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  1. Thinking about all this and possible dates, are we going to be able to play our home tie at Fir Park with all the work ongoing? Would hate to be going to Airdie again.
  2. It was emotional as a fan, this gentleman has given everything to this club through thick and thin. A genuine love for the club, along with the passion that has been missing since he (and Hamell) hung up their boots. I'm used to hearing the older generation talking about "their" set of Motherwell legends, this guy is undoubtedly one that our generation will talk about for years to come. Best of luck to him, and I hope it's not the last we see of him.
  3. I'm all for a hybrid pitch but if the figure of 2 million quoted is what's being thrown at it I can't say I'm onboard. I'd go as far as to say it's absolutely nuts.
  4. Huge difference between Robinson and Alexander. Robinson had a rapport with the support I've never seen previously with a manger or since. It felt very much like a journey together and many, myself included, were genuinely gutted when it started to fall apart. Alexander does not have that luxury, nor does he have the perception of love for the club that Steven Robinson built up over his time at Fir Park. His attitude genuinely stinks. This talk of Alexander's wholesale change of the backroom team concerns me, if this is indeed true then the empire will be harder to bullet financially when we are sitting in the bottom three in November.
  5. I wish I was Graham Alexander. Doing absolutely feck all every week, not acting on objectives for improvement and still being paid without fear of the sack.
  6. That's unacceptable. Business as usual. Run right through us, easy goal.
  7. Sevco winning the EL has me laughing. That won't happen. The fact they have reached the semis is nothing short of remarkable combined with the fact they have had very very lucky draws and a few nightmares from the likes of BD on their side. In all honesty I struggle to get my head round wtf each place means for Europe etc now. Am I right by saying 1,2,3 and 4th all get Europe automatically with 5th getting in if the cup is won by someone already qualifying?
  8. Alexander for manager of the month. I jokes. But at least we have a positive.
  9. Absolutely no way does Alexander merit the ability to gloat about achieving top 6 so as far as I'm concerned today's outcome is deserved in every sense. Now can we start the protests?
  10. We know Robbo is more than capable of grinding out results. He has a relatively good squad there now and we have absolutely no right to expect anything from the match. It possibly is Alexander's most important game, given that this can either make top six or set us up potentially to bottom 4. I wouldn't even say an early lead is crucial as that counts for nowt with this squad has been demonstrated previously.
  11. I don't rate KVV. His ability to finish is absolutely woeful. A major part of the problem.
  12. 100%. Robinson will do a job at St Mirren and I fully expect them to make light work of us next game.
  13. Yet another week without a win. Other Motherwell managers have had pelters for serving up pish like this. This guy has nothing in the tank. He needs to go. Absolutely no effort to improve. I've bit my tongue on him but he is a total and utter imposter. The arrogance in his post match interviews is verging on a par with McGhee. What will the comments be today?
  14. Well when we can't hit the target in opportunities like the 13th minute hell mend us.
  15. Straight red. Absolutely moronic tackle. Not even two mins on the clock.

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