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  1. On the backing here in these pictures
  2. They definitely own at least the one which is where the 'missing' main stand section should be, as it was purchased some time ago.
  3. An absolute meltdown is taking place on a well fans Facebook page over this mast. It is quite incredible actually. There are some fans claiming the club are acting in a despicable way, that Burrows should be sacked and that it is going to Floor property values around Fir Park. All absolute pish. I highly doubt this is going to make a blind bit of difference to anyone's property value. I'll need to watch out for any 5G masts next time I'm buying a house and ask for a 20 grand deduction. Given an absolute monstrosity of a stand will be right beside it, a 5G mast is hardly going to make an impact on the glorious vistas around your house in Motherwell. If a phone company renting a few square meters of land off the club is an additional income source then let's get this thing built pronto. Edit: do the club not own that row of houses on Fir Park Street that back onto the mast anyway?
  4. I don't see how this is bullying. You absolutely have the right not to have the vaccine. That's your choice. But every choice has impact. In which case you are choosing to forfit other things to prove some point which has been wiped out by all the science under the sun. As for this 'issue'...we won't be having over 10k in Fir Park this season so we needn't worry.
  5. Great to get a win and three points on the board. That's the main thing. No matter how ugly. We now move forward (I hope!) Whilst I always buy into the above and still, toa degree, still do... I am asking myself questions. I was in the Robinson club and also bought into into idea Alexander was the right man. I am questioning that idea. Not in anyway trying to come across as a moan or take the shine off a win. Today's tactics were absolutely pish. And I don't think the second goal was anything beyond dumb luck that Grimmy was switched on, in the right place at the right time. Anyone else at any other minute in that game and that goal wouldn't have happened. We need another couple of wins on the bounce to inspire some confidence not just in thr squad but also the support.
  6. Well for sure the buzz from the first game against Hibs has disappeared. But stats don't like. Our season began when the group stages kicked off and it hasn't been good. Potential home cup tie and associated revenue out the window during a season we really needed it. I have faith in Alexander. He has passion. But by God does he make some questionable decisions. I am also getting the vibe he has the potential to be one stubborn git. Wasn't at the game today but I'm hearing some of our own supporters acted like absolute weapons today. We are different and above that.
  7. Bit of a double edged sword. Aye very favourable (I was actually worried the Turnbull cash would've been absolutely decimated through all this? But it does stick us in 2 million odd of debt which I'd rather we didn't have which is a shame to be honest. Will help offset the impact of not having the season ticket cash injection each summer.
  8. Many positives today. New signings look like Alexander has called it right. Quality over quantity. Van der Veen was exceptional. I sat main stand north section and seen his second half graft up close. He was fouled left right and centre though. Referee had a poor poor game but the penalty was the right call. The defeat is a sore one. To loose after being ahead twice is not really acceptable. Hibs first goal was a defensive disgrace in our part. However we played the ball well. We were confident going forward and we made opportunities. And above all, we were putting decent, dangerous balls into the box. Not something we were doing for a long time. Next week we will be more settled and knitted. I look forward to seeing where we go. Much to be optimistic about - fix the defensive holes and we could do well. Can I also say the crowd today was cracking. A brilliant buzz about Fir Park. The dispersal of fans around the stadium made it feel much more full and improved the atmosphere to my surprise! Not sure why folk were booing Murphy - he was a fantastic servant for this football club.
  9. The budget to stay in the league patter does my nut in. The reality is we are historically 6th best over league football history in Scotland I believe. We should be setting a target of 7th every year I believe. For the club to be relegated I consider that to be a sackable offence on the managers part as we more than have the budget to stay in the division. The "stay in the league and anything else is a bonus" ethos is not ambitious enough - in which case, it leaves me asking what's the point? For example...Accies sole goal each year was to stay up, look across at what a miserable existence their supporters must have where the one highlight they get is staying up or beating us every year. (Now they don't have that). The club has no atmosphere, ambition or culture on show. That is pretty much what we are putting ourselves on a par with if our goal is to merely stay in the league. We are so much more than that.
  10. What's the thoughts then to get the league campaign started? A few comments around regarding the League Cup group stages but I'm very much in the camp of not reading too much into that. Talk of a couple more in before the weekend but for these boys to start could be a big ask. I'm going with a 1-1 draw. A fairly defensive affair on both sides with us coming back from a goal down. Can't see either manager being too crafty just yet, could be one or two properly competitive fixtures before we see the Motherwell team hit any kind of form/pattern imo. Hoping for a couple of tickets on the general sale when it is announced.
  11. First game of the season usually has a good thousand or so on top of the ST holders attendance. So there are going to be a good few Well fans missing out here.
  12. 2 thousand? I think we should have been prioritising a general sale for the home support first. There are plenty regulars who don't buy a season ticket.
  13. Is there some sort of embargo on the club posting highlights for these games? I've not seen any yet and missed the QoS and Annan games.
  14. I think that was an absolute disgrace. To anyone saying otherwise you need your head checked. That is two lower league sides in a row whom have but two past us. That is totally abysmal. Then let's get to strikers. I said to two Well fans this week about our forward options who said I was jumping the gun. It remains the case there is absolutely no spark in that team going forward. If anyone in the happy clappy brigade wants to quote me in March fire in but after last season and into this, this Motherwell team are gash and major alarm bells ring moving fforward. We seem no further ahead than we were last season having played three matches against lower league sides. Only positive I'll take is how utterly raging the gaffer looked.
  15. It is a sore one, however the club have been very supportive of Carson over his spell at the club and with Kelly on the scene, it probably is the right time for him to move on. The way things panned out was genuinely tragic however I wish the big man the best of luck. On reflection, from Ruddy, Randolph, Carson and now Kelly we have had a fair few quality keepers (few roasters as well (Michael Fraser has me scarred for life). Priority from now on in this window though still has to be more goals. I did see on either FB or Twitter the squad list...still seems hellova big given we were looking to thin down and focus on quality over quantity. Certainly, our best years over the last 15 years or so - and we have had our fair share of good seasons since 2007 - have been achieved on what were smaller squads, I think more often than not the smallest in the league. Our wage bill on the other hand last year must have been frightening given the size of the squad and the number of passengers we had on the bus, hopefully that cash is going to be recycled into something with a bit more quality in addition to Kelly, as he won't have come cheap. He will, I imagine, be quite possibly one of our more expensive players.

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