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  1. Good point. I think sitting so deep is very dangerous and seems like we have not learned lessons of the past. So sigh of relief when that whistle went.
  2. Can't get my head round taking Watt off. Mate claiming goal should have been offside? Nonetheless the depth we are sitting is a bloody joke.
  3. Fair to say we've had a number of howlers at our own accord in Paisley. Scottish cup knockout one year, Craigan stepping up and scoring one of his obligatory own goals that evening. The first half yesterday was, credit where due, one of the better performances this season. We passed well and moved forward with a reasonable confidence. Our ability to finish though is still a hairpuller and Tony Watt should've absolutely burst the net. As has been said, it was never a penalty but it was a bit chaotic in the box at that point. I just think any contact in the box nowadays is totally fraught with danger. The new goalie certainly gave us a lift, and St Mirren's keeper made a couple of cracking saves himself on what was a few good shots on target. I felt from the offset in the second half though we seemed to be a fair bit deeper. Which is bloody frustrating to watch and costs. The most frustrating part though was the St Mirren commentary, you'd think they were Barcelona taking on Stenhousemuir. We could learn a thing or two though from the setup, the studio/interview thing they had going on pre match and at half time is something we could get on with and enhance our own online TV offering.
  4. Having read up on the possibilities, I don't think Alexander is a bad shout. Made a reasonable accomplishment in the lower English scene in which is a highly competitive environment. The fact Neil McCann was even mentioned is a joke, his performance at Dundee should forbid any return to management.
  5. Thank christ I've read someone else saying this about McCall.
  6. Everything aside I feel a genuine loss here. He passionately cared about the club and was very instrumental in bringing stability and as stated on the club website our finances and achievements initially were excellent. It is clear he just run his cycle and the ideas had run out. Much like McCall. By all accounts, Robinson was a long serving manager by todays standards. Usually these boards are brimming with ideas about who next but I am genuinely at a loss as to who we turn to now... Thanks for everything Robbo and all the best for whats next.
  7. Watching us take corners is absolute feckin chronic. Everything about us in the box is chaotic. The state of the box when we were taking a free kick in the second half was brutal. We never seen to have a man clear on the far side. That said I am a Robbo fan. However today's Post match interview to moan about decisions going against us was a bit pathetic. Forget about the goal being chalked off, that is the absolute least of our worries on the back of today. Bottom line is they comfortably fired 3 past us in the second half. They absolutely dominated the second half and only one team looked like scoring. Our decision making is absolutely pish and I feel like our players pass the buck so often to the nearest man rather than try to carve something out which might lead to a better opportunity.
  8. I dont think as a club we should be sacking a manager when we are sitting 8th regardless of a cup exit. I'm not defending him, I criticised him earlier in the thread but no sacking needed just yet.
  9. When you are playing the same team twice in a week I think the manager should have been a bit more sharp in his tactics. Today we were very poor. The decision making from several players and a lack of enthusiasm stuck out for me. I thought Lammie was a total wasted jersey. All round I'm quite pissed off. That was a very beatable St Johnstone side. Also Watt should have slammed that chance home in the first half. I couldve burst the net there.
  10. I think Watt may have found a club he genuinely fits and has a connection with. The obviously didn't happen for whatever reason at St Johnstone for example. He really is bringing something to the game and is a focal point. Delighted he has earned himself a new deal and that I, like many others have been proven wrong.
  11. I thought this was a very tidy performance, a solid win. Watt was almost captain material today, if only he was able to perform like this consistently he should have this role! Agree with some earlier posts, I had a bit of a curse at the TV when Hastie was brought on. We were 4-0 up, bringing on some of our own talent would have been the right move rather than who bringing on a Rangers reject who is doing absolutely nothing for us. But still, very satisfied today. I would say though the early stages of the first half were quite frustrating. I felt the Ross County box was quite chaotic, but we got the business done.
  12. I think its a given that not everyone will behave and a minority will screw it up for the lot of us.
  13. If we only had a blank cheque...always enjoyed computer modelling so put the imagination to good use during lockdown. 12,000 seats and inspired by some of those Scandanavian grounds with the two small tiers while keeping "the shed". Sad...maybe, but just shows that because we are in need of a smaller ground it doesn't need to be a washout lego effort.
  14. The POD stand is strangling us. It is light years behind other grounds in terms of potential and costing us an absolute fortune. Falkirk's main stand was mentioned and is excellent from top to bottom, quality hospitality space, good space for club facilities such as the medical/player spaces, etc. Also has a cracking view as it is as steep as Tynecastle. The commercial side of the club has come in leaps and bounds under Flow, just wish we had the main stand to match it and appeal more to the corporate market. Moving to a new ground gives me the fear to an extent. Getting it wrong would be a disaster and thats it fecked for the next 60 years. Imagine being a St Mirren or St Johnstone fan in one of those subutteo kit stadiums with no prospect of moving into something better? Getting new facilities on the other hand is needed for the long term sustainability of the club.

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