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  1. Anyone else get sick of reading pish like this?
  2. I don't have any quams about coming away from Edinburgh with a point. Didn't see the game personally but I see KVV getting some stick over on some of the Facebook pages. Is it deserved?
  3. Second half has been less than impressive. That said it is challenging out there. Alot of surface water almost ruling out playing on the deck. Glad Stephen Odonnell found his cockup on thy back post at about 81 mins funny. I'm sure our opposition find his general lack of ability and decision making equally hilarious.
  4. Absolutely. And given they were allowed to continue with their "still same club" patter then Sevco should have been forced to settle all Rangers' debt. Given there were no doubt clubs ahead of them in the wait to be granted Scottish Football League status even being fast tracked in to the then third division was preferential treatment. Scottish society missed an opportunity to wipe out one of our biggest poisons when this all happened. But that's all in the past now. That aside draw would be good today for us to kick on. The rut at the moment hasn't been impressive given a strong start to the season. We cannot afford to be as lacklustre in midfield today as we have been or that lot will express right through. Happy to park the bus today to an extent and hit them on the break if the opportunity ever arises. That approach kept Accies in the top flight for long enough after all. Although under Alexander it has been clear that we aren't playing a possession game - stats clearly show that - but today we cannot allow them to have 75,80 percent of the ball.
  5. Must be one of the few occasions I'm not actually that annoyed about the refereeing decisions as the collapse in the late second half totally merited us getting horsed never mind a draw. Our defence at the end of the day allows continuous St Mirren presence in our box and that is the source of my anger from the game. Aye I'm pissed off about the ref but more so about our approach to the game and performance.
  6. Only one stat matters, but the BBC stats make for grim reading...had St Mirren come away with more than a draw then it would hardly been against the run of it.
  7. I watched it on TV, I really don't think both feet were off his line
  8. Don't think the penalty should have been retaken but regardless of the cock up by the officials the utter collapse within the last few minutes is unexcusable. That defending for both the goal and the penalty was utterly shocking.
  9. This is on a par with some of the absolute tripe we were served up last year. Disinterested, lobbing the ball and the hapless passing the ball backward. An absolute rollicking needed at half time. Absolutely no evidence of any fight or grit in this first half.
  10. On the backing here in these pictures
  11. They definitely own at least the one which is where the 'missing' main stand section should be, as it was purchased some time ago.
  12. An absolute meltdown is taking place on a well fans Facebook page over this mast. It is quite incredible actually. There are some fans claiming the club are acting in a despicable way, that Burrows should be sacked and that it is going to Floor property values around Fir Park. All absolute pish. I highly doubt this is going to make a blind bit of difference to anyone's property value. I'll need to watch out for any 5G masts next time I'm buying a house and ask for a 20 grand deduction. Given an absolute monstrosity of a stand will be right beside it, a 5G mast is hardly going to make an impact on the glorious vistas around your house in Motherwell. If a phone company renting a few square meters of land off the club is an additional income source then let's get this thing built pronto. Edit: do the club not own that row of houses on Fir Park Street that back onto the mast anyway?
  13. I don't see how this is bullying. You absolutely have the right not to have the vaccine. That's your choice. But every choice has impact. In which case you are choosing to forfit other things to prove some point which has been wiped out by all the science under the sun. As for this 'issue'...we won't be having over 10k in Fir Park this season so we needn't worry.
  14. Great to get a win and three points on the board. That's the main thing. No matter how ugly. We now move forward (I hope!) Whilst I always buy into the above and still, toa degree, still do... I am asking myself questions. I was in the Robinson club and also bought into into idea Alexander was the right man. I am questioning that idea. Not in anyway trying to come across as a moan or take the shine off a win. Today's tactics were absolutely pish. And I don't think the second goal was anything beyond dumb luck that Grimmy was switched on, in the right place at the right time. Anyone else at any other minute in that game and that goal wouldn't have happened. We need another couple of wins on the bounce to inspire some confidence not just in thr squad but also the support.

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