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  1. That looks quality. If not as a strip as training wear anyway. Some of the stuff macron have made in that regard has been quite good.
  2. I think anyone with an axe to grind with Burrows needs to take a hard look at the difference in the club since he worked his way up the ranks. I heard nothing positive about Leeann Dempster towards the end and the finances of the club were going back down the tube. Burrows has the club a more professional looking outfit looking inward and the feel of the club in general is much more positive. On top of that the board have more than proven themselves over the clubs management past few years. It certainly seems to me that MFC at the moment is the best run it has been in my lifetime of following the club anyway.
  3. Not had a season ticket in about 8 years and only really attended cup games with the odd league game since but something has spurred me into buying up again. Looking forward to get back into it.

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