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  1. As he should! That was an abomination of a second half especially with the odds in our favour with them down to ten men. A defensive disaster show at one end and a stark reminder to anyone who thinks/pretends to think that losing Watt isn’t a hammer blow at the other. We cannot afford to lose our top/main goalscorer and not at least attempt to replace him. If we have any serious ambitions to finish top six or better and/or a Scottish Cup run then we will have to invest in another striker before the end of the month.
  2. I know that but I would not trust us to win a penalty shootout against any side, especially a top flight side, with Tony Watt being one of their takers or not.
  3. I know what you mean there but you could say the same for any other top flight side were we to face them in a penalty shootout. We would lose. Our record in penalty shootouts is shocking and I believe it is the case that we have NEVER beaten a top flight side in a penalty shootout.
  4. Given that Watt was our main goalscorer then I think we need to be looking at bringing in another striker before the window shuts and if that means spending some of the “six figure sum” we received for Watt as opposed to tying down OOC players or putting into the club coffers then so be it.
  5. Been confirmed, he’s away.
  6. Correct. I grew up with an intense dislike of Partick Thistle mostly down to a combination of the media’s live in for them (and that was way before the days of the internet/social media etc) and the fact that we more often than not struggled against them. Even in the mid 90s when we were finishing second/third we always found Thistle a bogey side. I remember us needing a Nicky Walker own goal in stoppage time to rescue a point at home against them circa 95 and then Alex Burns (who was hopeless for us) scored for fun against us for them in 02/03 when we couldn’t buy a win against them. That, and their fans are irritating wanks.
  7. This tie gives me the fear. I think Morton will scrape it in a complete shitfest and Dougie Imrie will be giving it big licks to the South Stand at full time.
  8. Clubome to our great wee Welc Liam.
  9. Hopefully Covid doesn’t impact our squad for this one and we go up there as near to full strength as possible. We have a decent record at Dingwall and if we are at or close to full strength I think we can maintain that.
  10. Sadly I don’t see us getting back to full crowds for months yet, perhaps not even this season. The earlier shout about extending the break and thus the season into the summer might actually be worth considering, especially as the World Cup isn’t until the end of the year.
  11. Made it harder for ourselves in true Motherwell fashion but that was an excellent win and two brilliant goals by KvV to leave us sitting comfortable in 4th going into the break. Well done Motherwell Fuck Tony Watt
  12. Well done Alexander for dropping Watt, no one is bigger than the club especially a player who is moving to another SPFL side. Fuck him.
  13. Disappointing to hear that Watt is leaving and especially to those horrible cunts. I was resigned to him not being here next season but annoying it’s to Dundee Utd. I hope he fails miserably with them.
  14. Agreed. Football and politics should never mix.

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