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  1. I’d feel alot more confident with Donnelly in the middle instead of Crawford.
  2. I can’t see us getting anything from this one as the season just seems to have come too early for us, especially going by GA’s comments last week about having too much work/too many games etc. The only leveller perhaps will be Hibs playing in Europe on Thursday night but I still expect them to take the points. 2-1 away win.
  3. Probably one of the best draws we could have hoped for to be honest. That’s winnable for us!
  4. Did what we needed to do today so can’t complain. Annan were always going to sit in and it was down to us to break them down and we managed it. I like the look of van Veen, he just needs that first goal. Plenty of work rate and looks like a good front player.
  5. That was just a strange comment all round about too much work, too many games etc. He’s looked pretty downbeat and scunnered in his last few interviews which is a concern.
  6. QoS now 4-0 up on Airdrie. Obviously a good result for us in terms of progression which is the main thing but further highlights how dreadful our result and performance was in midweek.
  7. He appeared to have a lot of promise as a youngster and has played at u-16/17/20 levels for England according to wiki. Sounds promising.
  8. Just been confirmed by the club on Twitter. Hopefully he is the midfielder we’ve been needing. Welcome to the club.
  9. “Take it on the chin and move on”. I’m sure that’s what Tony Mowbray was infamous for saying during his ill fated stint as manager of Celtic, where he frequently “took it on the chin” only to move on and “take it on the chin” all over again. Anyway, in answer to the question of tomorrow then yes I’m sure we will win. Whether we do it handsomely or make life difficult for ourselves remains to be seen but at home against Annan we will surely have too much. 2-0 ‘Well.
  10. Talk of sacking the manager just now is unfair but it will inevitably grow arms and legs if we have a poor start to the league season, rightly or wrongly. To be honest and I’ve said this since Robinson was here, our problems run far deeper than the man in the dugout, we need a complete overhaul of our scouting and recruitment for starters.

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