call Ups

    As long as he (or any employee) does the job for us and keeps professional, I'm fine with it
  14. fergi4

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Seen that also, was like a UFC takedown Most celtic players lack class.
  15. fergi4

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    For me I think that we could play more football, but we have a solid back 3, that got 20 clean sheets, so that's the foundation we no doubt start from. Without major overhaul I think we are top 6 contenders. Based on extension of rose and grimmy, we are surely not looking at centre mid. ------------Carson------------ --Kipre - - Hartley--Dunne-- Tait - - Campbell-Rose--TBA -----------Tanner------------ -----Main----Bowman---- Can we get money for Cadden? I heard Aberdeen interested. I like a lot of what Bigi does differently, but selections this season doesn't suggest he is getting in the 11. Try retain Aldred. Or does Mchugh move back to replace him? It would save a wage, & remove midfield congestion. Ferguson replaces Griffiths for GK backup. 2 strikers and a left midfielder needed. There is flexibility with Tait and dunne to cover left back for tactically moving to a 4 at back during a game. Adam Livingstone to make team before end of season? Grimshaw is defensive midfield cover. Frear can only play winger, so can only see sub appearances. Move on? Has McLean done anything to suggest he can make the squad / push for a start?

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