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  1. We were excellent that day, thoroughly deserved our 2-0 win but lost out due to Hearts winning against Hibs on the same day. I must admit I’m surprised to hear that Goram was denied entry to the old Fir Park Club given that that was one of the biggest Rangers shops in town back then. I know I and alot of Motherwell fans avoided it for that very reason.
  2. That was a ridiculous save that he had no right to make. His reflexes were absolutely astounding. For all he was past his best by the time he came to FP he still managed some incredible performances in our jersey and even managed to secure a loan move to Man Utd in 2001 on the back of it.
  3. It’s certainly been dull and also highly concerning with the lack of signings, especially those of an attacking nature. I get this horrible feeling that GA is more or less happy with what we’ve got, so expect another season of eye bleeding football and dreadful form. This time though we don’t have Tony Watt to bail us out for half a season so unless we surpass the luck we got last year we could well be in serious relegation trouble in 22/23.
  4. So yet another youngster who’s came through our academy moves on without playing a first team match. It’s scunnering enough when our young talent moves on after less than a season playing for us but when they leave before getting anywhere near the first team it is just so frustrating.
  5. Now that is indeed a lovely kit. After last season’s hideous black effort and this seasons abomination of a home kit they have finally managed to get it right. That is a belter!
  6. Gallagher was great for us in his first season but a disinterested disgrace in his second. It’s some fall from grace for him from being involved in the Scotland squad to failing at Aberdeen and joining St.Mirren as part of Robinson’s job for the ex Well boys signing policy.
  7. I heard the same. One of them is a defensive midfielder and the other can play anywhere across the front three. The interpreter supposedly told them that we are a great wee club.
  8. McGinn will be a good signing for us, I’m quite confident of that. He’s more than proved himself at the level we play at and has been involved with the National team so unless he develops an attitude similar to our esteemed Captain then he’ll do a job for us. We need to be recruiting more attacking players mind you, especially forwards but I have a horrible feeling that GA is happy with what we’ve got.
  9. I’d be surprised if O’Donnell didn’t move on tbh. He’s 30 now and regardless of how he has performed for us is still an established international player with a fair bit of pedigree. I don’t think he’ll get a move to Celtic or anything as big as that but a move to an Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs or down south will surely be on the table for him.
  10. Given SO’D was an absolute disgrace for large spells last season then whether he is moving on or not is irrelevant, this is a good signing for us. Welcome to our average sized, firmly established top flight club Paul McGinn.
  11. Maybe, but given how we played for the majority of last season and our managers baffling line ups and constant tinkering then it doesn’t bode well. Does anyone really see much, if anything changing next season? I’m not saying I think we’ll be relegated, but we won’t be far off it I fear. At least we had a decent home kit then, white shorts aside.
  12. Absolutely this. We were awful last season but a combination of Tony Watt bailing us out from August - December, the majority of the rest of the league being just as awful and an utterly astounding amount of luck saw us finish in a false position. So far we have signed one player and while I’m sure more will follow, I have absolutely ZERO faith in the manager and the scouting team bringing in the players that we need. Only time will tell of course but I reckon that next season is going to be an absolute fucking riot for us.
  13. It’s certainly better than the monstrosity we’ve been landed with anyway.
  14. Half of them are at St.Mirren now.

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