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  1. Stephen O’Donnell signs a new two year contract. I genuinely did not see that coming.
  2. That’s unfortunately the way it is for us now. Even the players we bring though from our own academy, ie. Turnbull are away after not even being a regular in the first team for a whole season (or at least would have been had he not needed his op in summer 2019). Hastie was away after a brief purple patch and the likes of McKinstry was gone before a lot of the support even knew who he was. Going back to the early 2000s when we had McFadden and Pearson breaking through we at least managed to get a couple of seasons out of them before they moved on but that just doesn’t happen now which is hugely frustrating.
  3. He’s been our best signing this season. I know he had a nightmare against Kilmarnock but overall Kelly has been solid for us. When you think that at one point we were looking at the possibility of Chapman being our No.1 for the remainder of the season then Kelly has been a massive upgrade.
  4. My thoughts exactly, beating St.Mirren is always very satisfying.
  5. Full time 1-0. Big win that, well done ‘Well and great to finally get a win against that mob.
  6. If we had a goalscorer in that team we could easily have been pushing for top six. That’s how poor the standard of the current top flight! Hopefully this is addressed in the summer as we’ve not had anyone that could adequately be described as a goal scorer since Moult left.
  7. Mugabi on for Long. Looks like we’re going to try and hold out for 1-0.
  8. Indeed, we’ve been awful but I’ll take us being awful if we’re lucky with it.
  9. 1-1 straight away and United a goal up at Hamilton.
  10. Good to see Gallagher starting and a surprise to see Dunne in the squad. I didn’t think we’d see him in C&A again tbh.
  11. I think this one is a stick on draw. 1-1
  12. From memory it’s been 3-0, 2-0, 6-0, 4-0, 4-0 in Cup games against Morton at Fir Park from about the mid 90s. History is certainly on our side in this one but that counts for nothing in reality. As long as we are professional and up for it on the day we should progress.
  13. That’s the sort of Cup scenario where Motherwell typically fuck up. But I agree with you, we have a good chance of getting to the semis at least here. Obviously we need to take care of Morton first but realistically we should, we are a better team than them. Then if we get past them at in all likelihood play Hibs at Easter Road, we’ve shown that we can win there this season. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t fancy our chances.

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