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  1. Back to high baw pish,satellite dinking.
  2. totally fearful can't string 2 passes together.
  3. Only thing good i've seen since the winter break.
  4. Was stupid giving Watt away in January,they will leapfrog us in the league and reap the rewards.
  5. Apart fae Goss,strike the shooting has been woeful,creating plenty with no end result,couldn't believe how slow Ojala is.
  6. Just typical Motherwell play like champions 1 week then chumpions the following .
  7. Hesgoal stream went down probably done me a favour.
  8. The only thing we beat today was the traffic by leaving early,turn my phone off and try and erase the horror show now.
  9. Ffs McGinley i thought you had some decent forward play then you totally collapsed ,from no bad to total dung.
  10. Plenty of possession but unable to do much with it,lots of poor corners,crosses and final ball,UTD have been poor and i think they will play better in the second half so tough 45 coming up.

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