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  1. Not exactly an unexpected result, but disappointing to lose two goals with minutes left. Having celtic fans foam at the mouth over ‘cheating’ is comedy gold
  2. Katie

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    We are now the same amount of points clear of Hamilton as they have managed to amass all season. It's been a good day.
  3. Katie

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    Pretty cool how we all thought McCormack would turn our results around and it's actually been two of our youths.
  4. Katie

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Anyone able to confirm if Ross McCormack was in the stand beside the manager today?
  5. If you wanted to look at it logically, out of the three matches in the past week most of us would have expected 3 points, which is what we got. I don’t really want to look at it logically right now though.
  6. I, for one, am amazed a Samson error led to a goal.
  7. Excellent gif of everyone going tonto.
  8. Certainly seems to have been.
  9. Yassss! Had to be Hartley! Scenes!
  10. Another good delivery by Bigi. His lack of starts last season is looking increasingly foolish.
  11. Katie

    Motherwell 60s retro shirt

    I got this for the cup final in May as I'm not a huge fan of replica shirts. I was very impressed with it!
  12. Exactly the sort of comment that comes back to bite you.
  13. Katie

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    As an optimist (see also ‘happy clapper’) myself, I don’t really see what the issue is in highlighting the potential for a really tough game.
  14. Katie

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    Campbell has looked a little off the pace recently, so understandable.
  15. Agreed. At one point yesterday Sammon (who I think is better than Main at the moment) headed a ball into space to where he presumably thought Main was...when he was actually standing right beside him.

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