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  1. I would absolutely get O’Donnell out of the first team, that’s for starters. O’Hara in the middle may well be a decent shout KVV needs to start.
  2. MJC_mkII

    Tony Watt

    The 2020s Mark Reynolds.
  3. I don’t like those chants/chat either. There are plenty of reasons to dislike Celtic but when you resort to that it just cheapens any argument you have against them.
  4. They definitely have more. Have you forgotten a prominent section of their support caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Fir Park not so long ago? That is but one example. All in all they are just a horrible, horrible club. They run the Scottish game through manipulation and bullying and have plenty of backing in the media and in politics to help them do so. You don’t need science to be able to see this.
  5. I’m not saying people should boo him (and I know some did and I didn’t agree with that either) but I just can’t get on board with applauding opposition players scoring against us. Football isn’t, or shouldn’t be like that. When you add in that it was for a club who have openly disrespected us over the years (Lennon, Boyd, Rodgers) tried to sign our prize asset (Faddy) on loan with the option to buy at 250k or something derisory like that back in 2003 and who’s supporters call us ‘h**s’ and regularly sing songs glorifying the death of one of our 91 Cup winning team. That just makes it all the worse.
  6. We’ve always had mugs in our support who do this, especially with ex players like Vigurs, Foran etc. it’s absolutely cringeworthy. However for any Motherwell fan to clap a goal scored against us by Celtic? They should be fucking ashamed of themselves.
  7. Aren’t they all out of contract at the end of this season anyway? In which case I’d certainly agree that we won’t see them here next season. In the case of Grimshaw, McGinley and Maguire I don’t see what more they can offer the club as first team players so them moving on would benefit all parties.
  8. I’m generally not a fan of players not celebrating scoring against their former clubs but it was a nice touch from Turnbull to keep his celebrations muted today. When you think of previous players who have moved from FP to Glasgow’a East End and their reaction to scoring against us, ie. Scott McDonald’s badge kissing and our aforementioned former Cup winning captain and his general wankishness then it was nice to see Turnbull showing a bit of class.
  9. When did we last have such a bad run against Celtic? I certainly don’t remember anything like this in my time anyway. That’s us now lost nine on the bounce and we haven’t beaten them for almost six years. Obviously they are going to win the majority of games against us but as has been said we look beaten before a ball is kicked in this fixture now. Even back when they had Larsson, Moravcik, Sutton and Lambert etc and had Martin O’Neill as manager we at least managed to draw against them once a season and even managed the odd win. That, along with our already dismal record against Rangers in the last twenty years has to be a cause for concern. The club really need to address our mentality in these games.
  10. As I said I don’t see us beating either of them again, or at least not any time in the foreseeable future. A combination of a lack of quality, lack of bottle, lack of luck and us always chucking them a cheap goal just when they need it. That said I think our current style of play is far more suited to playing Rangers and I wouldn’t be atall surprised if we got a point against them in a fortnight. We won’t beat them though, obviously.
  11. That was as bad as any of the previous nine consecutive losses to Celtic. No belief that we could do anything and the customary cheap early goal conceded meaning that we were facing an uphill battle from the off. As I said after the Hearts game, we are showing signs of improvement this season under GA but while we may be able to get results against the likes of Dundee, Ross County and Livingston, we will always struggle against sides who have any quality about them whatsoever. When you add in us being like rabbits in the headlights like we were today then we have no chance of getting big results.
  12. We’d probably have missed it anyway.
  13. I said as much the other day, the man is an absolute cunt. A dribbling, whinging chump with a massive chip on his shoulder. The worst type of Celtic fan. Any Motherwell fan who was at the 2011 SCF and saw his behaviour that day would know what he is all about. There’s middle aged guys propping up the bar in the Railway Tavern that don’t come out with the amount of Celti-fied pish that he comes out with and yet he’s a club ambassador and regular commentator on their official channel. The arsehole’s arsehole.
  14. Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever beat Celtic, or Rangers for that matter, ever again. We don’t have the quality, the luck or the belief that we can get these results. We might manage the token draw here and there but that will be our lot.
  15. Another dismal goal to concede. It’s hard enough as it is playing Celtic without chucking one in like that. Game over already and the predictable pumping well on it’s way.

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