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  1. Any streams for this? My IPTV has let me down
  2. Bought a ticket for this but can no longer attend. Cost me 25 but will sell it for 20. Can drop it off anywhere in Motherwell or can collect in Ravenscraig. PM if interested
  3. Is it just me or is the BetPark logo yellow? Why did they not match the amber on the strip.
  4. Hi mate can watch the game via this link http://unblocked.lol. Scroll down to BT Sport and open. Will work on your phone and is pretty solid.
  5. I was at the opposite end of the ground so looked to me like a fuck up by Samson. He ended up having a decent game although I wish he'd fucking catch the ball instead of parrying it all the time.
  6. Awful first half. Number 19 for them is running the show in midfield. Get Samson to fuck.
  7. http://goatd.net/159458/watch-rangers-vs-motherwell Look like we're going to get a tanking already
  8. 2 votes for the bold joe he looks like someone who'd get picked last at fives
  9. Trialist Craig Clay won't be getting an offer
  10. Absolute shite. Looked like we were going to start putting a few past them early on then they tightened up and we've had fuck all since. Couple of scares our end as well with misplaced short passes out from the back. Hope the second half is a massive improvement
  11. Geedub

    Pre Season?

    If we have a bad start to the season Motherwell will get crucified for that cycling video. Folk won't be happy until they see players getting army boot camp training spewing at the side of the obstacle course, McGhee screaming obcenities in their ears.

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