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  1. Celtic statement "FOLLOWING the announcement today from Motherwell FC that the proposed transfer of David Turnbull from the club to Celtic will no longer take place, Celtic Football Club has released the following statement. ‘It is unfortunate that we were not able to proceed with the transfer of David to Celtic, having agreed a significant fee with Motherwell and reaching agreement with the player. ‘It is regrettable that David will be out of action for a considerable length of time and, clearly, these circumstances are totally outwith the club's control. We did everything we could to find a solution. ‘We would like to thank David and his representatives for the professionalism they have shown throughout. We also thank Motherwell FC for the way they have handled this process. 'We wish David all the very best with the operation and every success for the future.' "
  2. Tam McManus, Joe Miller etc etc all these experts closet the club and/ or player and/or agent... The media are clutching at straws trying to get quotes where they can. Turnbull is pulling in us a packet! He is totally fine, no need for an MOT or diagnostic. #fakenews
  3. The club are in no panic and neither is DT, there are more prominent suitors than celtic... who have in fact become the real joke over the parading then backtracking.
  4. Would I say it if I didn't know? Am I a tabloid? Wishaw is a small place and the real answers are not hard to find.
  5. Now more probable DT will be heading back south, to meet EPL (2) and Championship (2) teams. Probably only reason he hasn't joined the preseason camp with us. Money still the same £3.25M.
  6. Time to pull out the "Moult" deal and offer the same package to Turnbull for the duration of him time with us. My thoughts are if celtic deal dead (hopefully) then we might get a preseason and some early Betfred games out of DT... and then after some solid perfomances we may get more bids to our liking, particularly teams maybe holding back to see the full options.
  7. Surely this wasnt serious? The lad is one of our own and he has behaved amazingly through his short first team career with us. As unsavoury it will be, DT in a rival strip, its economics of the game. Deserves nothing but applause, he's a hero!!
  8. Diagree on the first two points Agree on your third Im not seething that Turnbull hasn't made the squad, but I do think it's opportunity missed (experience for the lad, chance for closer assessment for the Mgt team) especially when Clarke was in a great position to recognise Turnbull over other inclusions.
  9. fergi4

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Ah well can't wait for official announce... c u next Tuesday ousmane
  10. fergi4

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I thought we had snatched this guy early, and if he is training already then he really is an eager beaver to prove he can slot into the hole in our midfield
  11. fergi4

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Turnbulls contract is probably as good as anyone at the club, but I hope there is internal talk to get the lad properly paid which might be enough to get an extra year on his deal and keep him in our jersey for another full year. Turnbull is once in a generation for us and we will get a return on him, I just hope we get to enjoy him some more. All the positive headlines and then type of wages getting paid for Hastie for instance, you couldn't blame Turnbull if he gets itchy feet at some point and wants his taste of the bigger £££!! I'm sure we were putting a package together for Moult 18 months ago, it's a no brainer to do it for Turnbull. Heard Craigan getting put on the spot on BTSport today and he said at least a million to land him. Robinson said more like the money paid for John McGinn. Who knows, but think Robinson is much closer to what I think.
  12. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3886936/motherwell-agree-stuart-mckinstry-transfer-deal-with-leeds-united/ £400k
  13. £1M for 2x propspects is good business! If both guys were on long term contracts, what would their real market value be? (interested clubs usually dictate... but the club can say 'No' to offers. Would there be the same level of interest?) Again, if both were secured on contracts, how much more (than the development fees) would the club be looking for IF interest transpired? Think of the fees accepted for Moult / Kipre / Marvin Johnson... are either propspects at the same level?? If Jake stays a while, then great , the questions above might be answered and the development fees increases for the next point his contract is near ending. If he goes, then the club is richer for it and it has showcased the model and platform for the next generation choosing Motherwell! Im happy to support both players in a motherwell shirt while they are here.

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